November 29, 2007

Guiliani Screwed His Mistress, His Wife And The Citizens Of New York City

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Its always difficult when you are running for president. Your entire life is put under a microscope, a very very powerful microscope. Because of this it is always interesting when a politician is caught with his pants down, so to speak. In Rudi Giuliani’s case he may literally been caught with his pants down. Records from his administration show that Giuliani improperly billed city agencies for police protection for himself and his mistress, now his wife, Judith Nathan.


Rove’s Revisionist Iraq War History

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It has been said all along that George W. Bush and his entire administration have been living in a fantasy land. Apparently the fantasy continues even after you leave the administration. In a wide ranging interview with Charlie Rose, former White House political director Karl Rove said that the Bush Administration did not want Congress to vote on the Iraq War resolution in the fall of 2002, because they thought it should not be done within the context of an election. I know you’re laughing out loud but wait that’s not even the best part. Rove blames Congress for pushing Bush into a war with Iraq. (more…)

We’ll miss you.

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Yep. Sure we will.  Uh-huh.


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Does he want to be a real boy?

He Who Must Not Be Named

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“Boy who lived,” my ass

The Tattlesnake — The ‘New’ GOP Strategy: Let’s Make It Worse! Edition

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Phony Anti-Immigrant Distraction Will Come Back to Haunt GOP

MSNBC interviewed Oklahoma State Representative Randy Terrill on Nov. 27th, the Republican behind that state’s strict new anti-immigrant laws. The legislation denies jobs, unemployment compensation and other state services to undocumented workers, and has resulted in a marked downturn in local business profits as the immigrants move elsewhere — one store alone reported losses of $75,000 a week due to Terrill’s terrible bill that’s driven immigrant workers out of Oklahoma. So what’s Randy’s answer to all the grief he’s created for small businesses in OK? More and tougher anti-immigrant laws, including tossing people out who were born in this country!


Boxers or thong?

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Security don’t come cheap

Tough enough

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That’ll show em!

A New Day Dawns.

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The winds have changed in the land down under. After 11 long years we Aussies have realised that such policies as screwing over education in favour of those with money, race-baiting and villifying refugees, giving employers the legal means to sodomise their employees, ignoring our indigenous population and our sordid history with them, using fear as leverage to gain popular support for right-wing ideological warmongering, dismissing climate change as a hippy fantasy, creating a massive transfer of wealth by handing out tax cuts to the wealthy and generally letting the right have free reign are not good policies for a modern, democratic state.

With this realisation Australia has stood up and cast out the ideologues, not unlike the former blind man who, after his cataract operation, realised the puppy he had been loving and feeding for years, even though it would often viciously attack him, was actually a disease-ridden rat.

John Howard and his malignant crew have been told to hit the road and we’ve given them nothing but a lunch-box packed with a legacy of shame (and salubrious pensions).

In a little under a year you, my Yank brethren, will have the chance to do the same. Stay angry.

Here’s Why I Don’t Like GW – Grimgold

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I don’t resort to name-calling, usually. It’s childish and less than most of you are capable of. Your long-term hatred, also, isn’t good for the health of you personally or the country.
So here is some real grist for your liberal mills. You can do this calmly, and most pointedly. GW deserves your ire, so help yourselves. Grimgold

Catch a Falling Dollar!
By Quin Hillyer
Published 11/28/2007 12:08:44 AM
By letting the dollar continue to weaken, the Bush administration is making another in its long series of huge, avoidable mistakes.

It is an administration that has had many good intentions and some strong achievements (e.g., tax cuts, post 9/11 homeland protection), but that also has been utterly incompetent, not to mention bullheaded in ignoring important data and empirical evidence, on far too many fronts.



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War Chest

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How much for a lap dance?

Mr. Sciencey

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All you poor people, knock it off


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Hey, there’s an ark back here!

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