December 31, 2006

Open Thread – New Year’s Eve – What’s on your mind?

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Bush has killed Saddam – Are we any safer?

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Saddam had to die (A) to prevent him from talking and (B) so Bush could prove he was a bigger man that the father who never loved him.

But the Little Dictator is making his Dad look better every day. 


December 27, 2006

Ford the bastard

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In 1976, Ford brought Bush the Smarter back to Washington to become Director of Central Intelligence. Ford’s Def Sec was Rummy the Bastard, his Chief of Staff was the lying Dick.

Gerald Ford, like Denny Hastert, was a talentless nobody who was appointed into history
so he could be a puppet for smarter, more ambitious sons of bitches than himself.

…and America’s whore press can’t give him enough oral now that he’s gone. 


Lies, lies, lies

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They’re making Jerry Ford out to be a saint.

ABC whore Charles Gibson told us Ford’s innermost thoughts as if he was inside Ford’s head, listening to him think.  And all this horseshit about “healing the nation?”

I saw thousands of people in the street protesting Nixon’s justice dodge.

Then they played a recent clip of Ford saying he was glad that everybody agreed the pardon was the right thing to do – HORSESHIT!

Lies, lies and more lies.

The worst part? Someday Bill Clinton will die and the sons of bitches will be non-stop Monica and BJ jokes from the second the news hits.

We don’t say it often enough – “Fuck the press.”


December 20, 2006

Hillary Chocolate contest

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A pound of chocolate for the best “Why I Hate Her” essay.

There are rules. You can’t win if you don’t follow the rules.

Rule One – you have to deal with facts. A link to a conspiracy website is not a fact, so that means “Mena Airport” and “Vince Foster” aren’t valid points to make.

Rule Two – you have to deal with the present or the past – “She can’t win” is a bad guess, about the future, not a fact, so don’t even go there.

Rule Three – no nutty-ass name-calling. “She’s to the right of Bush” is super-stupid (and not a fact) but it proves your dislike of her has clouded your judgment. 

Rule Four – no mind reading. “She thinks she’s so smart” and “She expects the world to be delivered to her feet” are not valid reasons to hate her. 

Rule Five – no quoting Molly, Arianna or Kos. You should have your own reasons for disliking her. Don’t borrow regurgitated predjudice from another Hillary-disliker.

I might think of more rules as we go, but if you play fair we don’t need more rules.

You Hillary-dislikers, show me what you’ve got.

List the facts – or am I asking too much?



December 17, 2006

Hillary haters spew here

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A non-fan of HRC wanted to have the last word so I told him I’d create this for him.

All you “Mena Airport” crazies can attack her here :)

After two losers, I’m ready to run a winner – how about you?

December 16, 2006

Dec 16 – South’s Finest Chocolate Quiz – BCR 100

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What saved the kitty?

If you’re the first to answer, you win a pound of the best damn chocolate ever.

But don’t answer here - Send it to me at

Do you know what saved the kitty? 

The answer is buried somewhere in the 3 hour BCR 100.
The earliest postmark gets the chocolate orgasms.

Guys: Fastest ways to a girl’s heart?

Cocaine and chocolate.

Chocolate is cheaper. 


Open Thread – What’s on your mind? Got a question or comment?

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December 15, 2006

Volume 1892 – Smirk-Snarl

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A Way Forward

McCain: More Troops

Tears of rage and grief

Johnson responsive

Leahy & Bush damage

Whore CNN slurs Obama

Click to order

One lie for the road


Dozens abducted in Iraq

Online Charity Poker Tournament


Supermodel doctors – would you let her operate on you?


December 13, 2006

Volume 1891 – Envenomed

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Bush loves torture
Be glad your last name’s not Padilla


For the Dixie Chicks

They took a risk – gambling – and they won.


Saudi’s grim “What if?”

The BFEE is in bed with the Devil


Clinton-Obama ticket

We could all live with that


Augusto and Jeane

When Democrats ‘pull a Kissyface,’ it gets ugly

Bush on Vacation

That way more boys can die before he works again


Bonilla loses House seat

One fewer Fascist to worry about

History will rebuke Der Duhrer

But in 500 years it might like him :)


Angelina Jolie and Pitt

In a new movie directed by Deniro


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December 11, 2006

Vol 1889 – The Porcupine Tragedy – BCR 100 is half up!

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Gary Webb’s Death: American Tragedy

Failure to be a Bush toady is dangerous

GOP senator: Bush guilty of War crimes?

It starts with one, then another, then another…

Panel: Hastert is a Pervert

He never wants to wrestle girls

Palast: Baker to Stay Half the Course

How can he engage Iran when Bush is dating Condi?

Boys will be boys

Chris Matthews lionized Bush as “our young warrior king.” – Gag me!


“War’s great for our bottom line.

We don’t care how many soldiers

lose arms, legs or lives.”


All US newspapers endorse Bush for President

Not one major newspaper has called for Bush to resign.


Benny the Rat excommunicates Nebraska

You state determines your eternity?


They told you so

Cassandra’s curse bites Der Fuhrer in the ass

Twilight Zone Monkey

There is a famous “Twilight Zone” episode about a little boy who has fantastical powers. Through the misuse of his powers, the little boy has ruined the lives of everybody in the town. For instance, teleporting them into a cornfield, or summoning a snowstorm that destroys their crops. Because anyone who thinks an unhappy thought will be banished, the adults around him can do nothing but cheerfully praise his decisions while they try to nudge him in a less destructive direction. This episode kept popping into my head when I was reading about Bush and the Baker commission. As president, Bush has enormous power, but he is treated by everybody around him as if he were a child.
That’s so perfect, I’m going to toast the author with a shot of Chinaco Anejo.



“If Mary Cheney’s lesbian lover was pregnant, instead of her,
what part of Mary Cheney would have made the child a ‘Cheney?”
– Kevin McCullough

Where Were You When John Lennon Was Killed?

F-ing madness

Bush brought 1,100 acts of violence every day to Baghdad.

What a great weekend!

It’s just a joke, don’t unsusbscribe over that…

Katharine McPhee is a star


Volume 1888 – Blood & Jello

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Time for Bush to Go!

Robert Parry is always right.

Clinton, Obama Rivalry

I don’t care who wins, as long as it’s not BFEE

Bush vows to continue screwing up

How many more will die why Bush fiddles?

Why Arianna hates Hillary

Each day, she makes a list


I’m so mad I could crap!

Al Franken leaving AAR

No doubt, a call to Ol’ Bart is imminent

Killing Conservatism

Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!

Nagin: Bush is killing New Orleans

He never cared for Black Americans

The End of the BFEE

That’s how big a screw-up Bush is

A shot for the Dixie Chicks


“You cannot be a party that sees gay love, marriage and parenthood as the work of Satan while Cheney’s family is busy building a lesbian family as an integral part of it.”
— Andrew Sullivan, sloooooowly learning the difference between us and them,


December 7, 2006

Volume 1887 – Pearly

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Democrats cave on Gates

Democratic strategery seems to give Bush enough rope to continue hanging himself,
but how many more soldiers will die because they rubber-stamped this crook?

top ass
Panel: Bush is a lying bastard
Bush lied about 1100 acts of violence only being 93?
You mean our president has been lying to us about his bloody quagmire?

I’m shocked.

Bush steals Katrina money

FEMA has recouped less than 1 percent of the $1 billion that it squandered on fraud

Lesbian Cheney Preggers

Fascists say a child with two mommies will grow up “funny.”
If Cheney’s grandchild can have two mommies, why can’t other kids?
And where did they get the man-sperm?

mehlman bride

Why we hate Hillary I

Why we hate Hillary II

Why we hate Hillary III


Are you cold?


Play Taps for the Constitution

Gates’s hearing room seemed to serve as a kind of funeral parlor for the Constitution.


Looming catastrophe

Baker/Whitewash says it’s time to cut & run.


Bush vs Gates – Who’s lying?

How can Gates be “the right man at the right time” for Bush’s bloody quagmire
if he & Bush can’t even agree on whether we’re winning or losing?


I hate smug bastards – don’t you?

Premediated War

No, they made those billions by accident.

Bush got another 14 soldiers killed since Tuesday


Did you know it pays to advertise on

your ad

“Madness under fire?”

I heard it in that Huey Lewis song.

How do you say “Duh!” in Arabic?

Nobody needs a high-powered bipartisan Washington committee to tell them that

(a) the situation is “grave and dangerous”; (b) there’s no “magic bullet” solution; (c) talking to Iran and Syria is the smart thing to do; and (d) the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki isn’t up to scratch.”


Jennifer Aniston just can’t keep a fella


Visit Bartcop Hotties – all G-rated pictures

December 5, 2006

Vol 1885 – Rectifier

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Bolton resigns


Gates Hearing Urgency

Why trade one sicko loyalist for another?

Clinton ‘electability’

Would the media or Dick Harpootlian lie to you?

Talking to the Walls

Der Fuhrer is becoming another Nixon.

He’s The Worst Ever

WaHoPo says it – it must be true.

Losing Freedom of Speech

If Gloria Allred doesn’t like it, is it legal to speak it?

Declassified Monkey Mail

For which Constitution is this guy fighting?

George Will: Scumbag

The press has covered up Bush’s nasty streak for all these years.


The Poinsettia Bowl?
The New Orleans Bowl?
The Papa John’ Bowl”


Bong Hits 4 Jesus

Will Bush’s whore Court allow Free Speech?

Lindsay Lohan’s diamond handcuffs

Does she need those to party with Britney and Paris?



December 2, 2006

Vol 1884 – Ma Mood

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santa war 


“As Bush waits, Iraq burns.” – Rich Lowry, GOP prick

 ha ha 

Casey, Casey, Casey!

When will a Democrat stand up?


Bush has managed to terminate the conservative era. His feckless foreign policy discredited optional military intervention. Today, the conservative movement has reached a terminal point…”  – Jake Weisberg, never heard of him  












Like Hitler and Brezhnev

Let me count the ways 

Bush talks nonsense about Iraq        

What else could he possibly say?


“I blame Malaki” – the Butcher of Baghdad

Wanna buy a cool sweatshirt?











Bush and mental illness

We’ve known all along


Halliburton to return stolen $8M

They steal a dollar and give back 8 cents – Nice gig

Pickles does a little moonlighting










Lying Quotes

When we’re talking about chasing down terrorists,
 we’re talking about getting a court order before we do so”
  — George W. Bush, has he ever not lied?    April 20, 2004  


I’ve been in Oklahoma over 30 years, and I’ve seen a foot of snow before
(in the 80s) but I’ve never seen “Blizzard Warning” on the TV before.

LA Caths pay off 45 victims

Is that your money they’re using?

Britney Spears ditches her panties











Paris shows Britney how to close her legs when going commando.   




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