November 30, 2006

Vol 1883 – Honesty Breakout

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Pablo's civil war











Maliki slaps Bush

Bush caved in, became Maliki’s bitch

al-Sadr Triggers Crisis

Bush punished for not groveling quicker

Gates, Hadley: More of the Same

How is a Dem rubberstamp diff than a GOP rubberstamp?






Frist says No to 2008

Cat Killer afraid She’ll kick his boney ass.

Hadley caught Truthing

Says Maliki can’t get the job done

Powell: Hell yeah, it’s a civil war

You helped make this war happen, Colin.

Blizzard in Tulsa

Woo Hoo!

Webb smacks Bush

“Blow me, Mr. President”

Hagel Spins Bush clear of Iraq

Blame the Iraqis, Mr, President 

Bush Lie-berry Megadonors

Will they have a “Heckuva Job, Brownie” division?

Poor Pam, divorces Osama

City girl couldn’t take cavelife
























November 29, 2006

Vol 1882 – Weak-ass Clowns

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Why trust BFEE Cabanaboy gates with Defense?

Are Reid & Pelosi too eager to rubber stamp Bush cronies?

I doubt Clinton ever said, “I should’ve gone to Vietnam”

That’s something a guilty conscience would say.

NBC decides to give us a little truth

Now that Bush is a powerless lame duck, they want to be fair?

Attack Sparks Fire

Did you get this point? This story, all at one link, had five major reasons why this war is as much a loser as Der Fuhrer is.  And does that pilot still have his head attached? If only they had counted the votes in 2000 - we wouldn’t be here.

Do we “need” impeachment?

The big thugs will never do time. Can we settle for the truth, their leaving office and decades of GOP rejection?  I say “yes,” to that.

Gestapo thugs with Ak47s breaking up a poker game makes me sick.

Watch the video – try to keep food down. Welcome to Bush’s Amerikkka!

FOX NEws, always willing to lie for Bush

Can Bush buy $500M in favorable fiction?

Landslide denied

How big did we win last Nov 7?  We’ll never know, until the Democrats decide to demand that the votes be counted. As the party of science and logic, why should we have to beg them for that?

Should we cut off funding for his bloody quagmire?

Or let 3.4 soldiers die every goddamn day?

I’ll bet you’d look good in a WPE sweatshirt.

The country agrees – we’re in the majority on that WPE stuff.

Please – Ignore all the 2008 polls

Careful, or She might look like a winner!

Howie the BFEE tool

The WaHoPo loves a pro-Bush, Clinton bashing pimp

Poker tonight – 8 PM Central

Win real money and real chocolate

Maureen Dowd’s a lying bitch

Who knew? 

It’s easy to deny the civil war – when you live behind the wall

After 4 years, NBC Whore News decides to tell the truth

Judge smacks down another Bush power grab

Why can’t he remember we have a Constitution? Why can’t the Democrats?

Pope begs to become a martyr

Does he think he’ll get the 72 virgins?

Putin – Bush says he’s a kind soul?

The murder victims disagree.

Xian Coalitition – not Nazi enough for new prez

He wants to crush all minorities, not just women & gays.

Is Gates too loyal or too crazy to run Defense?

History votes “yes.”

The Michael Richards debate – still raging

Are we just bored? Do we need to hang a guy when we get bored?

Is it time for the media to wake up?

Or are we in for 2 more years of horseshit?

Britney caught in Hitler’s web

Does Paris Hilton belong at Gitmo? 

BCR 99 has been out for a while

Got feedback?

Do we need to pitch in a buy Shirley a belt? :) 


November 27, 2006

Volume 1881 – Wrestling the Fools

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Chertoff’s “Chilling Vision”

He thinks the rest of the world is crazy and Bush is sane.

Let’s set each other on fire

Each time we say, “It can’t get worse,” it gets worse.

Waxman prepares BFEE Attack

I trust Waxman – he’s almost as motivated as She is.

Mortars set fire to US base in Baghdad

We can’t even protect our military bases? What chance does the city have?

Was Frankenstein Jewish?

The name sounds Jewish, but it’s just a joke – watch the pro and anti-Israeli nuts go crazy “exposing me” as the pro or anti Israel zealot I am…

Dems pledge tons of investigations

Do they mean it? Or are they blowing smoke?

How Bush became al-Sadr’s Puppet

al-Sadr owns Maliki, as does Bush – who holds more sway?

NYPD racist shooting

If they were white, would the cops have shot 50 times?

John Lennon

“I prefer peaceful revolution.”  Sounds like Ol’ Bart!

Pickles the Whore

“People around the world love us – the media is lying to you.”

Woman fined for peace wreath

Colorado wants to outlaw peace?

Impeachment: America must decide

Do we impeach the bastards? Pelosi said no, but she wasn’t under oath for one and two, things change. All she’s gotta do is say, “After some digging, we’re seeing evidence of more serious crimes than we thought, so let’s do it!”

Michael Richards 

Do we keep pounding him or do we let it go?  What is “enough” apology?

Bush’s Messianic Complex 

Billy Jack hates Bush, too. I’ll bet he’d like to kick that smirk off his face.

CSI is Canada’s Top Show

Nobody cares, I just needed a girl to close the issue. Got any suggestions?

Vol 1880 – Whipped Weasels

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America – What’s Next?

Robert Parry shames the whore media.

Send in the Subpoenas

I can’t wait to get started with the thugs under oath. 

The Karl Rove Crush

Why does TIME allow let Karl Rove to write anonymously for them? 

The Serious Crime of Poker

The American Taliban says card playing is immoral, like dancing.

Random Thought…

If FDR was as crooked and stuipid as Bush – we’d all speak German? 

Did the CIA kill RFK?

Sirhan was in front of RFK. Autopsy says fatal wound came from behind.

Follow the Money

Let’s starve the Iraq debacle like we starved Vietnam.

The Mother of Thanksgiving

Lady talked Lincoln into making it a holiday.

Ed Messe is such a boy-toucher

…and he can’t tell the truth. 

Endless Media Lies

Their job is to protect the powerful and the guilty?    I’m so old, I remember when the media exposed corruption – today they ask for a cut of the loot.

It was a bad weekend at Casa de Bart

Did I mention that I hate the Dallas Cowboys?

The Wailing of Whipped Weasels

Finally, Bush gets that smirk smacked off his cock-of-the-walk face.

Kelly Ripa VS Rosie the Motormouth

Rosie has a Kerry problem – can’t shut up.




November 22, 2006

Poppy stunned by Monkey Hatred

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“We do not respect your son. We do not respect what he’s doing all over the world,” a woman in the audience bluntly told Bush after his speech.

Bush, 82, appeared stunned as others in the audience whooped and whistled in approval.

A college student told Bush his belief that U.S. wars were aimed at opening markets for American companies and said globalization was contrived for America’s benefit at the expense of the rest of the world. Bush was having none of it.

“I think that’s weird and it’s nuts,” Bush said. “To suggest that everything we do is because we’re hungry for money, I think that’s crazy. I think you need to go back to school.”

The hostile comments came during a quesion-and-answer session after Bush finished a folksy address on leadership by telling the audience how deeply hurt he feels when his presidential son is criticized.


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As the lame-duck Congress considers the latest off-budget, supplemental
spending request for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, Democrats
should demand that W and his Republican’t Rubberstamps put up or shut
up.  Either Iraq and Afghanistan are important enough to pay for-right
now-or they’re not.  We shouldn’t borrow one more dime from China to pay
for W and his Chickenhawks’ manhood transplant.

Either raise the taxes, cut the WEALTHfare, or some combination of the
two for America’s best-off (the top 1% of earners starts at about
$350k/year), or bring our fighting men and women home.  

If their mission is as important as W says it is when an election
approaches, it’s important enough for W to get it paid for!
 Eddy the OK Pillar

November 21, 2006

Too bad OJ got cancelled…

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I’d like to hear how he did it. There are many unanswered questions about the murders that the handjob LA cops have yet to figure out.

How did OJ wash all that blood off AND drive across town in 30 minutes?

What did he do with the murder weapon and the bloody clothes?

He didn’t take a shower at home after the murders, so how did he get the blood out of his hair – or did we wear a wet suit for the murders? A wet suit would be much harder to get rid of.

OJ wouldn’t know this – but what happened to the missing blood they took from him?

Lots of questions – will the bootleg of the interview hit the internets? 


Dems won’t block Gates

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Democrats have begun lining up behind Gates, indicating they are inclined to vote for him. When Bush announced Gates’ nomination on Nov. 8, Democrats began extending their support. Sens. Harry Reid and Daniel Inouye said they hoped Gates was swiftly confirmed, while Biden said he was inclined to vote for him.

They’re OK with replacing Rummy with a Rummy clone?

I thought we won that last election – what did we gain? 



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“He’s trying to be the leader of a party that hates his guts,”

– Rahm Emanuel, about John McCain (R-Loves Torture) Link

It’s true – Republicans hate McCain, but the whore media keeps telling us McCain and pro-abortion,anti-gun, pro-gay marriage Rudy the whore are front-runners for the GOP nomination in 2008.

Why you should hate Carville

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I thought O.J. Simpson had the market cornered on chutzpah, but he can’t hold a steak knife to Carville and Matalin. James can rail with apparent genuine passion about Republican misdeeds on Meet The Press and then go home and slip between the sheets with Dick Cheney’s very own version of Baghdad Bob.

Carville can pound his chest condemning the bloodbath the administration has created in Iraq, and still break bread that evening with the spokeswoman for Iraq’s new Butcher of Baghdad, Dick Cheney. ames Carville nests with that black widow. (Hell, they even mated and he lived to tell about it.)

There you have it – Carville is worse than OJ Simpson.

Should he be allowed to live? 


The first modern media fenzy…

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was probably the kidnapping of billionaire heiress Patty Hearst in 1974. She was kidnapped, fed LSD, thrown into a dark closet and raped – and she has the best sense of humor a person could have. Thirty two years later, she goes missing again and it’s up to Veronica Mars to find her.


I’m going to watch.

November 20, 2006

Breaking – Michael Richards on Dave tonight

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MoDo trashes Pelosi?

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Someone said The Dragon Lady really trashed Pelosi for her bad week.

I tried to find the MoDo column, but the whores at the NYTimes want my goddamn credit card to read her filth.

Could somebody send me her column? (Don’t send the link – I’m not giving those whores my credit card) 



FOX shamed into ‘killing’ OJ TV Show

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Did Michael Medved have a problem with FOX making money for this murderer?

Did Bill Bennett have a problem with FOX making money for this murderer?

Did Falwell the whore have a problem with FOX making money for this murderer?

Of course not – they LOVE whatever FOX does.

Bush sends “Pardon Me” bill to congress

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The House has already signed it – will the Senate sign it, too?

Will any Democrat stand up to stop this?





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