October 31, 2007

Dowd and Clinton Sitting In A Tree

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Maureen Dowd clearly is in love with Hillary Clinton and fantasizes about having her as her life partner. Think I’m losing my mind with this one? Think again. Dowd has done nothing but savage Mrs. Clinton since she hinted that a presidential run was on the horizon and she continues that attack with a piece in today’s New York Times. Rough love is what I call it.

In today’s piece Dowd questions whether Clinton has shed her feminist past in order to be president, and if so she has become unsuitable to do the job. “The former American first lady, the one who’s supposed to be brimming over with feminist impulses, has ignored and overlooked her husband’s peccadilloes for the greater gain of keeping her marriage intact, as she tries to return to the gilded perch and run the White House.” Dowd presents Clinton as a cold calculating person that is willing to shift her positions (is she dreaming of Hillary in bed) to suit what is coming up ahead of her. Dowd has often taken this route with Clinton and the shtick is getting very old. Yes, Hillary is competitive, she is calculating and she can be steely. What would Dowd like in a president? Would she like stupidity, slacking, and softness. If so she should just endorse Bush for king.

So how do I know Dowd is in love with Clinton? As the old adage goes, she protests too much. Today’s Times piece is crap over turned and heated up. Dowd again talks about the issue of the Clinton marriage. This issue has been talked about, written about and apparently fantasized about in ridiculous amounts. Yet Dowd continues. She even refers to Clinton as a Dominatrix. More fantasies perhaps?

Whatever Dowd says about Clinton as a candidate, wife, mother or president should be viewed as exactly the opposite of its meaning. Dowd is a woman scorned. She loves Hillary but knows she can never have her.

Westboro Baptist Church Ordered to Pay Dead Marine’s Family $10.9 Million in Damages

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Jon Hurdle, Reuters, October 31, 2007

BALTIMORE (Reuters) – A jury on Wednesday ordered an anti-gay Kansas church to pay $10.9 million in damages to relatives of a U.S. Marine who died in Iraq after church members cheered his death at his funeral.

Church members said Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder’s death was God’s punishment of America for tolerating homosexuality, and they attended his 2006 funeral in Maryland with signs saying “You’re going to hell” and “God hates you.”

The federal jury determined the Westboro Baptist Church, based in Topeka, and three of its principals invaded the privacy of the dead man’s family and inflicted emotional distress.

Albert Snyder, the Marine’s father, testified that his son was not gay, but the church targeted the military as a symbol of America’s tolerance of gays. Matthew Snyder died in combat in Iraq in March 2006.

The jury awarded Snyder’s family $2.9 million in compensatory damages plus $8 million in punitive damages in the first civil suit against the church, which has demonstrated at some 300 military funerals the past two years.

The lawsuit said church Web sites vilified U.S. soldiers, accusing them of being indoctrinated by “fag propaganda.”

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Who Elected These Guys?

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Pelosi’s Approval Ratings Approach Bush Level Lows

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John Hill, The Sacramento Bee, October 27, 2007

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s own party is turning on her, apparently because of a perception among California Democrats that she has not done enough to shake up the status quo in Washington, D.C., according to a Field Poll released Friday.

Congress overall is doing even worse with California voters, with an approval rating sagging to 30 percent or below for only the seventh time in the past 15 years, the poll of 1,201 registered voters found. Both Pelosi, the San Francisco Democrat who became speaker this year, and Congress as a whole have fallen short of voter expectations since taking over both houses, poll director Mark DiCamillo said.

“I think the reason for her decline and the low ratings Congress is getting is that voters here are not seeing any change,” DiCamillo said.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s approval rating of 51 percent is down 10 percentage points since March, but consistent with her average over the years. Sen. Barbara Boxer’s rating also has slumped, from 54 percent in March to 44 percent. Both Boxer and Feinstein, however, still enjoy the approval of more voters than disapproval of them.

For Pelosi, it was the first time the poll showed more people disapproving than approving of her performance – 40 percent to 35 percent, with 25 percent having no opinion.

Other polls since 2003 have shown larger numbers of voters with no opinion, but Pelosi always won more approval than disapproval. As recently as March, California Democrats approved of Pelosi by a 5-to-1 ratio, DiCamillo said. Now it’s less than 2-to-1. Nonpartisan voters also have soured on her.

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GOP Candidates Pretend Hillary Is The Incumbent President

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For months now we have watched an completely inept group of Republicans attempt to run for president and truthfully it has made for some good comedy. Watching the GOP candidates fall all over themselves during their many debates is often more amusing than a great Three Stooges episode. Looking at the GOP candidates seriously is hard to do but for the safety of the nation must be done.

What is very clear from watching the GOP debates and various appearances by the candidates is that they are clearly unsure who is currently president of the United States. Over a 90 minute debate you rarely every hear the candidates mention the name George W. Bush. Given that Bush is the incumbent president and leader of the GOP it is surprising that he is not mentioned. Oh, wait a minute. I know why they never mention old George, its because he has royally fucked up the country and the GOP.

Instead of discussing Bush and his seven long years of destroying the Constitution and everything that is good about this country they have chosen to focus on Democratic candidate and perceived front runner Hillary Clinton. From the tone of people like Rudi Guiliani you would think it is Clinton that has been president all this time while the country has gone to shit. Each and every day we here Guiliani or Romney or McCain etc. taking shots at the Clinton presidency that never was. This may seem like a good idea to the candidates but what it really does is reinforce the fact that Bush and the GOP are the ones that have destroyed our nation. Someone should really remind these GOP bozos that its not the 1990s when a Clinton was in the White House during peace and prosperity but the 2000s of Bush’s war and economic decline.

October 30, 2007

Power, Faith, and Fanatsy by Micheal B. Oren

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Excelent Review of History until the end where you begin to doubt everything you just read.

Power Faith and Fantasy is a scholarly text over 600 pages of small type. It is well written, well researched for the most part and a good reference text for any person trying to understand the US relationship with middle east.

I did have one quibble with the book on page 525 where the Liberty Incident is mentioned and is just written off in one sentence,”…Israeli jets and missile boats on June 8 mistakenly fired on an American spy ship, the USS Liberty, killing thirty-four sailors and wounding 171…” One problem, Only the Israeli’s said it was a mistake and it was never investigated. All crew members on board that fateful day all said it was no accident, the United States flag had been flying high, it was a clear day and they had been under Israeli reconnaissance flights for hours before the attack. But I kept reading, now questioning the integrity of everything I just read.


Digby: Change Election

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I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but George W. Bush is being disappeared from the presidential campaign and everyone’s running against incumbent Hillary Clinton. Subtly, but relentlessly, the public psyche is being prepared to deny Junior ever existed. And it could work. For many different reasons, most Americans want nothing more than to forget George W. Bush was ever president. So, we see a very odd subliminal narrative taking shape in which the blame for the nation’s failures of the last seven years is being shifted to Clinton (and the “do-nothing” Democratic congress) as if the Codpiece hasn’t been running things since 2000. (Not that the radical wingnuts haven’t always blamed the Clenis for everything, but the disappearing of Bush is a new element.)

I certainly don’t blame the Republicans for trying to do it. It makes sense, since their boy is an epic failure and the original Clinton is still very present in people’s minds. It will be quite a trick to pull off, but I can see the press already helping them do it. (Naturally.)

It’s an interesting phenomenon and one for which I hope the Democratic strategists are prepared. Their underlying theme seems to be, “If you want change, vote Republican!”

Reflections from a true conservative

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We have a problem, and not a problem right here in River City, but across our land. Its a problem of miss-labeling. And we conservatives, you and I, are losing the fight. What are we doing letting other people label us and at the same time marginalizing us? Its time to put our collective foot down and let this idiocy end. How will we ever win an ideological argument if we let other people label us and say what we stand for? Never, it will never happen. Stop FOOLS, think!!! We are conservatives. We have values. We stand for a proud tradition that founded this great nation. Do not let anybody take that away from you. Today’s conservatives are false conservatives. They do not defend our nation, our values or tradition, or Constitution. They would be the willing allies of the redcoats if this was 1776. We stand and tower above them. So why are we cowling?


Arkansas’ Illegal Immigration Crisis

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As anyone who lives in Arkansas can tell you, illegal immigrants have inundated our state to an extent seen by very few other members of the Union. In a recent speech at the University of Central Arkansas, Governor Mike Beebe said that offering scholarships to potential students in the country illegally “would open the state up to paying moneys that we could never afford” (Link 1).  While many would see that the governor made a valid point, an officer of UCA’s Latinos United instead shut down the potential for discussion by opining that the governor “doesn’t (care) about Latinos in this state” (Link 1).

The number of residents in the country illegally is an issue that is conveniently ignored by many in the state. While most of the police in surrounding states send requests to check immigration status to the Law Enforcement Support Center at a rate of greater than 1 per 200 Hispanic residents, Arkansas averages a request on 1 of every 634 Hispanic residents (Link 2).

While many Arkansas residents are aware that many of the immigrants who live in their state are here illegally, this will never be an issue that can be discussed in a public forum as long as representatives of Hispanics point their fingers and shout, “Racists!” It astounds me that the people who are here legally do not take offense to the fact that the people whom they are stridently defending have thumbed their noses at the very process that made their supporters citizens. Perhaps if legal immigrants used the energy that goes towards calling fellow citizens bigots to discourage illegal immigration, Arkansas would see a change in this trend. Until then, citizens of every race and ethnic background watch as our hard-earned tax dollars are given to those who have exhibited blatant disregard for our laws and borders. Volume 2064 – Tainted x Torture

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My Illegal Immigration Top Ten by Arnold Ahlert

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Are you sick and tired of hearing there are no “good” solutions to the problem of illegal immigration? So am I. See if my “Top Ten” works for you:

1. Stop telling the American public we need “comprehensive immigration reform.”
They know it’s amnesty, and they aren’t buying it. Not now, not ever.

2. Stop using the term “undocumented immigrant” when you’re talking about
“illegal aliens.” Who do you think you’re kidding?

3. If Americans genuinely “refuse to do the jobs illegal aliens do,” and fruits and vegetables will be left “rotting in the fields,” two immediate solutions come to mind: either able-bodied American welfare recipients or American prisoners can take up the slack. Why should either group continue to be underwritten by the taxpayers for doing nothing?


The Tattlesnake — The Disagreeable G-Man and Other Crudities Edition

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“We may not always agree,…I don’t always agree with myself.”
– Rudy “Toot Tooty” Guiliani to the Values Voter Summit, Oct. 20, 2007, as quoted by the AP.

What is it with these Republicans who “don’t always agree” with themselves? Bush Senior said something similar years ago: then he had “strong opinions” with which he didn’t “always agree.” WTF? It’s called knowing your own mind — a quality you might want to have in a president. This is great leadership? “I don’t always agree with myself!” Excuse me, Gen. Patton, but your troops are wandering around in circles. Well, at least this time he avoided the cell phone call from hell with the third spouse: “Hi, Judith — I’m at the Values Voters thing in Washington. Would you like to explain to these fine folks why, as a good Catholic who started attending mass when I announced I was running for president, I wasn’t excommunicated for divorcing my other two wives — one of them in a freaking press conference?”


The New Right-Wing Smear Machine

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[from The Nation, November 12, 2007 issue]

On February 27, 2001, two members of the American Gold Star Mothers, an organization of women who’ve lost sons or daughters in combat, dropped by the temporary basement offices of the new junior senator from New York, Hillary Clinton. They didn’t have an appointment, and the office, which had been up and running for barely a month, was a bit discombobulated. The two women wanted to talk to the senator about a bill pending in the Senate that would provide annuities for the parents of those killed, but they were told that Clinton wasn’t in the office and that the relevant staff members were otherwise engaged. The organization later submitted a formal request in writing for a meeting, which Clinton granted, meeting and posing for pictures with four members of the group.

But the story doesn’t end there. (more…)

Kids Have No Rights – part one of a series

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I’m a 46-year-old father of two. And yet I often find myself shocked at how the kids of our nation have no real rights. Once in a while I find a news story which underlines this epiphany.

This is the first of a series which will probably not have an ending.

Captain Underpants ruins Halloween on LI

Sun Oct 28, 4:57 AM ET

Call it the Misadventure of Captain Underpants and the Peeved Principal.

A suburban Long Island high school has banned all Halloween costumes after three senior girls showed up last year dressed as the underwear-baring subject of a series of best-selling children’s books.

(Go ahead and click on the link now. There are no pictures, but you know you wanna check for yourself)


The Republican Nightmare

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