January 26, 2022

Schrodinger’s cat: Living in the dual reality of COV$D

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     Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Ervin Schrodinger’s famous cat-in-the-box experiment.  Is the cat alive or dead?  You can never know until you open the box.

     The same thing is true about COV$D.  For the past 684 days, the evening news has constantly warned us to be afraid.  “Be very afraid.”  According to our TV talking heads, people are dying like flies.  This is one reality.  The cat in the box is dead.

     And the evening news constantly tells us over and over again that the only solution to this reality is to get tested constantly, wear N95 masks everywhere and to get yet another lipid nano-particle spike-protein jab ASAP.
     Meanwhile, the reality that I myself live in is totally different.  In my reality, only 0.07% of people contracting COV$D actually die, based on actual data supplied by my local county public health department, and also that almost all of those dead people were over age 80, already had several co-morbidities and were on death’s door anyway.   
     And in my data-driven reality, the list of those who are injured or die from the vaccine just keeps on piling up — no matter how much the CDC tries to hide the actual science.  Who knows how many more will be on this list two or three years from now.  Big Pharma’s vaccine gift to us just keeps on giving.  My COVID reality is sadder than I can handle without having nightmares.
     But which reality is correct?
     We will never know until the true actual data is revealed and Schrodinger actually opens his COV$D box.  However, Big Pharma has just requested that Schrodinger’s COV$D box not be opened for another 55 years, and social media keeps censoring us like we were back in Germany in 1936.  I myself postulate, however, that this COV$D box needs to be opened right now.
PS:  Speaking of quantum mechanics, transparency is always a good thing in a democracy.  Why can’t we open any of Schrodinger’s other boxes as well?  
     For instance why can’t we open that box containing the data regarding who murdered JFK?  Or the data box about whether or not Syria used chemical weapons (Spoiler alert:  It did not).  Or how about opening the box that contains what actually happened on 9-11?  Or whether or not Bush-slash-Obama-slash-Trump-slash-Biden are trying to gin up yet another “war” in Venezuela-slash-Ukraine-slash-Yemen-slash-Palestine-slash-Kazakhstan-Russia-slash-China in order to keep our minds off trying to open the box containing Schrodinger’s COV$D dead cat.


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Perhaps N95 masks don’t go far enough…

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January 15, 2022

Day 666 of the Lock-Down: “The Devil made me do it!”

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     For 666 long dreary days now, Americans have been systematically locked down and experimented on like monkeys and lab rats jammed into cages by a Hollywood-style mad scientist.  


     Day 666?  Yep.  Whether we believe in Revelations 13:18 or not, truly evil men are definitely in charge of our world right now.  And what is their goal?  To make us their guinea pigs.  And we Americans are just going along to get along — as if we have no choice.  There is always a choice.

      We keep wearing face masks even though they have been scientifically proven to do nothing but scare little kids.  We keep getting booster shots even though they clearly do not work and pose a real danger to pregnant women and anyone else who doesn’t want to have heart problems or a stroke.  We keep screaming “Cases!  Cases!  Cases!” even though only 0.07% of us actually died from COV$D at the very height of the plandemic — and those who did die either had several co-morbidities or were helped through the Pearly Gates by Rendesiver and vents.  

     We keep doing everything “The Science” tells us to do — even though what it is telling us to do sounds counter-productive and, frankly, a bit bat-shite cray-cray.  And we keep voluntarily suffering from Mass Formation Psychosis, Stockholm Syndrome — while truly evil men just laugh at us behind our backs.


Poor sweet Haitians can’t afford lock-downs, ventilators, Rendesivir, vaccines, boosters, face masks or social distancing — yet their death rate is 300 times lower than in America.  What’s with that?  Maybe we should send them Anthony Fasci down there to set them straight.

      Even our local mayors, school boards and medical practitioners are guilty of crimes against humanity these days — happily jabbing us all up with experimental concoctions that have already killed over 20,000 Americans and have seriously injured over a million more.  Why?  Because  our local officials are bribed.  Billions in “federal” funds can be a great motivator.  That’s just sad.

     And even Britain’s premier medical journal, The Lancet, finally admits that we are now in a pandemic of the vaccinated:
     Same old story in Germany.  96% of those with the Omicron variant had already received the jab — and the boosters too:
      Day 666?  What is the end game here?  Those Evil Globalist Bastards have even more devilish plans in store for us.  Their end game is to have this lock-down go on forever — and it certainly looks like it will.  “The Devil made us do it!”
Deliberate experimentation:
Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines ‘Dramatically Increase’ Heart Attack Risk, Renowned Cardiologist Warns

Dr. Peter McCullough Explains How Myocarditis Differs When Caused by Natural Infection vs Vaccine: “Now there’s pre-clinical studies suggesting the lipid nanoparticles actually go right into the heart. The heart expresses the spike protein and the body attacks the heart.”
Early in the start of the mass vaccinations, we called these “deaths by coincidence”.  We don’t joke about them any more.  Carlos Tejada: 49-year-old Wall Street Journal and New York Times writer posts booster shot photo on Instagram, dead hours later 
We’ve seen a huge number of vaccine deaths already — and it’s getting worse:  (For some strange reason, I can’t get Blogger to support this link but it’s well worth the effort to cut-and-paste.)


Fun and Games in Afghanistan: Globalists win, we lose

     Am I the only one who realizes that leaving all those billions of dollars worth of weapons behind in Afghanistan was a well-designed strategy on the part of the Pentagon and its masters, the Evil Globalist Bastards?  With all those state-of-the-art weapons in the hands of Taliban berserkers right next door, Russia has yet another outside threat on its borders to contend with in the Great Game.  And NATO just flooded Ukraine with high-tech missiles on Russia’s border too.
     But who the freak is paying for all these childish war games?  The globalist gamers?  Uh, no.  American taxpayers are ultimately responsible for the Evil Globalist Bastards’ mega-XBox gamer fun — that could blow us all up.


Why does the British government’s mortality graph go up in a symmetrical straight line?  It should be more scatter-shot, right?

And then there’s Libya.  Americans should be truly ashamed. 

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January 11, 2022

My South Africa diary: AIDS & COV$D & how Big Pharma scored Bigtime in Africa

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    This morning I was tidying up my apartment and stumbled across an old dog-eared journal that I’d written back when I was in the Peace Corps in South Africa in 2007.  Here’s a quote:
     “How can you tell if someone has AIDS,” I asked a friend in Motswedi, the village where I was stationed.

     “Their flesh wastes away,” she answered.  “Look for sunken-in faces — and also their bottoms disappear.”  So now I’m all getting myself in trouble here in the village these days by staring at men’s butts on the street….

     Back when I was living in Motswedi, many of the grandmothers in my village were raising orphan children whose parents had died of AIDS.
     How tragic.
     What a lie.

     Imagine my horror and rage when I just recently discovered that not one of those sad sons and daughters had actually died of AIDS.  AIDS never even made it to Africa.  According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s new best-seller, The Real Anthony Fauci, what murdered all those mothers and fathers in Africa was AIDS medication.  Don’t believe me?  Read the damn book.  Chapter 8.  “Dr. Fauci’s African Atrocities”.  With 59 well-documented footnotes for that chapter alone.  RFK Jr got it right.

     It wasn’t AIDS that sunk-in those sad African faces and sagged up their sad African butts.  It was lethal does of harsh chemical drugs like AZT and Nevirapine, same as what we saw portrayed in The Dallas Buyers Club.
     My blood is boiling.
     So many thousands of African orphans consciously and deliberately created by Big Pharma — for fun and profit.  All those “humanitarian” villains should be forced to take their own poison medicine — and then have their own grandmothers raise their own orphan kids.
     And now these very same Big Pharma giants are trying to make orphans out of our American children too.  Why didn’t anyone stop them back then?  And why doesn’t anyone stop them now?
Crimes against humanity eventually get punished (knock on wood): 
Here are some tales from my 2007 South Africa adventure:
The Sun Also Rises: News from sub-Saharan Africa
Where’s the beef: How I almost ate a whole cow…and am now at the dentist
Up the Bucs: Visiting South Africa’s Soweto — the southwest townships, then & now
Africa: The world’s largest refugee camp — with a little help from the G-20…
Lucas Mangope: One of South Africa’s living legends
My Pet Goat: Please help me organize national “Every Baby Gets a Bedtime Story” week!
Alcoholism in Africa: You know it’s a problem here when even I start looking good!
Death where is thy sting: Funerals in an African village
Farewell to Africa, good morning Iraq!

January 3, 2022

Antigen tests: Americans soar to whole new heights of gullibility

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     Last night on the evening news, a TV anchor personality showed us actual videos of Americans actually bragging that they had just sat in their cars for seven freaking hours, engines running, while they waited in line for their COV$D antigen tests.  Seriously?

     These people coulda just bought a freaking thermometer and stayed home.  Or they coulda shelled out $40 on Amazon for one of those fingertip oxygen-meter thingies like they use at doctors’ offices.  Your temperature goes up?  Your oxygen levels go down?  Stay in bed, take lots of vitamin C and D and drink plenty of water.  Take a freaking aspirin.  Use common sense.  Monoclonal antibodies.  Even the dread Ivermectin and HCQ.  Use common sense.  Early treatment saves lives. 


      And what if your employer or school requires a negative test score?  Catch 22?  Tell ‘em to shove it.  If three million Americans finally stop being gullible, there’s not much those toadies can do.


     Americans have their hair all on fire over “Cases!  Cases!  Cases!” as they pray to the Pharma gods that yet another booster shot will save their freaking lives.  No it won’t.  This is a pandemic of the vaccinated.  No place to hide.


     Getting another booster shot soon, Bucko?  Have your EpiPen ready — and your life insurance policy paid up.
Critical resources that have been censored by Big Pharma: 
Life insurance companies are reporting a 40% increase in American working-class all-cause deaths recently — even after everyone got The Jab:
Laughter is the best medicine.  I’m not the only one who has fun with memes:

From the legal perspective, there’s enough criminal activity by Big Pharma to “dismantle the entire vaccine industry” — and yet the muggles dream on.

And Joe Rogan is on a roll!
You want data?  Brace yourself:

January 2, 2022

People are gonna hate me for this one

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but I just couldn’t resist.  People definitely need a sense of humor these days (Day 657 of the Evil Globalist Bastards’ useless, worthless, fascistic and scary Lock-Down):

Plus here are 23 memes from the Off-Guardian of London that will cheer your New Year along:


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