October 24, 2007

BartCop Radio Show 128 is up!

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BartCop Radio

BartCop radio show 128 is now online and available to BartCop subscribers. Bart comments on segments of Bill Maher including the 9-11 truth crowd heckling, Chris Matthews actually says something intelligent and other surprises. The California fires have got Bart’s attention and somebody better do something about global warming right #@$@# now! Some Mike Malloy, other bits and great music round out this week’s show.

August 10, 2007

BartCop Radio Show 125 up, too

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BartCop Radio

There’s a beatdown on Judas Maximus,
the conclusion of the exciting Trip Report,
Dem and Fascist debate highlights,
more Jon Stewart,
a semi-beatdown of Jay Leno and
my tribute to Barry Crimmins and more!

BartCop Radio Show 124

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BartCop Radio

BartCop Radio show 124 is up and available to subscribers at

In show 124 Bart goes after another CNN reporter and the owner of the company involved in the latest mining cave-in. Trip reports from the Kathy Griffith and Pretenders concerts road trip, clips from John Stewart, music and more in this episode.

June 27, 2007

BartCop Radio Show 120

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BartCop Radio Show 120 is available to subscribers.

BCR Show #120

Tutorial: How to answer a press whore’s questions and how not to answer a press whore’s questions.

Every Democrat running for president should listen to and memorize BCR 120.

With music mortar and comedy, such as:

  • Kathy Griffin gives it to Paris Hilton,
  • Jon Stewart gives it to the Catholics and
  • David Spade gives it to Hollywood boneheads.

February 26, 2007

Subscribe to BartCop Radio

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February 22, 2007

BartCop Radio Show 107

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BartCop Radio show 107 is up and available to subscribers via the page.

Bart hammers away and red-asses Hannity, Michael Weiner, Newt, the other Limbaugh (more stupid than his brother?!) and the monkey. Clips from Al Franken, Mike Malloy, Randi Rhodes and more!

February 11, 2007

BartCop Radio Show 105

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BartCop Radio show 105 is available for subscribers.

Bart blisters the minimum wage at the Backyard Burger, Dems attacking Hillary, Private Green is yet another tragedy from the Iraq mess, Bush’s “balanced budget” BS, the mediocrity and clutter of local TV “news”, weather and programming or how Bart got to be the smartest man in Oklahoma. Throwing the yellow flag on 3 different newspaper’s opinions of Bush’s 2007 State of the Union Lie, letters to the editor and Fortune Magazine’s explanation of why the price of oil dropped.

January 25, 2007

BartCop Radio Show 103 is here!

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BartCop Radio Show 103 is now available to subscribers at Totally Hot!
BartCop Radio Logo

Bart rants through a TIME magazine issue. Humor, applause and red-assing galore for articles and letters to the Editor. The show includes news and commentary on election 2008, our front-runner, healthcare, Hollywood, sports talk, race issues and some ranting about his nipple and the cable guy. Clips include Randi in a really bad mood about the oil in Iraq.

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