June 28, 2016

Frozen: My trip to Orlando, Florida

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When you fly into Orlando and your plane is coming down out of the clouds, the very first thing that you see is total greenness — and lots and lots and lots of lakes. There are lakes everywhere in Orlando, even mini-lakes right in the middle of downtown.

After arriving at the airport, the first question I asked at the information counter was, “How do you get to the Pulse nightclub?”

“You take an Uber.” Can’t do that. Gotta have an iPhone to call an Uber and all I have is a bedazzled go-phone. “Well, then you pay $60 for a cab.” Can’t do that either. “Then you’d better take the # 38 bus.” Done. And it only took me two hours to travel ten miles. But it was worth it. Totally. You have to actually be there for the immensity of this tragedy to really sink in.

The police had just opened up the crime-scene street the day before and already there were hundreds of balloons and bouquets of flowers on the site. So sad. Such a waste. I’m not even going to go out on a limb here and mention my conspiracy theory that the increase in homosexuality in America, like the increase in autism, is chemically-based, happens to us when we are babies and that somehow Big Pharma is involved. Because this horrendous crime isn’t about homosexuality. It is about hate.

I’m just going to say that hate and haters have no business spewing vitriol all over the shirts, pillowcases, skinny jeans and towels of America. Haters need to take their dirty laundry someplace else.

I wish that the Pulse nightclub massacre had never happened. And that no other such useless, unproductive and scary massacre in America will ever happen again.

Then I went off to Walt Disney World. Disney has four kingdoms in Orlando. Which one to choose? I wanna go to Small World again! I’m an idealist. That’s the kind of world that I want to live in, not the real world — where we have two forms of fascism to choose from in November, each one worse than the other. Clinton or Trump? Has America really been forced to come to this?

Anyway, I decided to go to Epcot because I’d never been there before. And it’s a good thing that I did — because otherwise I’d never have gotten a chance to meet Elsa, the Snow Queen!

But, unlike Elsa, America has now become frozen with hate. But there is hope. Elsa was able to change. Perhaps America can too. But we all have to work at it. It’s so much easier to kill than to be nice.

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June 19, 2016

Omar Mateen & the US State Dept: Two peas in a pod?

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Here we go again. The American military-industrial complex is once again dropping really broad hints that stepping up its illegal “war” on Syria would be really really nice. They are hoping that it might be a lot nicer than their recent illegal “wars” on Libya, Iraq, Ukraine and Afghanistan — but don’t hold your breath.

In a charmingly blood-thirsty article in the New York Times entitled, “51 U.S. Diplomats Urge Strikes Against Assad in Syria,” we are told that almost the entire U.S. State Department is rooting and hoping and praying for a chance to bomb the Hell out of Damascus.

That idea sounds just about as stupid as the one that Omar Mateen recently had. Apparently someone at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando truly pissed Mateen off. Mateen went out and bought a bunch of guns. Mateen blasted the Hell out of that nightclub in Orlando. Mateen killed a whole bunch of innocent people. Problem solved.

And apparently someone in downtown Damascus has truly pissed off 51 State Department “diplomats” too. 51 State Department “diplomats” are now planning to go out and buy a bunch of guns. 51 State Department “diplomats” plan to blast the Hell out of President Assad’s government. 51 State Department “diplomats” plan to kill a whole bunch of innocent people. Problem solved.

But guess what? Killing innocent people never solves anything. Duh. Plus what if the come back as zombies? Or even brain-dead “diplomats”.


June 18, 2016


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It has occurred to me that there is an important story being ignored by all except the World’s Laziest Journalist.

This story involves an historic first that would be a shame to deny the future historians and present readers of political pundits.

Perhaps it has to do with fear of writing something that will only be interesting if someone else writes about it or the blessing of recognized news reporting does the first exposure of a marginalized subject.

It probably has to do with the contrary opinions about transgender olympics, bathrooms and denial of children to change their sex based upon media depictions of appearances and stereotypes rather than considering biological realities and the pursuit of Happiness.

Happiness can’t be based on truth so it must be based in shocking lies that can never be undone.

Who cares anyway if a castrate wants to revert to original identity or whether a prepubescent wants to dress up without knowing what sex is (or why they want to dress up) or what love is?

Why even write about truth and lies as morality has nothing to do with reality. Reality is what you make up on the fly.

Denial is much easier to defend than reason or touchy feelings. Touchy feelings are easier to adopt and accuse others of hate for not going along with a different opinion or viewpoint.  Besides, it is messy to write about genital mutilation in the name of dysphoric stereotypical and often hysterical gender roles.

The historical first is simply the truth from an old transsexual who accepts what people think they are rather than again pretend to be magically restored to where they were before barbaric sex reassignment surgery.  It surely isn’t transgenderism which rarely goes to sexual mutilation and obsessive interest in fake genitals.

No, the real historical first is that an individual can live with the dual truth with courage and be the first to qualify for the honorable office of Senator of the United States.

If this playful pundit is wrong then prove me wrong. If this pundit is right then journalists have a duty to report on what  the first transsexual has done in qualifying as  candidate for US Senate, making it on the ballot in Hawai’i for the November 8, 2016 election.

This achievement is only of interest to the johnny-come-latelies who will wait until the pioneer wins to write a single line of history.

No sense reporting on history until after the results as it might encourage other marginalized people to engage in democracy.

Perhaps that is what is really unacceptable.

A First for the USA?

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When The Amalgamated Conspiracy Theory Factory intern announced plans to travel to Hawai’i in an effort to become the first transsexual to secure a nomination to be a candidate for US Senate, we wished Karla tons of good luck confident that her position in the history of politics was guaranteed because of the competitive nature of journalism today.

After receiving some enthusiastic and upbeat updates, we pondered the situation.  The World’s Laziest Journalist has always held a strong drive to have a cartoon, poem or story published in The New Yorker magazine.

Since the main stream media seems to be stonewalling the historic aspect of the Gottschalk for US Senate campaign, (check out their Facebook page of the same name), we realize we may have the opportunity to pitch The New Yorker for a chance to do a profile of the first senate candidate who is a transsexual.

We will dash a query letter ASAP. Meanwhile, we have to focus on some mundane chores, such as polishing  a new Conspiracy Theory that postulates the idea that D.B. Cooper was a rogue CIA agent who raised untraceable money in order to subsidize the Watergate caper.

(Note: Thomas Eagleton’s medical records, which the burglars took or stole or obtained, threw the McGovern campaign off balance from the beginning and they never regained their momentum and, thus produced for Nixon the most lop-sided presidential victory in American History.)

If Hillary picks Senator Warren as a running mate, will conservative pundits label it as a “Laverne and Shirley” episode?

Will a dead-locked Republican Convention beg Jeb to accept the nomination and break the logjam?

Will young republicans be as adverse to a Trump nomination as young democrats were opposed to Humphrey in Chicago back in 1968?

Does the Senate have separate restrooms for men and/or women?  Or, are they exempt from Obama’s executive orders?

… to be continued

June 17, 2016

If you’re going to Orlando, wear purple flowers in your hair…

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How convenient for America’s deep state that Muslims and gays have become such targets of hate. “Better them than us!” Logically, Americans should all be totally hatin’ on the new surveillance state and the new billionaire state and the new police state that America has degenerated into — but Americans have been conditioned to hate Muslims and gays and women instead. How convenient.

On June 22, I leave for Orlando, Florida in order to attend the American Library Association’s annual convention. To paraphrase that old 1960s song, I will be wearing purple flowers in my hair. And a hijab too! Plus I’m already a woman.

But I’m sure that I’ll still be perfectly safe in Orlando. Why? Because the media and the cops and the FBI won’t be after me because I won’t be fitting their profile for what a mass shooter would be like.

Unlike Lee Harvey Oswald, Omar Mateen, Mohamed Atta, etc. I don’t have a history of working for the military, the CIA or any other top security agency or defense contractor. Nor have I been highly-trained by professionals in the fine art of effectively firing deadly weapons. I leave that to Blackwater and the Marines.

Unlike that guy who killed John Lennon, I don’t have friends in high places.

Unlike September 11, 2001, Boston or Sandy Hook, I haven’t announced any military drills or fake “exercises” to take place while I’m in Orlando.

Unlike the Columbine, Sandy Hook, Red Lake, Virginia Tech, Charleston, Aurora, Navy Yard, etc. shooters, I won’t be taking any prescription-drug anti-depressants approved by the FDA.

Unlike witnesses’ descriptions of multiple shooters involved in the San Bernardino, JFK, MLK, RFK and Paris shootings, I’ll be traveling alone.

Unlike the American deep state and Israeli neo-colonialists, I won’t have a strong motive and won’t benefit from either a terrorist attack or any other type of act that deliberately stirs up hatred. I’m really a pretty peaceful person, really.

So I think I’ll be safe in Orlando next week. Especially if I wear some purple flowers in my hair.

PS: With regard to the Orlando fatal massacre, Clinton has just vowed to keep “war” off the streets of America — hopefully not in the same manner that she has kept “war” off the streets of Libya, Palestine, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, Kosovo, etc.


June 12, 2016

Whack-a-Mole: Old school politicians vs. the new voter revolt

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First we Americans got stuck with McCarthyism, wherein out-of-line voters had their lives completely destroyed if they even thought about speaking up. American voters were shamelessly intimidated. The RepubliDems were large and in charge.

Then came Chicago back in 1968 — when rioting police basically beat all out-of-line voters to a pulp.

However, the RepubliDem old-school political machine did learn to become a bit more subtle after that — but not by much. Ronald Reagan, their next fair-haired boy, was called the “Teflon” president because no matter what kind of crap he pulled, he always got away with it. Why? Because Wall Street and War Street and the mainstream media always had his back. And their propaganda machine, instead of the cops, now beat out-of-line voters to a pulp. And that seemed to work even better.

Reagan would do stuff that looked and smelled like dog dookie, but a fawning press would rush to assure us voters that the crap we were being forced to swallow was actually candy and cake. And even to this day, Americans are convinced that Reagan is a god — not the devil incarnate that he actually was.

And most Americans wanted Gore or even Nader for president in 2000. But we got Bush-Cheney shoved down our throats instead. Of course there were a few whimpers here and there back then (I myself whimpered a lot) but the Republican high command told us that this new line of bull-crap was all for our own good. And the Democratic high command bobbled their heads in agreement.

And then the MSM told us that 9-11 and the “war” on Afghanistan and the “war” on Iraq weren’t Bush’s fault. And of course, most Americans still believed the MSM.

Then along came Obama, ready to play ball. “No more war,” he told us, fingers crossed behind his back. And we believed him too — because, in America, words speak louder than deeds.

But what about the 2016 election? American voters are finally starting to wise up. “All that glitters is not gold,” they are finally noticing at last. The next generation of American voters is no longer drinking the Kool-Aid. And so the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee are now being forced to join hands and start playing “Whack-a-Mole” — attempting to suppress voter revolts as they spring up, again and again, first in one place and then in another.

Trump wins the nomination on an anti-war platform that includes making peace with Russia and letting Syria work its own problems out? “How can we take it away from him?” screams the RNC. “What war-mongering party hack can we put in his place?”

Sanders, that peace-loving man of the people, is about to win the nomination? “How can we stop him from that?” squawks the DNC. No problem. Just ask the voters in Arizona, California and New York how the DNC did it. They just cheated, lied, committed election fraud and cut Bernie entirely out of media access. Voila!

And now Whack-a-Mole has been activated yet again and Clinton is being shoved down our throats too. But here is the real question — just exactly how much longer can the RNC and the DNC keep playing Whack-a-Mole before American voters really really revolt?

PS: Here’s a comment from my son, posted on social media the night that the MSM, Wall Street and War Street whacked us California voter-moles over the head in order to give Clinton her big win:

“If Hillary is going to get even a fraction towards what this world needs in a leader, she’s going to have to pull out some sh*t that she really hasn’t shown yet, because all I’ve seen so far is glad-handing, false face, pandering (oh damn girl, what’s that in your bag, is that f*cking HOT SAUCE? OMG, sold!), selling out, unyielding war-mongering, reinforcing a RACIST SYSTEM and BUILDING ON IT. She has shown me nothing that makes me feel like politics are mine. Or my generation’s. Or my children’s generation. It’s f*cking bad-ass that she’s a woman. But she is the wrong woman.”

I’m with him!

PPS: Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for president, just schooled us Americans with this obvious home-truth: “The two major parties want to offer voters a choice of the two most disliked politicians in America. Lesser evil gets worse every election.”

If we want a woman in the White House, then why not one who will actually be a good role model for our daughters — such as Dr. Stein or Elizabeth Warren? Instead of one who gloats about killing Libya and keeps illegal e-mails in her basement so she can avoid getting caught? And we all know that Bill will run the White House anyway.

I’d rather have Sanders — or even Trump — in the White House than that.

PPPS: Electing RepubliDems again and again is the very definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over, always getting the same crappy results — and yet still expecting good results.


June 10, 2016

Kriegeinzfluenz Part II Zeitgeist Propaganda

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There is a crisis in philosophy!

This has been the cry since Socrates was buried by Plato’s Republic. It is echoed by Ayn Rand’s acolyte Leonard Peikoff in “The Ominous Parallels” wherein the rise of National Socialism (Nazism) is undertaken and then given as a warning to America, in 1982, portending a new socialism and dictatorship in the overthrowing of the republic.

Despite some limited binary options given, there is something to heed. Objectivism or subjectivism, as though they are separate and mutually exclusive is a philosophy filled will paucity of cogitation. (See my previous publication of Binary Minds:Insect Politics)

The problem, he says, is Aristotelianism against or in contrast to Kantianism. Reason verses Feelings.  Both are operative in every human and is the great discovery of self in a world outside but part of self. We both engulf and are engulfed by both.

So, since Socrates was defamed, I will ask in his stead : What do you mean by Reason (Objectivism)?  What do you mean by Feelings (Subjectivism)?  What is “good” and what is “bad”?

It is reported in history that the Academy had an inscription “Know Thyself” but rarely reported that it followed up with “Master Thyself”.

How does one know themselves without self-examination or master themselves without judging, through ratiocinations over what is found in ones self, and exercising self-discipline?  I advert they don’t and that is why freedom also has duty.

Dignum et justum. Dignity and Justice. Conscience and Actions. We are responsible for what we think and do whether we think or do anything.

Daniel Berrigan would likely call the lack of action as the “Crimes of Silence”.  In our modern corporate politics this becomes the need of addressing the politicians who feel that the ethics of amorality are basic and allow for negotiating with lies, stealing and cheating to gain their objectives.  They wear down opponents through lobbyists. The passage of time and generations with the only goal to be re-elected or elected to higher offices.

The most successful lobbyists are the cacophony of violent street mobs backed by multiversity military contracts for the redistribution of labor and wealth. The greed of the elite comes full circle with the abandonment of any philosophy counter to greed so that insider trading, public research dedicated to private profit and the autocratic force of government for the unethical becomes acceptable as the young sell ideals for sinecures and comforts.

What is unethical?  Is this merely a holdover from catholicism’s reign of centuries of Pope’s declaring ex cathedra the will of God?  Or is it merely the product of the servile fear of losing ones property, position or life? Is it inevitable?

I postulate it is the conundrum of being stuck in either/or, yes or no barriers to seeing that, more than a middle ground, only a limited understanding of oneself (and the fear to go deeper or suppression of self examination) that rejects reason and flails about in irrationalism and oceans of contrary emotions.

This leads to a shutdown of freedom and reason that results in bowing to tyranny as the only answer for a social compact that is not so messy as a true democratic republic actually requires to remain dynamic and of, by and for the people.

Mere cognitive dissonance without the courage to keep going to find solutions that are compassionate as well workable without despotism is abandonment of both humanity and reason.

The founders of America knew this, the current age seems to have forgotten and with this passage over the Lethe of forgetfulness we sink into oligarchy.

“A Republic, if you can keep it”, admonished Benjamin Franklin in full awareness of the compromises that were already the seed of civil unrest with regard to at least slavery.

Have you read John F. Kennedy’s “Profiles in Courage”?  You might be surprised at who he mentions. Sam Houston who was very popular until he stood for conscious equality under the Constitution and lost his seat and political life. Taft was another. Each story was not about the loss incurred but the courage to stand for what was right against popular sentiment to the contrary.  Just like today.

A political philosopher, philosopher pundit, must stand courageously pointing to a future that includes self- sacrifice and some selfishness.

Selfishness? Yes, for we cannot go without air for more than 10 minutes or so, without water for 3 days or so and without food for 40 days or so.  Selfishness or survival, you decide.  This, I think, is the only way to interpret “enlightened self-interest touted by Ayn and her follows in “objectivism”.

Remember also the elder who gives their sustenance to a young mother and her babe.  The starving inmate of a concentration camp who gives that another may live. Survival is only adequate rationale to a point.  It is not a slogan.

We must confront metaphysics personally, we must confront epistemology rationally in order to understand ethics. Politics may for some, the philosopher politician to be sure, be their definition of ethics, but these ethics must be judged against the affect and effects on justice.

Perhaps, this is only the ethics of a lawyer who wishes to serve the social healing of unbridled freedom without regard for consequences, to bind the wounds given by greed and forsee the future of what we do and how it will determine the fate of seven generations after us.

I call this attempting to do and be good. That is why I am running for public office (US Senate) not for prestige, emoluments or power of money or military.  Simply to craft a philosophy for future generations through reasoned acts to bring about the true union we have and the hopes of all the founders of this remarkable United States of America.

Don’t blow it, dear contemporaries in simply being right or wrong for all time and demanding perfection now.  Come, let us reason together.



June 7, 2016

“America’s bombing the shite out of the Middle East,” sez Madam Jane

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“It’s not easy being the world’s greatest psychic,” Madam Jane confided to me over coffee at her place this morning. Madam Jane is our neighborhood’s resident fortune-teller.

“The New York Times claims again and again that it is the Russians who are bombing hospitals in Syria, that it is the Taliban who are blowing up hospitals in Afghanistan, and that it is ISIS that is blowing up hospitals in Iraq,” sighed Madam Jane, “but the New York Times can’t see what I see.”

Okay. I’ll bite. “What do you see?”

“Doom! Doom and death! And rivers of blood. I can’t sleep at night. These images haunt me.” Actually, M.J. did look a hot mess. Circles under her eyes. Aged before her time. “I just keep seeing women and children being blown up in the Middle East by American bombs.”

“What? Are you saying that the New York Times got it wrong?” Again?

“It is what it is,” replied Madam Jane. “And for every bomb that America clandestinely drops on mothers and babies in the Middle East? Each of those bombs also represents yet another American child who won’t have a school to go to, or yet another American bridge that is rotting from the inside, or yet another library without books or….”

“Madam Jane! Get some sleep! Please.”

PS: According to journalist Patrick Cockburn, “The Iraqi army backed by Coalition airpower recaptured the city of Ramadi from Isis last December, but more than 70 per cent of its buildings are in ruins and the great majority of its 400,000 people are still displaced…. The notorious remark of a US officer about the town of Ben Tre in Vietnam 50 years ago – that ‘it became necessary to destroy the town to save it’ – could equally be applied to Ramadi.”

PPS: According to brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor, the left side of the human brain has a tendency to produce a whole bunch of angry thoughts. By nature, none of us are Mother Theresas. But the good news is that each of our angry thoughts only lasts 90 seconds. 90 seconds of venting is very common in our left brains and we humans really do need to let it all out — but anything over 90 seconds of expressing anger is just plain wallowing in it and is a total waste of our time.

So the next time we feel really angry, just let it all out — and then move on to something else. Do you hear that, Pentagon? Stop wallowing and grow up. Just let it go!

PPPS: Why is America sending troops to attack Syria right now? But not sending them to attack Libya or Saudi Arabia — where ISIS and al Qaeda are actually coming from? The narrative of America’s foreign policy seems to have been designed by blind men. Libya is a major source of weapons and terrorists right now — and so is Saudi Arabia. Turkey and Israel are also running terrorist rat lines. Yet the United States is sending troops to attack Syria — the main country standing up to ISIS and al Qaeda right now? The people who design our foreign policy seem to be either completely in the dark or really, really bad at their jobs.

Their blindness and/or inefficiency is putting America at risk.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. But what is their story?


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