December 18, 2020

Adult vaccinations: My own personal (sad) story

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     I used to be able to hold down a full-time paralegal job, run a household full of kids, remember names and faces and even think clearly — but those days are long gone.  Around twelve years ago, all that suddenly changed.
     “What happened twelve years ago?” you might ask.  Hmmm.  Oh, yeah.  Now I remember.  That’s when I left the law office, joined the Peace Corps and headed off to South Africa.
     The first time I received a mandatory Peace Corps vaccination, I passed out cold — but I was still pretty much okay, still able to teach school, relate to my colleagues, learn Setswana and even become fluent in it.  “Dumela, Mma.”
     The next time they vaccinated me, I passed out cold and then started blubbering.  “Stop being a wimp,” said the doctor.

     The third time they vaccinated me, I passed out cold and became totally incoherent.  So much for the blood-brain-barrier myth.  “I don’t think I can take much more of these vaccines,” I whined.  “I’m starting to develop Gulf War Syndrome.”  But they told me to either shut up or go home.  I shut up.

      However, when they gave me the next set of vaccinations, things started to go really dark, they shipped me off to a shrink in Pretoria, took MRIs of my brain and then, after a month in an assisted-living facility, declared me wacko and shipped me back to California.
     Sure, I finally got some of my mental skills back.  I can now walk and chew gum at the same time and even occasionally remember my kids’ names.  But, trust me, I’ll never get vaccinated willingly again — and I feel so sorry for babies who also get as many vaccinations as I did before they can even walk.
PS:  The good news is that, after that humiliating, brutal and life-threatening ordeal that took me years to recover from or even to talk about, I was allegedly protected from getting major symptoms of meningitis, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis A, typhoid, diphtheria, rabies, hepatitis B, polio, tetanus and the flu — at least until the vaccines wore off.  

     I’m probably totally unprotected from all those symptoms today.  Oh well.  But was our government’s (temporary) relief from fear of bad symptoms (and Big Pharma) really worth losing my mind for?  Perhaps not.


Articles I wrote while wacko in South Africa:

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How can we fall for this totalitarian mess?  CJ Hopkins is truly pissed off:  “If they order you to take a fu*king vaccine, you will not ask what is in the vaccine, or start whining about the ‘potential side effects.’  You will shut up and take the fu*king vaccine.  If they tell you to put a mask on your kid, you will put a fu*king mask on your fu*king kid.  You will not go digging up Danish studies proving the pointlessness of putting masks on kids.”   Image may contain: text that says 'Life in the labs Are you going to get vaccinated? You're crazy!, they haven't finished human trials! 00+JiPÉM LARSE +JIPÉM'  


Stop Wall Street and War Street (and Big Pharma) from destroying our world.   And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

December 4, 2020

Test question: How to avoid censorship? Kiss a hecka lot of arse!

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     What the freak is wrong with my computer?  Why is it running so slow?  Has it caught a coronavirus?  Is Bill Gates out to get me?  Should I just shut up about COVID and Syria and the Federal Reserve?  Where’s the fun in that.

The Davos Boyz shadow-ban us.  They de-platform us.  They call us conspiracy theorists.  They don’t give real scientists grants to actually study real COVID causes and “case-demics” and vaccine dangers and phony death counts.  They evict us, bankrupt us, tell our moms on us.  They fire us, bankrupt us, mask us, shame us, humiliate us, scare us, inflate our savings on us until we have no money left.  They won’t let us sit with the popular kids.

     I wanna be popular!
      Just how attached am I to the concept of truth, justice and fair play?  Enough to not shut up?  Enough to go to jail?  Enough to make even my kids not like me?  Enough to get shut down on FaceBook?  Who the freak do I think I am?  Freaking Joan of Arc?
      If I just shut up and turn a blind eye, will they love me again?

Glenn Greenwald really gets down to the real Trump-Biden truth:  “Shameless media elites endorse internet censorship”

Then there’s Whitney Webb — who had to move to freaking Chile to say what’s on her mind:
And of course watch any episode at all of The Highwire:
And for financial accuracy with a weird twist, there’s Greg Mannarino:.  “We are in economic freefall…”
Stop Wall Street and War Street (and Big Pharma) from destroying our world.   And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

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