February 25, 2022

Shady behavior: Is it illegal to propose a bank run?

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     “Who’s your daddy!”  The Federal Reserve is, of course.  Its shady board of directors owns our arses.  Fact.  “But what can we do about it?” you might ask.  “I don’t like anyone owning my arse.”  Too bad for you, shoulda thought of that fifty years ago.  Stop whining.  Let’s move on.
     Justin Trudeau imposed martial law on Canada, all because those pesky truckers were pissed off about getting mandated and locked down.  “80% of us are vaccinated but we still don’t like being told what to do,” said the truckers.
     Trudeau just laughed in their faces.  “Your arses belong to me.”  Uh, no.  Those truckers’ arses belong to the banks.  And True-Dough’s arse belongs to those banks too.  Also a fact.

       But when our boy True-Dude tried to shut down the truckers’ bank accounts, his whole arse-kissing plan got derailed when a bank run resulted.  Over a hundred thousand pissed-off Canadians emptied their bank accounts.  Holy cow, did that piss the bankers off.

      “Don’t never mess with your bankers,” True-Dope learned the hard way when the Evil Globalist Bastards gave him a call on his private phone line, the one that’s even more important than President Biden’s nuclear football.  And then Turd-Dope called off his martial law.
      You gotta love politics.
      But there’s a moral here too, folks.  If we truly want to stop the Federal Reserve’s bull from rampaging though our china shops, all we gotta do is stage a nation-wide bank run.  Actually, the Federal Reserve itself is just one ultra-gigantic bank run.  Why can’t we stage a bank run of our own too?
       “But, Jane,” you might ask, “if I have no money in the bank, how can I order from Amazon?”  We can wean our addiction by starting small — move our money to credit unions.  Let’s drain Chase Bank and Wells Fargo and Bank of America dry like they have been doing to us since forever.  Use cowrie shells instead?  Have fun with it. 

       Revolutions don’t have to be violent.  The best ones are not.

PS:  Speaking of Evil Globalist Bastards, they are at it again with regard to their most best favorite pastime — warmongering.
      Remember that media blitz run-up to the war on Vietnam?  That media-blitz run-up to the war on Yugoslavia, aka wagging the dog?  That media-blitz run-up to the incubator-stealing event in Kuwait called the Gulf War?  That media-blitz run-up to the war on Afghanistan?  That media-blitz run-up to the WMD war on Iraq?  That media-blitz run-up to the war on Syria?  That media-blitz run-up to the war on Libya?  And also a bunch of media-blitz run-ups to proxy wars on Palestine, Lebanon, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Etruria, Ethiopia, Yemen, et cetera?
     All of those wars were disasters.  
     But deja vu.  We’re now having a media blitz run-up to a war on Russia — just because those Evil Globalist Bastards want us to.  And now they laugh in our faces as they watch red-blooded Americans happily support those horrid neo-Nazis in Ukraine who have been systematically slaughtering civilians in Donbass for the past eight years.

     Do we need to stage a bank run on Washington DC’s arse-kissers too?


Stop Wall Street, War Street, Big Pharma and Big Tech from destroying our world.   And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

February 21, 2022

Madam Jane predicts: How to recover from long-haul [economic] COV$D

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     “The COV$D plandemic is basically over,” said Madam Jane this morning as she sat in my kitchen delicately sipping a cold root beer.  “Mother Nature gave us Omicron, everyone in the world caught it and now we are all naturally immune to COV$D.  End of story.”  And our politicians were caught with their pants down again.

      Suave politicians have wasted trillions of our tax-payer dollars on useless face masks, blatantly stupid lock-downs, worthless test kits, Remdesivir (aka run-death-is-near) prescriptions that kill people, booster shots that don’t work and failed experimental injections that mess with our RNA — instead of spending our money on simply making Americans healthier (and happier) so they could resist SARS-CoV-2.  Sadly, however, all that is water under the bridge, stolen money that we will never get back.

      “But in any case, what happens next?” I asked.  “How can America possibly recover from such a nasty case of economic long-haul COV$D?”
     “It can’t.”
      “And that same-old-same-old blind trust in false leaders that got us into this disaster in the first place isn’t gonna get us out of it either,” said Madam Jane.  But what else does she have in mind?  “Send peasants with torches and pitchforks after the Federal Reserve.”  And truckers too!  “Never allow Big Pharma to advertise on TV again.  Make med schools actually teach good nutrition.  Outlaw weedkillers, fake fertilizers, insecticides, chem trails, 5G and processed food.  Become a freaking anti-vaxxer!  Grow organic stuff in our front yards.”
     Ya think that people are actually going to do that?  Fat chance.
     “Next, we need to stop all these phony ‘wars’.  Complete waste of money, lives and resources.  Distracts us from the real issue — those Evil Globalist Bastards who want to brainwash our kids and turn the rest of us into robots — or corpses.”  Stop the evil globalists’ diabolical plan for world conquest?  Too late.
     “Then we need to try to be nice to our neighbors.  Stop harping on petty differences.  These are the people we will have to depend on during the coming economic shite-storm.”  Madam Jane is my neighbor.  What’s in it for me?

     “And we also gotta limit the time we spend on high-tech gadgets, to less than an hour a day.”  That might not be a problem if there’s no electricity left.

     “But what about climate change,” I asked now that Madam Jane was obviously on a roll.
     “Not a problem.  Billionaires started it.  Let them stop it too.  Put their ill-gotten billions to good use cleaning up their own stinking nest, their own shite.  Leave the rest of us out of it.”  If only.  Sometimes Madam Jane is sort of naive.  
      “You just don’t understand,” I said.  “People actually like handing their money and hopes and children and dreams of the future over to those Evil Globalist Bastards.”  Madam Jane did not disagree.  I was kinda hoping that she would.

February 8, 2022

If COV$D isn’t killing people, then what is?

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    That thing that is killing us right now?  It’s the exact same thing that has always been killing us, the same thing that killed people back in 2018, 2017 and 2016.  There have suddenly been no dead bodies piled up in the streets since March 2020.  What is killing us now is pretty much the same thing that killed us back in 20,000 BC too.

     People die. That’s what people do. 


     People die — especially obese people with cancer and heart conditions.  People also die in hospitals from kidney failure caused by Remdesivir.  And I’m not even gonna mention any “conspiracy theories” that 5G, GMOs and Round-Up might be slowly bumping us off.  That’s above my pay grade.  That’s for Verison, AT&T, Bill Gates and Monsanto to know — and for the rest of us not to find out.  

     Writing “COV$D” on our death certificates makes death look scary, sure, but that still doesn’t make it true. 
      Wanna avoid being a COV$D statistic?  Eat organic, keep away from junk food, take your vitamins, breath fresh air, limit computer time, exercise — and don’t believe anything you hear on the evening news.  Oh, and don’t ever get old either!  Being old is a sure cause of death.
PS:  It might be a good idea to avoid any gene-therapy experimental injections as well.  Wait a few years.  See who dies and who doesn’t.  It’s never fun to become a statistic in a drug trial.

Dr. Sam Bailey spells it out brilliantly:

What?  SAR$ isn’t a virus?  Who knew?  Scientists did: 

Then there’s always air pollution that is causing us to die off.  And water pollution.  And…

And does the Vaccine cause us to die too?  Looks that way:  

40% more all-cause deaths in younger people?  Could the vaccine have played any role in this startlingly huge death uptick in America’s healthiest age range?  Yikes!

We lose — but who wins?  Follow the money: 

February 4, 2022

War correspondent: Keeping eyes on the Middle East — and America too

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     “Keep up, Jane,” you might be thinking right now.  “The real threat of war is coming from Ukraine, not the Middle East.”  That’s not true.  Hey, I’m a war correspondent.  Surely I should know a “war” when I see one.  And what is the main difference between victory and defeat in any war?  Courage.

     Let’s review:

     Palestinians are still fighting back against being brutally oppressed — and they’ve been courageously fighting back against this brutal oppression for the past 75 years, longer than most Americans have even been alive.

     It took GWB’s “Coalition of the Willing” almost a decade to subdue Iraq.  Even so, that mission was never accomplished.  Not really.  I know.  I was there.
     Now let’s talk about Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires.  You gotta hate the Taliban — but at least they fought back.
     Iran?  Lebanon?  Syria?  These countries don’t take no shite.  I’ve been there too, met Hezbollah fighters, even met President Assad himself.  Been all over Iran.  These are people who fight back.  They protect their families.  They protect their homes.  They protect their countries, their cultures, their children.
     I’ve spent years trying to get into Yemen, another country made of brave people who fight back against insanely incredible odds.  “Give me liberty or give me death!”
     And then there’s America.  Yep, now I’m a war correspondent here too.  What a joke.  Big Tech, Big Pharma and their Evil Globalist Bastard allies have already won their sleazy war on America — without even firing a shot.  “Move along, there’s nothing to report here.”  

     Americans have been voluntarily cowering timidly in lock-down and shutting down their businesses and inoculating their children with experimental drugs for almost two years now while Dr. Fasci happily toys with our lives and Bill Gates plots our de-population like they were Lyutsifer Safin and his mad scientist cohort in No Time to Die

     You gotta give people in the Middle East snaps for fighting back against wave after wave of invasion.  But Americans?  We’d rather give it up to Big Tech and Big Pharma than possibly risk even the thought of missing our cat videos, mussing our fade or breaking a nail.

     Being a war correspondent in America is freaking hard work.  Who wants to cover a debacle, a rout?  Not me.  I don’t even get to wear my flak jacket.

February 3, 2022


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      I just watched the most recent James Bond movie — wherein a mad scientist and an Evil Globalist Bastard release a deadly virus on the world in order to decrease global population and gain tyrannical power.  Sound familiar?  

      All you gotta do is replace the mad scientist with Dr. Fasci and visualize Klaus Schwab as the Evil Globalist Bastard and you got a perfect description of what our last two years here on planet Earth looked like.   

     Only difference?  

WHERE is James Bond when we need him the most!

February 1, 2022

Tear & Compare: The Vaccine vs. Vitamin D

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Tear & Compare: The Vaccine vs. Vitamin D

     PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY no one is comparing the costs and benefits of getting Vaccinated with the costs and benefits of simply taking 5000 units of vitamin D every day?
1.   NO ONE has overdosed or died from vitamin D.  Over 30,000 people have died from The Vaccine.
2.   No one has been injured by taking vitamin D.   Over 100,000 people have been injured by The Vaccine.
3.  No vaccine has kept us from catching Omicron.  NO ONE with proper vitamin D levels has ever died from any form of COV$D.
4.  Vitamin D will actually lessen any symptoms of COV$D.  Vaccine manufacturers only tell us that The Vaccine will do this.
5.  Vaccines cost so much that they are ruining our economy.  You can get a whole bottle of vitamin D for less than $5 — or else just sit out in the freaking sunshine.

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