May 19, 2022

Step right up folks! Get your free VIRAL REACTIVATION here!

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     “For the very first time in the entire history of the human race,” the snake-oil salesmen at Big Pharma (don’t) tell us, “you can now get VIRAL REACTIVATION absolutely free of charge!”
     Remember back when your grandparents got the measles?  And then they never got them again?  Now all that permanent-immunity goodness is a thing of the past.  Thanks to spike proteins, mRNA, lipid nanoparticles, adenoviruses and who the freak knows what all else is in Big Pharma’s brand new experimental jabs, we can now get COV$D-19 all over again — and again and again.  VIRAL REACTIVATION is now an actual thing.

     Lucky us.

May 10, 2022

Laughter Through Tears: Lock-downs, Netflix, Derry Girls & Gaza Girls

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     I tripped over a curb the other day and fell on my arse.  An ambulance came.  “You’ve fractured your pelvis,” said the emergency room doc.  “Stay off your feet.  Here’s a walker.”  Crap.
     After having successfully avoided the Great American Trump-Biden-Fauci Lock-Down Fiasco for the past 785 days, I finally found my own self in total lock-down as well.  What did most Americans do to avoid mind-numbing boredom during those past 785 days?  “Netflix.”  Oh.  Sign me up.

     And that’s the true story of how I discovered the wonderful Netflix comedy series, Derry Girls.  Teenage girls in Northern Ireland, up to typical teenage-girl stuff — even in the midst of The Troubles.  Londonderry.  A war zone.  Bloody Sunday.  That horrible lock-down of colonial oppression.  Sometimes only laughter can make a brutal situation (almost) bearable.

     I’ve been to Derry myself.  Nothing funny to laugh about there.  Saw where the tanks and the helicopters and the guns had been.  Heard the survivors’ stories.  And yet Derry Girls made me laugh even louder because I knew what the girls were talking about.
     Now if only Netflix could travel to Gaza and film a comedy series called Gaza Girls.  I’d binge-watch that one too!
PS:  Whether it’s the Derry Girls, the Gaza Girls or the Girls of Donbas who are being uppity, they’ve all managed to piss off those Evil Globalist Bastards bigtime.  Demanding local sovereignty?  Trying to get rid of corporate corruption?  How dare they!

     Will the World Economic Forum get pissed off at California Girls next?

Here’s the Derry Girls trailer.  Enjoy.

And how would you like it if a bunch of mean-looking special forces, armed to the teeth, stormed your local church?  Or closed down your favorite synagogue?  Zionist forces just stormed al Aqsa mosque.  Not cool, guys.

There’s already a book called Gaza Girls.  Shouldn’t be all that hard to make a TV series there too — if only film crews (or even film equipment) were allowed into the Gaza Strip.
I wrote about comparing Belfast and Gaza back in 2009 :

And here’s the true story about when I took my own teenage daughter to Belfast and Derry:

And then there’s the price very high we’ll all have to pay for having gotten the jab — forever terrified of variants:
Well worth watching — Kenneth Branagh’s remarkable film about The Troubles in Belfast


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