August 17, 2019

Is justice still alive in America? According to the American Bar Association? Yes

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     I really love the American Bar Association.  Why?  Because they always serve excellent lamb-chop lollipops, salmon sushi, shrimp tacos, roast beef, strawberry tarts, veggie samosas and white wine at their conventions.
     At a reception for the Criminal Justice Section of the ABA held high above San Francisco on the thirty-third floor of the Hotel Nikko over crab cakes and Jack Daniel’s, I posed this very important question to a young criminal-prosecution attorney.  “Is justice actually being done in America today?”
     After a long pause, he replied thoughtfully, “Yes, I would think so.”  Please let us hope that he’s right!
     At a panel discussion earlier that day regarding recent Supreme Court decisions, however, the answer was sort of different.  “Our justices’ decisions in the past were based on the issues.  Judging at the Supreme Court level today is pretty much trench warfare.  Supreme Court cases today are actually proxy wars against something else.”
     But according to many of the seminars I attended at the recent ABA convention, and according to many of the idealistic attorneys I interviewed between seminars and panels, in the day-to-day battle for justice in the trenches manned by our average small-time attorneys, justice is still being done — and crab cakes are still being served too.
      The two main take-aways I got after attending 15 or 20 different seminars at this convention were that U.S. attorneys love to eat well — and also that even though President Trump seems to be a walking, talking Ken-doll-wannabe sociopath (who stole his election with the help of Republicans, Zionists, Saudis, gerrymandering, fraudulent voter exclusions, an unbalanced electoral college and rigged voting machines) and Attorney General Barr is a judicial joke, there are still some good people out there in America today, still fighting for justice.
PS:  One of the most heart-rending seminars I attended was presented by the ABA Commission on Homelessness and Poverty, wherein a panel of experts discussed the all-too-common horrors of the sex-trafficking of children.  Here in America, it is much more common than you think.  Jeffery Epstein isn’t the only one doing it.  Hundreds of thousands of young girls (and boys) are being bought and sold every day into sex slavery.  What will become of these children?
     What will be come of America’s youth?
    And what has become of America’s morals?
     Who buys these kids?  Who has the moral degeneracy to purchase children for sex?  What kind of sick America is this?
PPS:  Between the ruthless-white-male-dominated war machine, the heartless-white-male-dominated bankster ponzi schemes, the life-endangering white-male-dominated climate catastrophe, the freaky white-male-dominated gun massacres from Columbine to Walmart and the soul-numbing white-male-dominated sex slavery that are currently running roughshod throughout America today, isn’t it time we started electing more highly-evolved men and women to positions of power?  Just sayin’.  

     Conscienceless white males have really screwed with America’s morals.  Maybe people of conscience could do better?  They surely couldn’t do any worse!


     Hell, even I could do better. 


August 13, 2019

The ABA convention’s most burning question: “Are asylum-seekers endangering national security?”

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At the recent American Bar Association annual convention in San Francisco, I managed to come up with several burning questions. For instance, why are they serving us giant pretzels? It’s San Francisco, for crying out loud. Shouldn’t we be getting crab salad and sourdough instead?

And here’s another burning question. “When the ABA showed us the film And Then They Came for Us regarding the 1940s illegal concentration camps for Japanese-American citizens, why did the rows and rows of barracks in the movie remind me so much of the rows and rows of barracks in the current concentration camps at our southern border?”

And my next burning question? “If Japanese-Americans were incarcerated illegally because they were accused of being a threat to national security, then how come that threat was never proven?”

According to an ABA panel that spoke on this subject the other day, the answer is, “Hell, no!” A threat was never proven and, in fact, what was proven later was that our government had actually even doctored the evidence. Even that freak J. Edgar Hoover said that Japanese-Americans never posed a threat to America.

So. Next burning question. “Do the Honduran refugees who are legally seeking asylum at our southern borders actually pose a threat to America’s national security — or is this just another trumped-up charge?” I think that asylum seekers are getting a bum rap. And apparently the ABA thinks so too.

Who in their right mind can possibly prove that two-month-old babies are a clear-and-present danger to America’s national security? Nobody can.

But if two-month-old babies actually do pose such a huge threat to America’s national security, then why the freak is our government spending 800 billion dollars a year on nuclear weapons, tanks and killer drones to defend us against babies? Get real. Shouldn’t they be spending all that money on diapers and cradles instead?

Another interesting thing that I learned from this ABA panel was with regard to the Rule of Law. “The Rule of Law isn’t as important than the content of that Rule.” Nazi Germany was famous for its extensive Rule of Law. GWB followed his own Rule of Law. Obama and Clinton instigated NATO’s phony “humanitarian” Rule of Law in their illegal invasions of Syria and Libya and just look where that got us. And Donald Trump’s so-called Rule of Law? Yeah, right. I rest my case!

PS: The Themis Bar Review gave out some really awesome free ballpoint, pens, the bar association’s Criminal Justice Section hosted an excellent buffet and the ABA itself scored us tickets to a Giants vs. Phillies game!

August 7, 2019

Wars & Walls & interest rates: How the global elite have been blindsided

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“Eat your vegetables,” our mothers used to tell us when we were kids — but all we really wanted to eat was birthday cake! And mostly just the frosting. “That’s no way to be healthy,” said Mom.

Unfortunately it seems like the handful of wealthy movers and shakers who run our world also think like these little kids as well. “All we want is something that will produce high interest rates,” they cry — and then bang their spoons on their high chairs too.

But these wealthy .001% elite people have been clearly blindsided by greed. “Let them eat cake” is all they can think.

And to their narrow vision, the only things that produce high enough interest rates are only Wars and Walls. No one can live for long on that kind of a diet. Not the CitiBank-Chase-Wells-Fargo types. Not the military-industrial complex. Not even Wall Street. And certainly not Marie Antoinette. Eat your veggies, guys!

You can still get good interest rates by investing in solar power, infrastructure, a Green New Deal — even in higher education and MediCare for all. It would be a win-win situation. “Where’s the fun in that?” Just ask Marie Antoinette.

PS: If interest rates based on Walls and Wars are as unhealthy as cake, then perhaps the wealthy .001% should pursue happiness instead — like the Declaration of Independence tells us. High interest rates will never make the elite happy — and never build strong muscles, teeth and bones either.

PPS: Have you guessed by now that the main purpose of Trump’s fake Wall isn’t to keep asylum-seekers out? And that his cruel prison camps for babies aren’t to keep America safe either? The .001% elite could care less about any of that. The main purpose of the Wall and the concentration camps are to make money — but not money for people like us.

PPPS: To quote RuPaul, “Some people are so poor, all they have is money.” No conscience, no humanity, no soul. Even young Honduran mothers trapped in cages at our southern border have more abundance than the elite .001%.

And here’s what journalist Steve Fournier has to say about the recent NRA-sanctioned murders in Gilroy, Dayton and El Paso:

“It’s not what we’re about,” said the mayor of El Paso, Texas, after a young white guy shot down a crowd of dark-skinned shoppers with a military-style rifle. Actually, this is what we’re about.

Shooting, bombing, and otherwise terrorizing dark-skinned people is our stock in trade. We kill them in Iraq. We kill them in Libya. We kill them in Yemen. We’re OK with that. Ask any newsman. Ask your candidates for office. Anybody out there want to end the killing? One presidential candidate had the gall to suggest that the USA might be blameworthy in some way for the wars it wages — this was before the latest shootings — and the newsmen came down on her like a ton of [poop].

You can comb published reports of the latest massacres, and you’ll find no mention of the wars we’ve been waging without pause for the last 20 years. The latest two mass murderers never knew a time when their nation was not dropping bombs on people in faraway lands. Does the question not occur to the media: if it’s OK that we, as a nation, employ soldiers to kill black and brown people as a matter of policy in distant countries, isn’t it also OK for individuals to take up arms, on our behalf, and do the same here? ”

“Gun control” won’t help us with this problem, and neither will improved mental hygiene. You want to prevent mass murder, quit killing people.


August 4, 2019

The other Philadelphia: My trip to Freddie and Tony’s

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There was so much to see and do in Philadelphia. Who knew? I stayed in a fourth-floor walk-up in Chinatown and ate beef chow fun at M-Kee, an old-school hole-in-the-wall straight outta Shanghai. Then there was Mueller’s Amish bakery for dessert (no, not that Mueller) at the Reading Market. They surely don’t skimp on the sugar.

There is a science museum in Philadelphia with a planetarium and an old locomotive train as big as a house — or even bigger. 350 tons of cast iron, looking pretty much like Darth Vader. I took a whole bunch of photos of it because I couldn’t even believe it was real! After avoiding a whole bunch of food trucks selling cheese steaks, I visited Philly’s fancy wedding-cake and rococo City Hall next. You gotta see it to believe it.

What should I do next? WWBFD? What would Benjamin Franklin do? Wander over to the Historic District, of course. I even splurged and bought a T-shirt at the Independence Hall gift shop that had a picture of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and Hamilton crossing Abby Road and singing, “We all want a Revolution….” So appropriate for today — although I would be willing to settle for just a Green New Deal. And perhaps an impeachment or two. Oh, and fair elections that haven’t been gerrymandered and tampered with by the Repubs, Google, FaceBook, the DNC, the Saudis and AIPAC.

But the jewel in the crown of downtown Philly was definitely the Barnes Foundation — where they are sitting on at least a billion dollars worth of French Impressionist paintings. My jaw just dropped. Dropped! One gallery alone contained a Picasso, several Monets, a few Cezannes, several Van Goghs, a Modigliani and two or three Degas. And that was just one gallery out of twenty. Apparently this Barnes guy got on the band-wagon early and was able to buy up all these paintings for cheap. Wish that had been me.

And then things got real. I took the #23 bus out to North Philly and then transferred to the #60 bus for another two miles. Why? Because I had just finished reading Elizabeth Acevedo’s latest novel and she had mentioned at Puerto Rican restaurant named “Freddie and Tony”. Solidarity with Puerto Rico! At least they have the cajones down there to actually stage a revolution when things get too corrupt.

The bus ride was worth it. While the pork chops were a bit over-cooked, the homemade flan was dreamy. And I also got to take a look at the Other Philly — home of closed schools, used-tire lots, food stamps, dollar stores, high unemployment, homelessness and broken-down cars. Not exactly the type of place you would go in the “Pursuit of Happiness” but folks in North Philly made do. Good for them.

Downtown Philadelphia was beautiful, wonderful and historic as hell. North Philly just looked like the rest of America — just trying to get by.

It’s time for us all to follow the example of Jefferson, Franklin, Hamilton, Washington — and Puerto Rico — and also demand an end to corruption in our current federal government as well.

Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world. And while you’re at it, please buy my books.



July 30, 2019

Philadelphia: Walking over the graves of American history

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Recently 5,000 delegates from all over America attended a Netroots Nation convention in Philadelphia — and one of those delegates was me. And the proudest moment of that entire convention was when all 5,000 of us took to the streets and marched on City Hall to protest the fact that Honduran babies and little kids were being kept in cages like criminals — not only at our southern borders but also even right here at Philadelphia’s Berks Detention Center — right in the beating heart of the City of Brotherly Love.

Remember back several years ago when football player Michael Vick became a national villain when he was accused of being mean to dogs and keeping them in cages? Nation-wide outcry! “Vick is mean to dogs!”

But now, when our very own government goes about caging human children, where is the outcry? Vick is a villain — and yet Trump is a hero? Vick cages 50 dogs and get punished for it — but Trump cages thousands of children and gets completely away with it? Say what?

After the protest march, I trudged off through the streets of Philly, just soaking in the ambiance of all that historic “Cradle of Freedom” stuff. At Independence Hall, I met up with my guide for a walking tour of where Black history also took place back during Revolutionary times — and right there in the very center of the Cradle of Liberty itself, our tour group stumbled upon a sweet, idealistic and hopeful group of young middle-school girls, standing next to the very place where John Hancock had signed the Declaration of Independence. And these girls were holding up signs protesting the caging of children in America today.


My first thought at seeing those signs was, “Geez Louise, America has really degenerated from fighting for Philadelphia Freedom in 1776 to behaving like Nazis in 2019.”

But by the time the Black History tour ended, I sadly realized that America had always kept kids in cages. This current atrocity of keeping kids in cages was actually nothing new. Our heroic ancestors had caged Black children first.

Then our guide took us off to see a statue of Robert Morris, the man who almost single-handedly financed the American Revolution. “He got his wealth by kidnapping people from Africa, submitting them to the horrors of the Middle Passage and then selling them on the auction block here.” And Morris treated Black children even worse than Michael Vick treated his dogs. Much worse.

So I wrote the word “Slaver!” on a Post-it note and pasted it onto the base of Morris’s statue, telling the whole world the truth about him. But then someone told me that there were cameras all over that area, spying on us tourists — so I went back and took the Post-it note down. So much for freedom of speech anywhere near Independence Hall.

Next our tour group moved off to Washington Park. “5,000 slaves died in Philadelphia during the infamous yellow fever epidemic of 1793. Many of them are buried right here. In unmarked graves. You are standing on them right now.”

5,000 slaves. 5,000 Netroots Nation protestors. Maybe we have come a long way toward Freedom after all. Let us hope.

PS: I just read where one Honduran mother had been finally reunited with her 14-month-old baby after 85 days, only to discover that her infant was covered with — wait for it — lice! Yuck.

What kind of sick storm-trooper mentality allows those in charge of such hellholes as slave markets, Dachau, Abu Graib, Gaza and America’s southern border to even begin to think that their behavior is acceptable?

It’s the herd mentality.

“If the guy next to me is happily kidnapping babies, then it must be okay for me to also kidnap babies too.” Just google the “Stanford Prison Experiment” to see how that works — or never mind. I’ve googled it for you.

Let’s get this straight. No matter what kind of weird shite the guy next to you is up to, it is never okay to be a mean sadistic bastard. History has proved this time and again. So. Let’s stop all this criminal inhumane madness. Stop it now. Or else history will be walking over our graves as well.


July 21, 2019

“H-e-e-e-l-p!!!”: Syria, Ilhan Omar and Netroots Nation

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While walking down a busy street in Philadelphia the other day after attending the Netroots Nation convention, I rounded a corner and there was Bernie Sanders — giving a speech to a crowd of protestors who were angry because their only accessible hospital was being torn down by a Los Angeles developer in order to make way for said developer’s upscale condominium project. “800 pregnant women are going to have no place to give birth,” said Bernie. And cancer patients who are in the middle of receiving their chemo treatments will be thrown out on the street, death swirling around their poor sweet hairless heads. Yikes!

At the Netroots Nation convention itself, I had a wonderful time, learned a lot about politics and even came back home with a bunch of free ballpoint pens. What’s not to like! I even got to hear Senator Warren, Governor Inslee, Mayor Castro, Senator Gillibrand and most of “The Squad” speak (AOC couldn’t make it). And I’m here to tell you that Ilhan Omar can really walk fast. She covered the space between the speakers’ platform and the elevator in an even shorter time than it takes The Donald to tweet out yet another blatant hit on our morality and our paychecks.

I also went to a Netroots symposium put on by the LGBTQ community — wherein I learned just how nice, vulnerable, friendly and well-informed that Queers can be. They took me under their wings, opened my eyes, gave me a glimpse into how life in the Gay Lane can be — and even provided free lunch. Philly cheese steaks. Never had it before. Never want to have it again. Shredded beef slathered with Velveeta? No thank you. Even if it is free.

I was also lucky enough to hear Ilhan Omar speak to a small roomful of conference attendees and then take questions after. I, of course, just had to ask a question too. But which one? There are so many questions these days. Death in the Middle East, death in the gulags at our southern border, death in our homeless encampments, death by fire and flood due to climate emergencies….

I got up to the mic, cleared my throat and said, “700 billion dollars a year to the Pentagon. Seven billion people on Earth. Do the math. Let’s give each and every one of us a thousand dollars per year instead of wasting all that money on murder and bombs! Every single year. 1,000 dollars in our pockets. Then and only then will America be safe!” Who would want to harm the goose that is laying all these golden eggs for everyone?

But was that an actual question?

C’mon, Jane. Think of an actual question. Ilhan Omar herself is listening! But I was drawing a blank. Finally I just blurted out, “The Syrian people love President Assad because he kept their country from becoming another Libya!” Now where did that come from? Then I turned to the room and cried “He-e-e-e-e-l-p!!” Help us, Netroots Nation. Help us, Rep. Omar. Help us, all you moral Americans and moral people of the world who are kind people and have good hearts. Help us from being destroyed by greedy billionaires, condo developers, racists and murderous war mongers who just love to create collateral damage.

But then at least I didn’t totally embarrass myself by screaming “Blue Meanies!”

After my impassioned plea, however, someone came up to me later and started ranting that Assad was a dictator who bombed a million of his own people. No, he didn’t. America, the Zionists and the Saudis did that — with a little help from their “rebel” friends in al Qaeda. “It’s well-documented,” I added. Boy, did that piss this person off. Wrong answer. I finally managed to escape to the restroom to lick my (psychological) wounds.

Later, in downtown Philly, I got to chatting with a young U.S. Marine. “I will be deploying to Syria in August,” he said. What? See? I was right! It is those pesky Americans who are causing trouble in Syria. I rest my case! But at least he doesn’t have to worry about being bombarded with Philly cheese steaks over there. They don’t have cheese steaks in Syria! Yet. But let’s just wait and see what else the Blue Meanies are gonna be up to after August.


Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world. And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

July 7, 2019

Your vaccine preservatives: The gifts that never stop giving

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Wait, what? Pharmaceutical companies now have vaccine commercials running on our TVs — right next to all those other phony drug propaganda campaigns? “Ask your doctor if this vaccine is right for your child….” Except now there’s another weird twist to their game.

At the end of all those other drug commercials that we are forced to watch, there comes a point where some trust-worthy-sounding voice-over guy is spozed to tell us what the side-effects are. You know what I’m talking about, right? And yet what actually follows in Big Pharma’s new vaccine commercials is just dead airtime. Total silence. What? No side effects are even mentioned? No side-effects even exist? Nothing could ever possibly go wrong? Really? Not even an “Ouch” from your baby? How can that possibly be?

It’s because our very own CDC has actually passed a law telling us that vaccines never have to list their side-effects. Never. Huh?

But does objecting to all this new false reality automatically make me one of those ostracized media-lepers with the dread label of “Anti-Vaxxer”? No, no, no and no. Truth be told, I actually sort of like vaccines.

So many horrible and deadly diseases have been prevented due to the wonderful invention of vaccines. If they had been around at the time of Columbus, for instance, approximately 20 million “New World” natives wouldn’t have died painfully from small pox.

And just imagine how different medieval Europe would have been if GlaxoSmithKline, Merck or Pfizer had just come up with a vaccine against Black Plague back in the day.

And the reason that I myself haven’t spent most of my life vegetating in some gross Iron Lung or limping around with a withered arm or shrunken leg is because someone invented a polio vaccine.

However, my own polio vaccine was administered orally. And my small pox vaccine was administered topically. But that was old-school For most vaccines nowadays you get shots — shots that go directly into your bloodstream. 72 different doses of injected vaccines are currently required for our babies and little kids alone. 72 doses going directly into their cute little bloodstreams, each one swimming in a preservative usually consisting of aluminum, formaldehyde and one of the main ingredients in “Round Up”.

That’s gotta hurt.

But, wait. That’s not even anywhere near the end of us getting shot up. There’s even more shots to come! Now the pharmaceutical industry informs us that we also gotta have a measles booster every five years and a flu shot every winter for the rest of our lives.

None of that bothers me however. I’ve already been given the polio vaccine and the small pox vaccine. And I’ve already actually had the mumps, chicken pox and measles. I don’t need flu shots because I never get the flu. I’m good. I never have to be injected with sleazy vaccine fillers and preservatives for the rest of my life. The pharmaceutical industry hates people like me. We are not their gift that keeps on giving.

But our children and grandchildren are.

And apparently Americans can live with that.

But suppose — just suppose — that those gross fillers and preservatives in vaccines do cause autism, altzheimers, eczema, multiple sclerosis, androgyny, Parkinson’s, ADHD, increased auto-immune diseases, the sudden and weird increase in “childhood cancer” and a whole list of other health issues that have cropped up so heavily since 1989, the year that Congress allowed vaccine manufacturers to become far less regulated and leashed. Shouldn’t we be just a little bit upset that no research is being done on possible side effects? That we just take Big Pharma at its word? Seriously?

Everyone gets their knickers all in a twist because certain breakfast cereals may contain a Round-Up ingredient — yet no one seems to care when we pump this same dangerous ingredient into our babies’ bloodstreams? What’s up with that?

And we are all sternly warned not to cook with aluminum foil due to health risks — and yet aluminum is still a major preservative in those vaccines that are shot right into our helpless babies’ veins on the very day they are born and then for the rest of their lives — but nobody seems to mind about that either? We live in a very strange world.

But even if Congress actually did force Big Pharma to finally allow science to actually do any research on the side-effects of vaccines’ preservatives — and even if this research did prove that Round-Up, aluminum and formaldehyde actually did have side-effects when shot directly into the human bloodstream, none of this research would effect me. I’m safe. Your babies aren’t safe. You yourself aren’t safe. But I am. I’ll never be required to get another shot. Or be guilt-tripped, shamed or brainwashed into getting any more shots either.

Vaccine fillers and preservatives are truly the gifts that keep on giving — to Big Pharma only, over 60 billion dollars in profits recently. But all we get are…shot.

Shouldn’t we be doing something about this disaster? If nothing else, for instance, let’s demand that pharmaceutical companies invent vaccines we can swallow instead of getting shot with. Chocolate flavored vaccines? Sure, why not.

PS: Let’s suppose, just suppose for one minute, that the rapid increases in all these miserable diseases that currently effect us actually are the result of all those yucky fillers and preservatives gleefully administered to you in a constant life-long parade of vaccine shots? Drug companies would be (and are) totally delighted with that situation too. Now almost every single red-blooded American in this great land will now constantly require ADHD medications, eczema creams, Alzheimer pills, heart medications and on and on and on. Endlessly. Drug profits through the roof! Better run out and buy stock.

PPS: I actually have done some of my own personal (sort of) scientific research on this subject. For instance, one of my daughters received the MMR vaccine and immediately developed eczema — which she still has to this day, 30 years later. Yuck.

Further personal research:  I also gotta confess that I actually did get vaccinated a few more times — with disastrous results.  When I went into the Peace Corps back in 2009, they forced me to get a whole bunch of shots. “Either that or you go home.” Oh. Okay. Just like all those thousands of American soldiers who were forced to get all kinds of shots during Bush Senior’s dirty little Gulf “war” — and who later got all kinds of horrible life-long reactions as a result.

The good news? Thanks to the Peace Corps I am now theoretically protected from catching rabies, hepatitis A and B, meningitis, diphtheria and tetanus — plus I also shot up with vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella and polio (which I’d already had) for good measure. The bad news? I passed out cold after each shot — and then became so disoriented over the next few months that they had to ship me back home anyway.  It was almost like having Altzheimers — or being autistic.

June 27, 2019

Reproductive freedom: Let’s stop calling it “abortion”

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I was mindlessly channel-surfing through a bunch of TV stations the other day when suddenly there was this rabid televangelist sternly haranguing me about the holy sanctity of life before birth and also the holy sanctity of life once we get too old to do anything else but just lie around in a coma. “Abortions and do-not-resuscitate directives are anathema,” he screamed at me. But all the rest of us between birth and the ICU are fair game? Apparently so.

Drop bombs on us, ambush us on school playgrounds, make our food radioactive, drown us with floods and tornadoes and sea-level rises, drive our veterans to mass suicide, frack our water supply, starve our children, deprive us of life-saving healthcare — hey, that’s okay. Just as long as nonviable fetuses and comatose elders are safe.

Why do so many Americans think like that today? That the teachings of Jesus strictly apply to the unborn and the undead — but not to the rest of us?

And while we still are on this unpleasant topic, let’s also talk about the word “abortion”. That is such an ugly and heartless word. Let’s give it another, kinder, gentler, more humane name. Let’s call it “Reproductive Freedom” instead.

For my grandmother’s generation, there was no reproductive freedom at all. No choices other than a diaphragm or a condom, both of which were hard to get. Or a coat hanger. Or being forced to raise a dozen unwanted children and then finally die in childbirth. Or die trying to avoid it. “Keep them barefoot and pregnant.” My grandmother herself ended up having a “nervous breakdown” after her husband died in a flash flood and she was left with three young children to raise all by herself.

And also there’s the sad case of my great-grandmother who had given birth to ten children by the age of 36. I have a photograph of her and eight of her kids (more to come, unfortunately). And she already looks like hell, frankly — a haunted and scary hell. Old beyond her years. No facelifts for her!

I myself had never planned to have children. After graduating from college, I went into the Peace Corps and then planned to attend graduate school after that. But with no easy access to birth control…. “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

But that was then. Not now. Yet. Back to the future. Let’s take a closer look at all those present-day guys who are working so hard to eliminate reproductive freedom for women — men like the above-named televangelist. Those very same guys who fight so hard to protect their own freedoms? Freedom to use our beloved flag as an excuse to throw helpless babies into concentration camps? Freedom to demand open-carry of semi-automatic weapons? Freedom to get all pissed off if they might be deprived of their right to bomb Iran and start World War 3?

And yet these very same grumpy old men are absolutely the first ones to deny us women of our own right to freedom. “No reproductive freedom for you!” They want all us women to look like my great-grandmother — before we even reach age 40? So they can have the freedom to dump us and go hunt for a new trophy wife?

That sucks eggs.

PS:  I will be visiting Philadelphia from July 9 to July 16.  What the freak does one do in the City of Brotherly Love besides touring the Liberty Bell?  Did W.C. Fields get it right?  “On the whole, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.”  And  I’ll also be attending the annual Netroots Nation convention there and staying in a fourth-floor walk-up in Chinatown.  That will be a hecka lot of stairs.  I hate stairs.

     I’m sincerely hoping that my favorite presidential candidates will all be speaking at the convention — just to make W.C. Fields jealous.  Tulsi Gabbard is my favorite candidate. She is totally pro-peace and would make a great soldier-president.  The prez we have now avoided the draft.  Tulsi served her country and is still serving in the national Guard.

     And speaking of presidents and changing the tropes that we call stuff by, I.C.E’s ghastly holding pens for babies and children at our southern border have gone far beyond just labeling them “concentration camps” — and even past calling them “Gulags”.  No, it’s gone beyond that.  We can now officially call it “Genocide”.  According to the UN Genocide Convention, “When one group forcibly transfers the children of one group to another group” and/or practices “institutionalized neglect,” that group is deliberately committing genocide.

     It’s time to stop all this horror.  Americans need to stop acting like Nazis — where only the unborn are safe.



June 24, 2019

NYC’s new 9-11 Museum: Where is all the melted stuff?

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Here’s something I didn’t actually realize until I was actually inside of the National 9-11 museum in Lower Manhattan — that this impressive new museum is actually built on the actual site of this dreadful catastrophe. It’s an extremely well-designed museum that will overpower your heart with sad emotions and make even the most veriest skeptic start to tear up.

But despite all its profound emotion-generating capabilities, the museum itself fails to answer my most basic question. “Where is all the melted stuff?”

I saw battered stuff, broken stuff, blown up stuff, tragic stuff and awe-inspiringly heroic stuff — but nothing that was actually melted.

We Americans have been told again and again and again that the burning fuel from the jet planes caused a whole bunch of six-inch-thick steel girders to melt from the heat, thus causing both towers to collapse.

Inside the museum, they showed us lots of steel girders. They showed us lots of huge steel beams and lots of gigantic steel pillars. And I looked very closely at each and every one of them. No sign of melting at all. Where was the wax-candle effect that we’ve been told about constantly for the last 19 years? Coulda fooled me.

Maybe it was just me but the entire museum seemed to be designed and constructed to un-intentionally refute everything that we had been told for so long about all that melted steel. The museum’s exhibits themselves seemed to be working very hard to convince us that our leaders’ national narrative about what happened on September 11, 2001 was only a construct, a mythology solely designed to drag America into 19 gruesome years of Endless War (so far) — and thus fleece our pockets. “Mission accomplished”.

Surely I couldn’t be the only one who happened to notice the extreme lack of melted stuff at this museum? Apparently I am.

But with regard to our great sorrow for the victims of this terrible catastrophe that was generated by all the individual photos of the victims and by a Vietnam-memorial-style wall listing all of their names? That was so tragically real. We were all crying by the time we left the museum. It had been clearly designed to create those sad emotions. Deliberately mis-directing our anger away from reality and off into sadness? You be the judge.

But after having visited this museum, I now have no problem imagining the bottomless sorrow that millions of people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Gaza, Libya, etc. must be feeling as well. They too have suffered their own 9-11s, almost daily — thanks to us.

PS: How many and various false-flag “wars” have been shoved down our patriotic American throats over the years? Let me count the ways. “Remember the Maine.” And just who exactly really started that brutal war on Korea? Huge lies about the Gulf of Tonkin incident? Add that to the list.

Bin Laden in Afghanistan. WMDs in Iraq. Libya needed to be rescued for “Humanitarian Reasons” and now it too is a failed state. “Rebels” in Syria who are actually al Qaeda operatives who get paid by the Saudis and weaponized by NATO. Occupied Gaza sent firecrackers over the Zionist border — which we are told were practically ICBM missiles and so Gaza must be taught a lesson by raining thousands of tons of white phosphorus down on its hospitals and schools. Yemen’s on fire because of…I forget what. So Wall Street can sell more weapons to the Saudis? “Duh, yeah.”

And now there’s this new mysterious drone strike on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. Wait, what? Which country routinely uses drones? Hint: It’s not Iran. But, hey. America got its dirty little war after the USS Maine lie. America got its dirty little war after the Tonkin lie. America got its dirty little war after the WMD lie. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But do the rest of us want a dirty little war on Iran too? Hopefully not.

Most of us here in the USA are finally starting to realize (I hope) that American troops and resources are already stretched too thin. Thousands of our troops are currently stationed next to Venezuela and inside Syria, Afghanistan and about 800 other places around the world, including our own southern border. Geez Louise. Exactly how many sons and daughter do we even have left to send off to “war” on Iran too?

Maybe it’s time that we ourselves start protecting both our own sons and daughters and everybody else’s sons and daughters from being victims of future 9-11s all over the world. Because Wall Street and War Street sure aren’t gonna do it for us. Let’s start by voting for pro-peace candidates like Tulsi Gabbard.


June 15, 2019

More thoughts on Ellis Island: Looking forward, not back…

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After my recent visit to Ellis Island, I sometimes find myself actually starting to feel jealous of all those poor downtrodden immigrants coming to America — both in days gone by and right now. From yesterday’s Ellis Island to today’s southern border, these hopeful immigrants have all arrived here either by escaping from horrid 19th-century shtetls and 20th-century concentration camps in Europe, from that modern-day American-made nightmare in Honduras or from the squalid ICE-run concentration camps of Texas, Oklahoma or Mississippi.

Why? Why should I envy them? The poorest of the poor? The very meekest on earth?

Why? Because these poor, tattered and vulnerable immigrants living at the very bottom of humanity’s social scale all possess something precious that the rest of us either don’t have or have lost long ago: A reason, a purpose, a destination for their lives — and it’s not just to buy the latest iPhone or to make the next trip to Walmart or to spend hours online hating on anyone who doesn’t look exactly like them.

These immigrants have true grit — they are not just dogs in a manger, stuck in some rut where materialism is God, sucking up to their bosses, happily throwing the teaching of Jesus or even basic morality out the window if it causes even the slightest blister in their shoes — souls filled with xenophobia, parroting every racist or corporatist lie they hear on TV, becoming mere dollar-store imitations of real men and women with actual beating hearts.

Like their European, Afghan, Iraqi, Libyan, Syrian, Palestinian, Yemeni, African and American Indian counterparts before them, these modern-day immigrants from Honduras have been forced the hard way to know what is true and what’s not. To quote the indomitable Mma Ramotswe, “They have a point to their lives.” What is our point? We can only make Endless War for so long — before the entire world falls apart. Is that our point?

Americans blindly look backwards to the imaginary wonderland of the 1950s, back when so many of us had been disingeniously rubber-stamped into an assembly-line conformity dominated by the Cold War and Joe McCarthy constantly telling us to “keep your mouth shut.”

Immigrants from Honduras are on the move today, looking northward in search of the ideals of American “Democracy” and American “Freedom” that they have been constantly told about — while most Americans who are already supposed to be living the dream are now all looking backward toward a dream that never was. Looking back to the days when their financial security came at a very steep price — the price of Freedom and Democracy. “Keep your nose to the grindstone and your mouths shut.”

Americans have come to believe their own myths. Instead of the truth. This is never a good thing.

But now it’s time for us too, like the Hondurans and all the other immigrants to America before them, to throw everything that we can, especially “our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor,” into also seeking true democracy. True freedom. Can Hondurans find this heroic Declaration of Independence hidden away in some American concentration camp on our southern border? Maybe. Can we ourselves find it in Washington DC or at Walmart? Definitely not.

Americans can never ever experience a true democracy or live in true freedom — not in a country where we have concentration camps at our southern borders, where any kind of planned parenthood is not allowed, where we are constantly being mugged and frisked by the new income tax laws, where voter suppression is rampant, where we go into individual bankruptcy because we believe that TV commercials are more important than the Eye of a Needle and into national bankruptcy because our imperialistic military machine is stretched too thin because all our savings and future hopes and dreams are swallowed up by Death Eaters waging “Endless War” and where we all know for sure that the NSA is reading our mail.

Both our Honduran asylum-seekers of today and the ghosts of our Ellis Island survivors back in the day have one thing in common. They have nothing to lose — and yet they still have hope. I’m so jealous of that. But we Americans? We have already lost all that — and yet we don’t even know that it’s gone.

Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world. And while you’re at it, please buy my books.


June 12, 2019

Ellis Island: Why it’s even more relevant today

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When I visited Ellis Island recently, there was a huge sign over the main exhibit hall telling me that their featured permanent exhibit was entitled “The Peopling of America”. Think about that for a minute. “The Peopling of America.” Who could possibly resist visiting an exhibit where the word “People” is used as a verb? Certainly not me.

Only a tiny first part of this gigantic exhibit even causally mentioned that perhaps there might have been a few indigenous people who happened to live here before the settlers from Europe showed up and murdered most of them. But then the extensive exhibit got down to brass tacks and began to tell us the story of how the real “Peopling” of America began — once those pesky Indians had been shoved out of the way.

Since Columbus arrived, according to this exhibit, the “Peopling of America” had been a good thing. Even all those poor tired unwashed non-English-speaking 19th-century immigrants yearning to breathe free who had landed on Ellis Island with their hearts in their throats had been a good thing — even though the settlers already here clearly didn’t think so.

But now, apparently, the “Peopling of America” is over. According to Washington DC, I.C.E. and the U.S. Border Patrol, America has now become all “Peopled” up. No more room at the inn. No vacancy. Sorry. Go away. Or die.

As far as I can tell, this is why the current Euro-centric “People” of America today seem to be so terribly afraid of our new immigrants — that maybe karma really indeed is a bitch. They’re afraid that what goes around comes around. That just as their ancestors had “Peopled” the American Indian to near extinction? They are now afraid that their own Euro-centric arses are gonna also get “Peopled” to near extinction too by this next wave of immigrants from Latin America — immigrants who are only following the trail of their stolen treasures back to the very thieves who stole them. And that would be us.

And now we are seeing a whole new set of Ellis-Island clones springing up all along America’s southern borders — but these new ones are far more crueler and meaner and low-spirited than the original Ellis Island ever was. Not just facilities for clearing new immigrants but actual concentration camps.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Americans do not need to behave like Nazis. It doesn’t have to be “us verses them”. All humans are valuable. Did not Jesus teach us that? These asylum-seekers at our southern border need to be viewed as resources, as gifts — not just another new wave of greedy settlers come to “People” over us too just like our murderous ancestors brutally “Peopled” over the American Indians back in the day.

Let’s finally change history, make amends, welcome these new immigrants, start a new trend — and do the courageous things now that our ancestors were too set on genocide to even consider.

PS: I gotta admit that the Ellis Island cafeteria did serve an excellent old-fashioned roast beef dinner — and it was cheap too. Plus the ferry ride over from lower Manhattan was totally fun.


June 6, 2019

Morgan Library & Hudson Yards: Two NYC landmarks built off the misery of others

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I clearly love everything about books — so imagine my delight when someone told me about the historic Morgan Library in midtown Manhattan. I was there in a flash. And it was awesomely beautiful too. Just imagine a vaulted sanctuary such as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel — only also lined with tiers and tiers of bookcases stuffed with rare and beautiful leather-bound books containing all the wisdom of the ages. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” I was in hog heaven!

“But….” And, yes, there’s always gotta be a but….

At the very back of my consciousness, I kept hearing a niggling small voice that kept telling me, “You know, of course, that all this fabulous splendor was built upon the backs of the misery, starvation and death of thousands of 19th-century American workers who were impoverished and practically enslaved by J.P. Morgan, the Robber Baron himself, right?”

“Oh shut up Jiminy Cricket and just let me enjoy the moment.” But my conscience just wouldn’t shut up.

Another one of the many other fabulous things to do in New York City is to walk the High Line, an amazing park-in-the-sky lovingly created by local volunteers who have turned some old elevated train tracks into a tree-lined pathway from 14th Street up to 34th Street. I went there next. Trees are beautiful too, right?

“But….” And, yes, there’s always gotta be a but.

At the end of the High Line I also discovered the luxurious Hudson Yards office-complex-and-mall. Another thing of great beauty. And the “Stores at the Yard” were all selling beautiful high-end stuff like Chanel, Cartier, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Gucci, Coach and Dior. Who the freak can even afford to buy stuff like that? Certainly not me. I shop at free boxes, flea markets and the Goodwill. But somebody must be doing their shopping there. I couldn’t even imagine who.

And another thing about the Hudson Yards that just screamed out “Conspicuous Consumption” was the huge amounts of wasted space there. Atriums and terraces and vaulted corridors were everywhere, right there on prime-time mid-Manhattan real estate — real estate worth hundreds of dollars a foot. Real estate that could have housed hundreds if not thousands of tents for the myriad homeless families of New York.

Jiminy Cricket then went on to underscore his point. “Back in the 19th century, robber barons like Morgan and Rockefeller and Carnegie created their castles of dreams on the backs of starving and dying American workers like our great-grandfathers. And now it is clear that, here in the 21st century, there is a whole new set of robber barons who are creating all this insane wealth as well — only this time these castles of dreams like the Hudson Yards are being created over the dead bodies of murdered babies in Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.”

Yep, my conscience is right. What good is awesome and extreme beauty if its very roots lie in the extreme swamps of inhuman heartlessness and greed? The one cancels out the other. How can anyone with any good conscience at all shop at the Hudson Yards, knowing that their extreme wealth mostly derives from manufacturing and selling deadly weapons of mass destruction — to be used to massacre babies in far-away places like Yemen and Gaza and Syria and Iraq? How can these people even sleep at night?

And how can we Americans continue to let them?

To quote Dwight D. Eisenhower, “A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.” Let’s do whatever we can to stop our leaders from continuing to trudge down their current sad, immoral and decadent path to a beautiful future for them — at the price of a living Hell for the rest of us.


Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world. And while you’re at it, please buy my books.


June 3, 2019

My (not so) excellent adventure with propaganda at the United Nations in NYC

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How many times have you been told straight-up lies to your face? Been told them so many times that you actually start to believe them? “Yes, Santa Claus will bring you lots of presents down the chimney, kid. Now shut up and put out those damn cookies and milk.”

I had that very same experience a few days ago — right in front of the United Nations building in New York. I saw a small group of people standing in front of the iconic UN building and waving a huge Syrian flag. “Those are my kind of people!” I thought. Having been to Syria and having kept up with all the lies we’ve been fed about their president being a bad guy, I was delighted to see protestors who were actually and finally bringing Truth to Power.

Boy was I wrong!

Those people were paid protestors, hired by Lord-Knows-Who to spread lies about Syria’s President Assad. “Assad is a baby-killer!” They screamed. Er, no. Americans are the ones who have been murdering babies-for-oil in Syria since 2011, and in the whole Middle East for decades as well.

“But Assad is a hero in Syria!” I told them. “They love him there — because Assad has kept Syria from becoming another Libya.” But the protestors just shoved an obviously-Photo-Shopped leaflet in my hand and that was that. How can I even begin to fight propaganda like that? I mean — seriously? PhotoShop? Me? I can barely figure out how to turn off and on my computer let alone turn out professional-quality stuff like that. This was CIA-quality stuff!

Sadly, I just shook my head and went back into the UN gift shop. What else could I do?

I know! I’ll go over to the Syrian ambassador’s office and try to cheer him up! Good idea — except the ambassador wasn’t home. But I did talk to one of his aides. “I’m so sorry that Syria has to go through all this,” I told him, “just because nobody here believes that this whole tragedy is simply a result of American corporations being greedy for yet more oil.” Yet again. Remember when they lied like a rug to us about Iraq?

And remember when Trump ordered the bombing of Damascus in retaliation to the Douma chemical attack, supposedly ordered by Assad? Well, it turns out that America’s “rebels” (aka al Qaeda) were the ones responsible, not Syria. “I apologize on behalf of my country,” I told the aide.

By this time I had tears in my eyes at the thought of all those dead Syrian babies — murdered by us, not them. And the aide almost had tears in his eyes too. But what could we do? For eight long bloody years now, Syria’s ambassador has gotten up in front of United Nations delegates regularly and begged them to stop America, ISIS, Turkey, the Zionists and the Saudis from destroying his country — looking like poor Haile Selassie back in 1936, futilely begging the League of Nations for help that would never come.

I guess that all I can do now is to just to keep on keeping on — keep on refusing to eat all the lies we are constantly being fed. A buffet of lies. A smorgasbord of lies. A bistro full of lies. A lie-filled comida. And to stop digesting all those other multi-lingual lies we are constantly being served up by our global corporate minders like they were milk and cookies. Sigh.

May 19, 2019

Gone Girls: The American South’s next Great Migration

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Who knew that America’s Red States would stay so doggedly attached to their jankity old Jim Crow laws? “Nothing to see here, folks. Time to move on.” But apparently that’s never gonna happen. That sort of retro mentality below the Mason-Dixon line should have ended for good after the Great Migration left much of the South without skilled labor and the freedom struggles of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement gave Blacks in the Deep South the courage to stand up for their own rights, right? “No more Jim Crow for us!” they cried.

But apparently Jim Crow isn’t dead in the Ol’ South quite yet.

Apparently Southern radicals just couldn’t bear to leave it like that. “What would Jesus do? He’d look around for another vulnerable group to oppress!” their pastors shouted heretically from the pulpit. And Southern Man, bless his heart, became so bereft of people to look down his nose at that he started searching for yet another defenseless group of victims to feel superior to, stereotype and abuse.

It used to be Black people at the very bottom rung of the socio-economic ladder south of the Mason-Dixon line — but now the new Untouchables in the Cotton Belt are…wait for it…women!

And so now another Great Migration has also begun in the American South. Southern Belles by the hundreds are currently packing up their hoop skirts and contraceptives and moving up to the Blue States.

Pretty soon the new Alabama will become like the new China — resembling those parts of the Flowery Kingdom today where the ratio of men to women is 100 to one, and Chinese wannabee grooms are being forced to buy brides from Thailand, Myanmar and Pakistan. What? Southern men are soon going to be forced to import their brides from Honduras?

Pretty soon we are going to discover that Southern female asylum-seekers have absolutely flooded New York and Chicago. And California will once again become known as a Sanctuary State — but this time for giving refuge to fleeing Steel Magnolias. And Alabama will have to beg President Trump to build them a Wall too — just to keep their Crimson-Tide ladies from rolling away.

May 16, 2019

Blitzkrieg: London, Pearl Harbor, Gaza, Yemen

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On the night of September 7, 1940, the Nazi Luftwaffe began a inhumanly murderous bombing blitz on the helpless city of London. For the next eight terror-filled months, death from the skies continued to rain down on heroic British citizens every single night, night after horrific night — and yet the plucky British still managed to keep a stiff upper lip and even go on about their business during daylight hours, each one knowing full well that each day could be their very last.

Archibald Macleish wrote a tribute to Edward R. Murrow, the gutsy American reporter who broadcasted from London to America, on the radio night after night, making the horrors of what the Nazis were doing to London vividly known to the American people. “You have destroyed the superstition that what is done beyond 3000 miles of water is not really done at all,” wrote Macleish.

Night after night, month after month, Winston Churchill and the people of London endured Hitler’s terrible and deadly bombing raids. Americans held their breath. Would the valiant and defenseless Londoners even survive yet another night of these brutal attacks?

But how come the citizens of London during Hitler’s horrific blitz of monstrous destruction are such gritty and stoic heroes — and yet the citizens of Yemen and Gaza are not?

And then there came Pearl Harbor — and Americans suddenly knew first-hand what such horrors were actually like. On just one sunny Sunday morning in lovely Hawaii, 2403 Americans were murdered in cold blood by yet another evil blitzkrieg from the skies. Americans went into paroxysms of indignation and and outrage and grief. “Stop this horror!” they cried.

And yet heroic Yemeni have endured this very same type of nightmare blitzkrieg from the Saudis night after night for years now. And the citizens of Gaza have too. Yet where are America’s modern-day Edward R. Murrows? And where is America’s indignation and outrage and grief for this heinous slaughter? “Oh. Them. They are only Muslims. They can’t be heroes, They can’t feel pain. They don’t count.” And the lethal and cruel bombs that are dropped on Yemen and Gaza each horrific night are not being manufactured and supplied by Tojo or Hitler — but by the good old USA.

That’s just evil, cold-hearted and mean.

And anyone who has ever survived the ruthless attacks on London and Pearl Harbor will have to agree that the people of Yemen and Gaza are being heroic as well — to endure the exact same torture night after night. To quote Edward R. Murrow himself, “How long these people will stand up to this sort of thing I don’t know, but tonight they’re magnificent.”

The very same thing can be said about the heroic men, women and children of Gaza and Yemen. And we Americans? The same thing can be said about us that was said about Hitler and Tojo. Do we really want to be linked with these two evil and greedy colonialist monsters in future history books as well? If not, then perhaps it’s time to pull the plug on our own evil Luftwaffe and our own greedy blitzkrieg on defenseless civilians “beyond 3000 miles away”.

PS: John Bolton is currently acting like he seriously wants to become the next Hermann Goering. Let us just hope that Philadelphia and Charleston don’t also become the next Dresden too — or the next Hiroshima.

Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world. And while you’re at it, please buy my books.


May 8, 2019

Toad venom: They don’t call it the God Molecule for nothing!

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Many years ago I visited Zacatecas, an old colonial silver-mining town in northern Mexico with lots of historic architecture and stuff. And a strange thing happened to me back in Zacatecas as well. I met a young Mexican man named Vicente who belonged to some unpronounceable Native American tribe up near the US-Mexico border.

I had forgotten all about Vicente and my experiences in Zacatecas until the other day when I found an old wooden box containing my photos from back then. Here is the story of my encounters with Vicente. How could I possibly have forgotten about this!

Vicente was selling small bead-work craft items on the street in front of my guest house when I met him. “I’m on my way to the Feria de San Marcos in Aguascalientes,” he said, “to sell toad venom gathered by mis amigos in the northern desert.” Yuck! “Would you like to try some? It will change your world.”

Change my world? Who could possibly resist such an offer. “Sure.”

You gotta remember that I was a young beatnik back then, it was a different time, LSD was still legal in the United States, there were no iPhones to distract folks with cat videos — and I was pretty much up for anything that might make me spiritual and wise. I inhaled the venom. I passed out cold. I saw visions. I was floating. I became an angel, a goddess. I saw colors and rainbows and stars. I loved this stuff!

I found out later that toad venom is called the “God Molecule” — clearly for a good reason.

That whole experience took about 45 minutes and then I was once again suddenly back on planet Earth — and equipped with the firm realization that my life was going in the right direction, that things were lovely and that I needed to keep up working for Peace on Earth. “Let’s do this again!”

Then there was the second time that I took toad venom. A totally different story altogether. It was like a dress rehearsal for Death. The best way to explain this experience was through the acronym P.A.N.D.A.

First I was physically Paralyzed. Couldn’t move a muscle. Just laid there. My brain was fully engaged but nothing else worked.

Second, I was given the clear realization that I was all Alone in this world. Period. No backup. No friendly friends, no family — just me.

Third, it became crystal-clear that I had No future. “Not even any?” I asked the toad. Nope. None.

Fourth, I was visited by Death itself. And death was a good thing, absolutely nothing to be afraid of. And on the other side of Death there lay a beautiful magical kingdom, Heaven, the Big Rock Candy Mountain, the Pure Land. “Wow!”

And, last, I found myself floating up through the stars, At one with the universe.

A half-hour later, I was back on this planet — and much, much, much wiser. “But Vicente,” I asked. “Isn’t all this exactly what a toad might want me to think — right before it eats me? Paralyzed, alone, with no future, not afraid of Death?”

Vicente just laughed and thought I was cute. He went back on the road to the fair and I went back to the Lower East Side where I was living at the time — feeling both more spiritual and a little bit wiser.

Maybe it’s time that we also gave our current government leaders in Washington some toad venom as well. It could either make them more spiritual and wiser — or else toads might come and eat them up too. P.A.N.D.A. But this would be a fate they totally deserve for being so ugly, greedy and evil — for starting all those endless and stupid “wars” for fun and profit, lying about almost everything and stealing food out of our babies’ mouths. Yep, let’s do it. The God Molecule don’t like ugly!

PS: Things have changed a lot since rmy trip to Zacatecas. No one in America today seems to be even the slightest bit interested in becoming either more spiritual or wiser. And for those of us who do try our best to become more like Christ or Buddha? We have no media megaphone at all — and in fact the screws on us are getting tighter and tighter. All too many of us are ending up in jail just for speaking the truth.

I just heard a talk by an author who, in desperation, had to turn to comic books and graphic novels to get his point across to Americans — that we are being used and abused by the non-spiritual and definitely un-wise dolts in DC who are currently at the top of their wicked pyramid scheme to steal our country’s wealth. The other author on the platform talked about weaving her heroine’s fight against disaster capitalism into her romance novels. Harlequin Romances goes rogue? Apparently so.

Perhaps they should also start making wiser and more spiritual cat videos too!

Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world. And while you’re at it, please buy my books.


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