July 26, 2021

“Your mom is so Berkeley”: Techies & Fear Porn arrive at the capital of Free Speech

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     I no longer have to travel to the ends of the earth in order to report on the news.  Sadly, the news now reports to me.  I don’t even have to get on an airplane.  News is no longer happening in far away places any more.  News is now happening right down the street.  Fear porn has arrived in Berkeley, California.

     Back in the 1960s, Berkeley used to be home of the Free Speech Movement.  People demanding free speech?  That was big news.  And then it wasn’t.  Once again, people started believing everything they read in the newspapers.  I had to travel to Iraq or North Korea or Honduras or Uganda to get a good story.  But now the Big Stories are right back here in Berkeley.

     Back in the day, we all used to make up really funny “Your mom is so Berkeley” jokes.  “Your mom is so Berkeley that when she got arrested for protesting the war on Vietnam, she had to hock her macrame in order to make bail.”  That sort of thing.  Boy, things have really changed.

     Here are some of our latest “Your mom is so Berkeley” jokes — except that they aren’t funny any more.
     “Your mom is so Berkeley that she now works for both FaceBook and Google, lives in a tiny little house below San Pablo Avenue that cost one million dollars two years ago and is so afraid of a virus with a 0.07% death rate that, even after 500 days in forced lock-down, she still wears her face mask to bed every night.
“Your mom is so Berkeley that she only works from home, never leaves her house, has her groceries delivered by Amazon, thinks that Dr. Fasci is a saint and not just a tool of Big Pharma, believes that if getting one Shot will keep her safe, then getting three or five Shots will keep her even safer, and strongly believes that Joe Biden never has a Senior Moment where he misplaces his car keys and the nuclear football.

     “Your mom is so Berkeley that she believes everything she is told on the evening news.”

May be an image of 2 people, cat and text that says 'DAY 490: ARE BIG PHARMA AND BIG TECH FINALLY TIRED OF PLAYING CAT-AND-MOUSE MOUSE WITH US? UH; NO.'



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July 19, 2021

An indigenous ceremony: My totally noisy night in a quiet countryside

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     Yes, this is yet another proposed chapter in my future book entitled “2020: My Year of Living Dangerously During the Lock-Down”.  It’s probably not gonna be a best-seller but I’ve had fun remembering this very weird year (and a half).

      We are now on Day 490 of the lock-down.  Are Big Pharma and Big Tech finally tired of playing cat-and-mouse with us?  Uh, no.  The elite at Davos actually referred to us peons as “hackable animals”.  My home town just re-established its harsh lock-down policies once again, all because of a variant with a 0.02% death rateSo much fun!
March 26, 2021:  I am so ready for this!  Another sacred indigenous getting-to-know-nature ceremony starts tomorrow.  What will happen this time?  What will I learn?  What great form of enlightened knowledge will the sacred Mother grant me?  What visions will I see?  I can hardly wait!
March 27, 2021:  A friend picked me up and off we went, into the very heart of California’s never-ending Central Valley farmland.  “You are supposed to fast for a day before the ceremony,” the shaman told us — but when we pulled into a roadside gas station near Oakdale, there was a sign saying “Homemade Ice Cream”.  I couldn’t resist.  Strawberry.  Two scoops.  My bad.

     At twilight we pulled up in front of an isolated farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere, spread out our sleeping bags and settled in for a wonderful night of visions and dream quests far away from the Big City bustle and roar.  Out in the peace, quiet and fresh earthy smells of a farmland countryside?  Not quite.  No idealized pastoral scene here.  Not even close.  That bubble just popped.

     The indigenous ceremony was lovely.  The shaman softly played drums and sang healing chants with kindness and grace, strongly empowering us with ancient indigenous ways.  About 30 of us then settled peacefully back into the oncoming quiet of nighttime under quiet stars and a silent full moon.
     Turns out that our ritualized slumber party was being staged right next to a rather large dog kennel — right on the other side of the fence next to us.  20 feet away.  Big dogs.  Little dogs.  Yapping.  Barking.  Growling.  Howling.  Ferocious, scary, loud.  All.  Night.  Long.  20 feet away.  Crap.
      But wait.  It gets worse.  Right next to the dog kennel was a rather large chicken ranch.  30 feet away.  Apparently chickens never sleep either.  At least the roosters had sense enough to wait until 4:00 am before crowing.  30 feet away.  From me.

     But wait.  There’s more.  On the other side of the dog kennel was a rather large goat barn.  Seriously?  And every time the freaking dogs barked or the freaking roosters crowed, the freaking goats would go crazy too.  Ba.  Ba.  Ba.  All.  Night.  Long.  So much for the peaceful countryside.

     But wait.  More cacophony.  On the other side of the farmhouse were train tracks.  A train whistle blew every two hours.  All night long.  And on the highway next to the train tracks, large 18-wheel trucks also roared by — from twilight to dawn and beyond.
      Plus the woman next to me got sick and threw up.  Often.  A lot.  And the man two sleeping-bags away had grim nightmares and screamed every few hours.  People ate, sang, laughed, cried and got up to pee and poop — which then set the animal farm off even more.  All night long.
     The sacred Mother did not visit me at all this night.  I think that she was too scared.  Can you blame her?  And I got no sleep as well.  So much for the quiet country life.
March 28, 2021:  We drove home on an early Sunday morning, only stopping in Pleasanton to buy coffee at Peets and Fritos at Safeway.

March 31, 2021:  I guess that, upon reflection, I did learn something important during my trip to the Central Valley after all.  “Expect the unexpected.  Life never goes the way that we want it to go.  Be prepared to learn from the bad as well as the good.”  And next time you visit the countryside, bring earplugs.


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July 9, 2021

No skin in the game: Who can we trust to not lie to us?

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      Here is a list of important scientific resources that have been banned on YouTube, Google, Twitter and/or FaceBook.  I’m not talking about conspiracy theorists or fruitcakes here.  These highly-trained science nerds have actually done the actual research, have been punished for speaking out, have no skin in the game and are not serfs to the Grand Illusion.

      Why isn’t anybody else pissed off about all this harmful and dangerous censorship besides me?  Especially when approximately 500,000 American COV$D deaths could have been easily avoided if only we had treated the sick with even freaking vitamin D or Intermectin — instead of waiting until the victims were on death’s doorstep, venting them until they died, and then just shrugging our shoulders and walking away?  I’m furious.  I’m calling these bastards out!  Why aren’t you?

Here’s Bret Weinstein (author of “A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century”) musing on truth, science and censorship in the time of a pandemic, a “My Dinner with Andre” moment:

And Del Bigtree’s Highwire is always a winner if you want scientific truth and entertainment at the same time:

Dr. Zelinko clearly outlines possible catastrophes resulting from The Shot, and also how to minimize damages if you’ve already taken The Shot — a must-watch:

Dr. Ealy is sick and tired of all the lies.  Finally somebody gets pissed off besides me!  Go him!   

Wanna really get into the nuts-and-bolts science of Da Jab?  Dr Caude discusses possible infertility.  She even uses a whiteboard!

 And you just gotta love James Corbett!  What’s really happening in India?
Allison McDowell sees our Big Tech future differently than Bill Gates does — luckily for us:

And of course Big Pharma hates Robert F. Kennedy!  And don’t even get me started on all the gross censorship of what is really happening in the Middle East!

And don’t even get me started on all the gross censorship of what is really happening in the Middle East!  Vanessa Beeley is routinely censored. 

Tim Anderson is routinely censored too.  “There have been at least eight dirty wars against Middle East countries.”  Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, etc.  America is always the aggressor here.  Who knew?

Smoking gun just in:  Dr. Martin stated that the SARS virus was actually patented in the United States many years ago.  Shocker!

Inline imageInline image


July 3, 2021

Syria, Palestine & America: Are there worse things than death?

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     Do you look forward to dying?  Almost nobody does.  Here in America we call it “passing away”.  That’s just chicken-shite.  Death is death.  You pass a math test.  You pass cars on the freeway.  But when you die, you are dead.
     Palestinians know this.  They’ve watched so many people die that they even have a name for it.  “Genocide.”  And yet, even after 75 long miserable years, they still keep on dying rather than submit to a brutal occupation.  Why?  Because for them, death is better than living in chains.
     And the same thing is true of Syrians.  Thousands upon thousands of them have died heroically in order to save their country from brutal invaders.  No one there wants to spend their days living in just another Gaza.  They don’t want to live in chains either.

    And now let’s discuss the plight of Americans — Americans who are neither being tortured, napalmed, imprisoned or starved.  And yet Americans are so afraid of dying that they actually voluntarily chain themselves up.

     After almost 500 days of living in terror of a virus with a 0.07% kill rate and six different effective cures, one would think that Americans would be sick and tired of being enslaved by their own petty fears.  But no.

     Ask yourself, “Why are Americans so afraid of dying — even when they aren’t even in any danger?”  I have no reasonable answer to that question.  Do you?


Almost everything we need to know about COV$D is contained in these videos now posted on Big Gee’s Blog.  And guess what?  You won’t find any of these videos on Google.  No big surprise there.  Censorship is rampant on the Web.   Sigh.

And here’s a moving video statement regarding COV$D by an Australian aborigine master painter:

And last but not least, here’s me singing an improvisational rap song on my 79th birthday. Go, me!


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July 1, 2021

Growing old gracefully: Face creams help but The Shot does not…

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     Google just informed me that “Consumers spend an estimated $382 billion on cosmetics each year.  Skincare products alone will represent a $135 billion market by 2021.”  Wow.  All that money?  Spent just to keep us looking younger?  Seems to me that looking younger must be a pretty important goal here in America, right?

       If this is actually true, then here’s a helpful experiment that each of us can easily try at home.  Look closely at all your friends and neighbors who have been locked down for the past 451 days — and have been given The Shot.  Then report your observations scientifically.  Tell the truth now.  Don’t the subjects of your study mostly look at least three or four years older than they should?  Kind of more gray around the skin tone?  Several more wrinkles near the eyes that didn’t used to be there before?   Be honest here.  Am I right or what.
      So here’s my point.  If it’s important to you to look less old than your age, then spending money on skincare is probably a good idea.  But if you truly want to look younger, then why are you letting Pfizer, Johnson and Moderna be your beauticians?  That makes no sense at all.

PS:  Speaking of old age, I just got back from spending four glorious days in the magnificent Sierra Nevadas — one of the highest mountain ranges on the planet.  And what did I learn?  That these monumental megalithic grand escarpments, higher than any imaginable man-made construct on earth, will be doing just fine in another four billion years from now, long after our current corporate war-mongering technocratic propagandized trans-human artificially-intelligent screwed-up locked-down surveillance states have long been forgotten.

     There’s a moral here somewhere.  “Nature bats last.”  Sorry about that, World Economic Forum.

PPS:  There are 1,671,329 residents in Alameda County where my home in Berkeley is located.  Newly-revised-downward figures just issued by county authorities state that only 1,223 of us died from You-Know-What in all of 2020. That’s only a 0.07% death rate.  On the other hand, 3,092 of us died from diabetes in Alameda County — yet we never locked down McDonalds or CocaCola.  What’s with that?


     When I told a nurse friend of mine what I had just learned about the 0.07% death rate, “That’s wonderful news!” she gushed enthusiastically.  But then I realized that she thought I mean it was 0.07% after over 50% of county residents had received an experimental injection.  Er, no.


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Pee-see-are tests: The smoking gun

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      Like someone screaming “fire” in a crowded theater, all we ever heard throughout the year 2020 was “Cases!  Cases! Cases!”  But were there really all that many actual viral cases out there — or was it mostly just smoke and mirrors?  According to a recent graph supplied to us by the mayor of Berkeley, California, actual deaths from you-know-what amounted to only 0.07% of Berkeley’s population back in 2020 — way before the Pfizer, Moderna & Johnson’s shots were even fired.

     According to the mayor’s graph, deaths from The Virus hovered way down around zero back in 2020 — and yet the number of “cases” last year shot through the roof.  You can’t have it both ways, guys.  Either the virus was deadly or it was not.  And if it really was all that deadly, how come so many PCR tests came back positive — and yet hardly anybody died?  Or even displayed symptoms?

     Obviously, the PCR tests must have been faulty.  If they were not, then most of us would have suffered from runny noses at the very least last year or been stuck in our beds for days if not weeks or would have died — even if “asymptomatic cases” were even a thing.  And here is the actual smoking gun:


 PS:  My research shows that something else of interest is afoot these days regarding COV$D.  Before The Shot became readily available, the evening news called COV$D a horrific deadly pandemic disease, right?  But look at what’s happened to it now that The Shot has (allegedly) saved us from the Grim Reaper.  Now the nomenclature suddenly changed.  Why is that?  Here’s why:


      The Shot is designed to give you a small dose of COV$D, right?  So you take that shot.  And then many of you inexplicably end up with some debilitating respiratory disease that may or may not cause you to die — and this new thing that you have now looks suspiciously like the original COV$D, right?  Only now the evening news tells us that what you have is not a result of taking your shot but is actually only just a mild “summer cold” — even if it kills you.

      Since it has now become inconvenient for Big Pharma to scream “fire” in a crowded theater (again), post-jab COV$D has been degraded to only a summer cold.  “No cases here.  Nobody’s died.  Move along.”  And so we all do move along — even though people are actually dying from The Shot.  Even though our fire exits are blocked.  

     It’s embarrassing to think that every single thing that we’ve done in the past 463 days has been driven by a well-planned Big Pharma public relations campaign.  


Is VAERS deleting the records of people who have been Shot to death?–Replacing-VACCINE-DEATHS-Hugo-Talks–lockdown:c?src=open&r=BDs8q7zJ33C6YN9eZLdx8DwMyNx2gsWg

Is Notorious F.B. deleting the reports of any prominent scientists who don’t support the dominant narrative?  Duh, yeah.

     I shouldn’t include this damning report from Dr. Richard Fleming so as to avoid giving you nightmares and also so I can keep my Notorious F.B. page, but what the hell:

     And then there’s Robert F. Kennedy Jr giving a presentation that I attended in San Jose recently.  The man is a walking encyclopedia of truly true COV$D facts.

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