December 5, 2016

America divided: Red State, Blue State, Deep State…

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I’m still fondly remembering my trip to Disneyland last week, and how everyone there was completely unified by only one goal (or maybe two): To see how many rides they could go on in one day and how to have the most fun.

America should be so lucky as to be this united with regard to political goals as well. Politically, Americans are clearly divided along the lines of Red States and Blue States these days. But there is also a third state in American politics that’s never mentioned (except perhaps by those of us being described by the Washington Post as writing “fake news”). And the third state that I’m talking about here is the Deep State.

But what is different from past American presidential elections (or selections — in the case of George W. Bush) with regard to the 2016 presidential election is that for the first time since perhaps Truman the Deep State seems to be divided within itself too. Most of Wall Street and War Street appear to be Clinton cheerleaders — while the rest of Wall Street and War Street seem to want Trump.

“We like everything Trump’s doing,” they complain, “but he’s just doing it too soon! America isn’t quite ready for our brand of all-out fascism quite yet. They still need a few years to be programmed and trained.” Or else beat into submission. “Clinton has the kinder and gentler touch.”

Make up your mind, guys!

But when the Deep State finally does reach an agreement within its ranks, then the rest of us will get whoever it is that they finally decide on — not who us mere voters seem to want or not want.

Should they support the recount for Clinton, making sure that it goes her way? Or should they wholeheartedly embrace president-elect Trump? Or are they suffering from buyer’s remorse? Apparently so. “We do love Trump, but we just can’t seem to let go of Clinton either,” they mumble to themselves. It’s almost like being on “The Bachelor” — getting down to the last two girls but still not being able to decide which sweetheart is gonna actually get The Rose.

Make up your mind, guys.

Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world. And while you’re at it, please buy my books!


December 4, 2016

“Billy, we blew it …”

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photo 2-1


We were sitting around with the boys by the stove in the general store trying to select the items to use this week in our weekly ‘omage to the “the three dot” journalism stile of column writing because there were so many possible items and the regular readers only have a limited time available to peruse this humble offering.

Here’s how the final choices go:

Joshua Sabatini in a story on page 6 of The San Francisco Examiner issue for November 30, 2016, with the headline “SF considers spending $7M  to block deportations”, informed readers that the funds would be taken from programs for the homeless and transportation.

When photos were published showing President Obama working in the Oval Office in his shirt sleeves, some Republicans objected strenuously because, they said, he was showing disrespect for the presidency. Now that Trump is selling Christmas tree ornaments and mugs that proclaim Let’s Make America Great Again, are voters going to say that huckster tactics help improve the world’s respect for the White House occupant?

Some ant-Trump liberal skeptics have started to fret that if Jeff Sessions become the Attorney General he will not be enthusiastic about recent moves made by voters in several states to legalize medicinal and/or recreational marijuana.

Is it true that an association of pot growers in Northern California plan to build a tourist attraction named “The Hemp Hall of Fame”?

What movies should be honored?  Reefer Madness, of course. Did the movie M*A*S*H have a pot smoking scene?

Is Fantasia the greatest stoner movie of all time?

When Mrs. Clinton, realized on election night, what the final result would be, did she say “Billy, we blew it.”?

If Rowan and Martin were still doing “Laugh In” would they have given a Flying Fickle Finger of Fate award to Jill Stein this week for her recent recount antics?

We were intrigued to hear this week Hunter S. Thompson’s family were implementing plans to enter the emerging legal pot trend  by cloning some products from the famous author’s private stash.

Are Berkeley-based cynics urging that the official theme song for Trump’s Inauguration should be Judy Collins’ “Send in the Clowns”?

Does the Democratic Party have a bullpen of liberal propagandists ready to participate in the gridlocked political partisan debate ?

WTF Dept.:  This Week – The World’s laziest Journalist has been asked to determine what is the value of a 1844 stamp from the American Letter Mail Co.?

Now the disk jockey will play “The Ballad of Easy Rider”, the theme from M*A*S*H and “The Green, Green Grass of Home”.

Have a chill out and get mellow kind of week!

November 29, 2016

Disneyland, the ultimate American melting pot

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There were thousands of happy people at Disneyland last weekend — and not even one of them was thinking about who did or did not win the presidential election this year.

Not only that, but no one there was even thinking, “Hey, gee, the guy sitting next to me on the pirate ride is Black,” or “Why didn’t they build a Wall between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland to keep out Donald Duck,” or even “Throw all those freeloading grandparents off Social Security and send them back to the Haunted Mansion where they belong”.

Everyone at Disneyland was just trying to have fun.

No one I ran into at Disneyland was thinking about bombing the Middle East or whether or not Russia should be hit with nuclear weapons ASAP or even why para-military goon squads are tear-gassing Native Americans at Standing Rock simply for defending their own land.

Families at Disneyland were just having fun. Hell, even I was having fun. Perhaps America could learn something from us.

Perhaps we should be asking the president of Syria if he wanted to have us build Splash Mountain in Aleppo instead of having America waste billions of dollars on weaponizing “moderate rebel” al Qaeda thugs with enough deadly ordinance to blow up Frontierland and then some.

Perhaps we should give Wall Street its very own “Small World” instead of a trillion-dollar bailout at our expense.

Perhaps we could even make America great again by sending everyone inside the DC Beltway off on a “Jungle Cruise”. Or firing our mainstream media into orbit on a “Star Tour”. Or telling the Deep State to go take a running jump off the “Matterhorn”.


Because when given an actual choice, individual average American working-class families like the ones I saw at Disneyland just want to have fun — not be the world’s latest Darth Vader.

There’s a moral here somewhere: The entire world, both large and small, loves America’s cultural stuff — from our ideals of democracy that we never carry through on to our hip-hop stars and movies and pop icons to our technical and medical research to our authors, artists and even down to Mickey Mouse. But nobody in the world loves our armies, deadly weapons, rigged elections, “preemptive” invasions, dictator allies, injustice, corporate greed, media propaganda and economic skullduggery. Nobody.


November 26, 2016

Got Pot?

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After realizing that the Republican’s control the White House, the House of Representatives, the Senate and will soon have a  majority on the Supreme Court of the United States, the World’s Laziest Journalist figured that the market for liberal punditry will soon start evaporating, the time to kick back and to enjoy retirement might have arrived; if after all that, a friend asked if we could donate our talents to an effort to provide content for a website featuring marijuana news, opinions and reviews, for music/books/films, the World’s Laziest Journalist abandoned all thoughts of a carefree respite.

The information arrived that someone is offering pot enhanced doggy treats. What’s next? Rehab facilities who wont stay our of your stash?

What are the possibilities for attention grabbing marijuana oriented photos?  We intend to find out.

Forty years ago a novel titled “Acapulco Gold” envisioned events that would occur when pot inevitably became a legitimate product in a capitalistic society.

Before the election Donald Trump said the process would be a rigged illusion.  Jill Stein and others are questioning the results.What can Americans do? We can ask Trump to endorse the Hemp Revolution.

Isn’t the media frenzy sounding like sour grapes?

(Note: site owner and publisher, Karla Gottschalk, asked if we would be up for an “On the Road”  tour?  The Rolling Stoned Tour? [ Question: can hipsters smoke pot in National Parks? Doesn't Smoky the Bear say "Edibles only, Please"?]))

Over and above donating content, we have been asked to help recruit more writers, editors, videographers and still photographers to help with the endeavor. (Google Hint: WHOIS “marijuana-news dot org”)

The Trump regime will provide Berkeley liberals with a myriad of topics to fret about . There are only 24 hours in each day and not even Houdini could work 24/7.

As various states cope with the legalization of marijuana there should be enough material for many columns with occasional injections of criticism of the Trump revolution in the USA.

What are the 10 Best Pot Songs? The disk jockey will start it off by playing “Puff, the Magic Dragon”, Peter Tosh’s “Legalize it” and Dylan’s “Rainey Day Women”.

Have a “Don’t Bogart that joint, myfriend” type week, to be continued …

November 23, 2016

Trump and Clinton: Who let the dogs out!

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Has anybody but me noticed that Donald Trump, during the 2016 election cycle, has done almost every single thing that he possibly can to antagonize and piss off mainstream American voters? First he came out in favor of Russia, China and Putin. In America, that is a total political no-no!

Trump then presented himself to voters as a racist, misogynist, homophobe and sex fiend. What sane American would possibly vote for that freaky combination? Apparently a lot of us did.

And even after Trump shamelessly waved his horns and tail at our so-called Christian community by disrespecting as many Biblical commandments as he possibly could and breaking the Golden Rule left and right, he still got far more electoral votes from them than Clinton did in the November 8 election (with a little help from gerrymandering, vote-counting fraud and Jim Crow — but still).

Despite the staggering odds against Trump based on his insanely bad-boy behavior, he still actually won the Electoral College vote over Clinton. Why? Apparently because we Americans had become that resentful of Clinton’s war-hawk job-outsourcing neo-con Wall Street insider positions. NAFTA, Libya, Goldman Sachs and all that. “Better the devil you don’t know than the devil you do,” a lot of us said.

But even after Trump accidentally got elected, then what did he do then? He coulda just kept his mouth shut and hunkered down until inauguration day — but no.

Upon winning the election, Trump immediately continued his inexplicably-weird strategy of doing every single thing that he possibly could to still piss Americans off — and even ratcheted up his campaign to be the most hated man in America several notches. Considering John Bolton as SecState? That Strangelove fanatic running our foreign policy? Scary. And Sam Bannon on the transition team? That appointment alone would make AIPAC tear out its hair — and we all know that AIPAC runs America with an iron hand. What is Trump thinking?

Trump’s assumed position against freedom of choice for women has also alienated a good percentage of the female population, both before and after the election. And he’s also gone directly against all that expensive false TV propaganda constantly lying to us about the Middle East, propaganda that has been carefully spoon-fed to us for years at great cost. Hell. He’s even done everything he can to offend the biggest players in America today, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Trump apparently even supports Syria’s President Assad, another big CNN-Fox News-PBS propaganda no-no (support for Assad, as far as I’m concerned, is actually a good thing — but then that’s just my own foolish weakness for justice and truth. But I digress).

Trump apparently also supports that dreadful and dangerous pipeline trying to run through Standing Rock’s sacred sites at the cost of even more Native American pain and suffering — as if Wounded Knee and the Trail of Tears weren’t enough.

Trump seems to be dead-set against climate change, Social Security and healthcare too, and even uses his new bully pulpit to advertise his daughter’s jewelry line. How tacky is that? And talks about cracking down on the internet. And doesn’t even want to reside in the White House. How much worse can it get!

The result of all this weirdly-erratic post-election behavior by our presumptive next Prez? Millions of Americans have now started marching and signing petitions and screaming and yelling — demanding to actually have Clinton back! Compared with Trump, now Clinton (aka Dick Cheney in a pantsuit) is actually starting to look good.

Could there be a pattern here? A method to Trump’s madness? To see just how far he has to go before his pal Hillary finally ends up back in the White House where she and her husband belong? Why else would a man like Trump, who used to be basically a centrist Democrat, who we all knew to be fair and unbiased on “The Apprentice,” suddenly turn into an alt-Right crazy guy? Why would he do such a thing? What is his motivation? What is in it for him? He coulda been a contender!

And then of course my next question would be, “Who let these dogs out?” Who would benefit most if America also got a new “Color Revolution” shoved down its throat like the ones in Ukraine, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan?


November 20, 2016

I am sick right now — literally

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The day before our national elections, I got a tooth pulled. It was a lower right molar, had been festering for a long time and clearly needed to come out — and this is a great analogy for America’s current political situation as well. Everyone wants those festering war-mongering neo-con capitalist bastards in Washington gone too.

But the big difference in this analogy is that my dentist knew which tooth was rotten and which tooth to pull, and then she went about extracting it effortlessly and (almost) painlessly. But on election day in America, we got a whole bunch of teeth pulled — and they weren’t even the ones that hurt.

But then things got even worse — for both America and for me. Being vulnerable after the extraction, I then got sick with the flu. Lots of tossing and turning and coughing and eating oranges and drinking herb tea. Nothing seemed to help. And that also seems to be the state that America is in right now too — nothing helps. Certainly the election didn’t. I’m thinking that America is sort of the same as me right now, sick along with me. Literally.

So. What is going to cure us? Certainly not Clinton or Trump. The only thing that is going to cure America right now is the same thing that is going to cure me — healthy food, lots of bed-rest, courage and being taken care of by kind friends. And, of course, time to heal.

But unfortunately, time in America is rapidly running out.

We Americans also urgently need to start to eat right, get plenty of rest, put up a brave front and, most important, start being kind. Kind to ourselves, kind to our friends, kind to our constituents, kind to our children, kind to other nations and kind to our planet. And Americans need to start this regimen right now if we are ever going to heal.

PS: Where to start? Start by being kind to the person next to you — and the person after that. Be kind to the homeless. Be kind to children. Be kind to people who do not look like you. Be kind to that annoying person down the street. Be kind to yourself. Individual Americans are kind. Never forget about that.

“But what about bullies and ISIS and oligarchs and thieves and crazy people and mean girls and rapists and weapons manufacturers and banksters,” you might ask. Don’t become one of them. Be kind. No matter what the cost. Stand for something.


November 17, 2016

Post-election blues: An outsider once more…

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Back in the 1950s, I was my high school’s only beatnik. Growing up in a conservative town that worshiped Joe McCarthy, a town where even my own mother was president of the DAR, I would silently walk the halls of my high school all dressed in black — alone, disliked and misunderstood. Obviously I escaped first to New York’s Lower East Side and then on to Berkeley as soon as humanly possible.

And now here I am, still in Berkeley, and yet still walking the halls alone. Now people here dislike and misunderstand me too. “You’re stupid, Jane — and a fool. How dare you ever even think that Trump might be better than Clinton?” Hey, my bad. I just figured that Trump’s promise to stop spending a trillion or so bucks every year on pointless “wars” in the Middle East might be a better option for all.

To quote journalist Robert Parry, “Donald Trump must decide – and decide quickly – whether he wants to be a great U.S. President or a robo-signature machine affixing his name to whatever legislation comes from congressional Republicans and a nodding figurehead acquiescing to more neoconservative [failed] foreign policy adventures.”

But now I’m sadly finding out that perhaps Trump is gonna become a neo-con robot after all and waste even more trillions on vicious “wars” in the Middle East. I might have been wrong to believe him. But the price that I am now paying for speaking out on my hopes for finally achieving peace in the Middle East reminds me so much of the price I once paid back in the 1950s for daring to speak out against Joe McCarthy and not just following the herd. It’s that exact same feeling all over again. People still hate me.

PS: Everyone here in California now seems determined to protest against Donald Trump. But that seems just counterproductive and useless. If everyone here truly hates Trump as much as they say, then the brave thing to do would be to secede from the Union — not just sign a few petitions, break a few windows and call me names.

Instead of just blindly mourning the election loss of Hillary Clinton, a career politician who is totally intertwined with America’s malevolent Deep State, why not just leave the Deep State altogether?

PPS: Speaking of California, here’s a link to Rob Hustle’s new rap video, “Good Cop,” wherein I play a dying cancer patient being arrested for using medical marijuana to ease her pain. After this last election, that won’t be happening in California any more.

Beatnik me

November 12, 2016

Trump to the Clintons: “You’re fired!”

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“You’re fired!” declares The Donald. But then the Clintons scream back, “We’re gonna fire your sorry ass first!” And George Soros starts babbling on and on about his famous “Color Revolutions” and how America can become the next Ukraine under his watch.

Donald Trump’s domestic policy may suck eggs — but his foreign policy is spot-on. “Let’s destroy ISIS!” he says. Now that’s an idea whose time has finally come. What good is Hillary’s allegedly-fabulous domestic policy if the Clintons are still off trying to start World War 3 with Russia with all those trillions of dollars that should have been used to fix our bridges and improve our schools.

Rumor even has it that Trump will use his executive powers to re-open the 9-11 investigation. Maybe the Saudis did it after all? Let’s find out.

But forget about the Clintons and Trump — and even Obama. With all their billions, they’ll somehow survive. They’ll do fine. Let’s concentrate on me instead. What do I myself, me, Jane Stillwater, want for me, myself and I? I just want to be happy. But who can be happy when there is a battle of elitist dinosaurs going on in Washington, babies are being blown up in Palestine, Syria and Yemen and there are thousands (if not millions) of homeless Americans — and Americans in debt and Americans without jobs?

“Do unto others as we would have others do unto us,” should be America’s national motto. Forget about E pluribus unum. Who the freak cares if out of Many came One — if that one is a power-mad off-the-rails country that kills women and children for breakfast and devours its poor huddled masses for lunch.

“Life is a competition and the winners are the ones who do the most good deeds.” We should follow this concept too — because being the Queen of Chaos or being a bailed-out bankster or using paramilitary goons to smash water protectors or regulating who can vote and who can have babies? These are definitely not the ways to be happy.

CLARIFICATION: I’d rather not have Trump in the White House either but…it still annoys me that there are huge numbers of Lefties out there who would never ever vote for Kissinger or GWB yet absolutely salivated to vote for a candidate with the exact same foreign policy as them — and then take to the streets when their Kissinger-wannabe wasn’t elected. How many of us took to the streets because Dr. Stein lost the race?

DSCN0688 - Copy (2)

November 11, 2016

Return of The Great White Father?

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Before Matt Drudge and Alex Jones called a win for Donald Trump, at about 10 pm Pacific, a pioneer hippie posted a comment on the Trump app saying “Congratulations, Mr. President.”

Subsequent efforts by the aforementioned individual to contact the Trump transition team to apply for a chance to be a part of the new bipartisan roster have been inconclusive.

Pundits who tried to explain the anti-Trump protesting by students in the San Francisco Bay Area ignored the pragmatic explanation that the kids may just have wanted to feel they were part of the change and amy simply wanted a day of when they could skip school.

There were some rumors alleging Trump would name Jaimie Diamond Secretary of the Treasury.

Interesting if true.

In Trump’s first term in office it seems that the popular websites that feature liberal points of view will have an insatiable need for harsh critical political punditry.

Some citizens are urging president-elect Trump to go to North Dakota and function as a mediator for the pipeline controversy and the assertion that indigenous water sources are being fouled.

How long has it been since the President served as “The Great White Father”?

One San Francisco blogger,  James the Advocate, has already dubbed the President-elect as “The Blue Collar Teflon Don”.

Journalism, the art of punditry and the Democratic party are in a shambles this week which means that there should be an abundance of challenging topics to write about in the coming weeks.

Now the disc jockey will play “The Party’s Over”, “Is that all are there is?” and “We’ve only Just Begun”.

Have a great week!  To be continued…

November 6, 2016

After the presidential election, impeachment next?

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Suppose Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 presidential election? What will happen after that? She’ll probably get impeached. Lord knows there are grounds for it!

According to Google, “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” These are definitely grounds to impeach PrezClint2.

But what if Donald Trump wins instead? Same scenario could happen. Don’t you have to be of high moral character or something like that to be Prez? Also, Trump has actually dared to come out against starting World War 3 and also against NAFTA, the TTP and sending America’s jobs offshore. Wall Street and War Street will try to get Trump impeached for those two “crimes” alone!

And suppose that members of the House of Representatives actually do muster up the courage to impeach the next sitting president? Then what would happen next? Vice-President Pence or Vice-President what’s-his-name would hopefully get impeached too — guilt by association, accomplices after the fact. They shoulda known better. But then what would happen?

The Speaker of the House would be next on the list. But who the freak would ever want Paul Ryan in the White House? No one, that’s who. So next it would go down to the President Pro Tempore of the Senate — and couldn’t we somehow arrange that to be Bernie Sanders? Bernie could end up in the White House after all! Or not. Who wants a Clinton supporter in the White House?

Then the Secretary of State would be the next person eligible on the list. Téa Leone in the White House? I could live with that.


November 4, 2016

Crunch Time for Voters…

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The advice from a sports editor who said, ” never say never and never say a team cannot win”,  might be just as relevant before the 2016 presidential election as it was when SuperBowl III was about to be played.

The New York Jets were the overwhelming pick to lose but it didn’t play out that way.

Harry Truman was expected to lose the presidential election in 1948 but he fooled the experts.

San Francisco Bay Area political activist Karla Gottschalk is predicting that Donald Trump may be about to add his name to the list of people who have scored notable upset victories.

Journalists who are preparing to crank out detailed explanations and analysis stories about the election of the first woman president should temper their enthusiasm and never say never before the results have been certified.

Is it true, as Alex Jones has reported, that NBC has already  filmed the Clinton Campaign making the victory announcement?

Extensive polling indicates that Hillary Clinton is very likely to become the first woman to be elected president of the United States (are pollsters permitted to make wagers on political events?).

Professional athletes are not permitted to make wagers on sports events but it seems that a large number of Jet fans may want to place a bet on Donald Trump to score an upset victory on Tuesday.

Rumors are hinting that Hillary is going to appoint Joe Biden as Secretary of State.

It is almost certain that Donald Trump wont …

But sports fans know it aint over…till the fat lady sings. (Just ask any Cubbies fan!)

If Karla becomes the only pundit predicting an upset win perhaps the audience for her political punditry column will increase exponentially.

The journalists who bet on a victory by Hillary Clinton wont be fired or even get a reduction in pay if they guessed wrong but a Trump victory will mean extensive changes in politics. Perhaps for the better?

Shouldn’t cautious journalists get some credit for a heads up warning?  By next weekend, most pundits will ignore any botched predictions they issued and will start focusing on the question “who are the front runners for the 2020 presidential elections?”.

According to Karla, in the last debate, Hillary said we are going to war and Trump said he would talk to Putin so Karla is dubbing Trump the Peace Candidate and saying that he will appeal to more voters who are war weary now.

If you are a well-informed voter then you probably know about the Lolita Express issue. If not, not.

Can you name any sports writer who predicted that Joe Namath would lead the Jets to a certain win?

Donald Trump may be about to become the Joe Namath of the political world.

Have a collect your winning bets kind of week.

Ps: Go Broadway Don!

What ever happened to the Bush-Obama “pivot” to Afghanistan?

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So far, Afghanistan is America’s longest war — or is it? I can think of a lot longer ones. Hell, the burning embers of Reagan’s war on Central America are still alive and well in Honduras. Things are still at a boil in Somalia right now — even after 20-odd years, are Blackhawks still going down over there? Yeah. And what about America’s neo-colonial proxy war on Palestine? That’s been dragging on for decades already — and probably won’t end until the total war-crime-scale genocide of Palestine is complete. Not to mention America’s war on the Sioux Nation right here in North Dakota — at least a few centuries old, am I right or what!

But I digress. Back on topic.

Exactly what the freak is going on in Afghanistan these days? We hardly ever hear about that “war” any more. But after performing a quick and random information-grab, here’s what I’ve figured out: American soldiers are still killing Afghans. The Taliban is still shooting back. It’s still all about Forward Operating Bases verses caves in Tora Bora and Meals-Ready-to-Eat versus goats over there. And drones versus wedding parties. And testosterone versus motherhood and burkas. And oil pipeline proxy wars between American engineers and engineers from China.

What a circus. What a mess. What a money pit. This is gonna be Obama’s legacy? Yep.

According to journalist James Petras, “Obama reneged on his campaign promises to end the war(s) in the Middle East by increasing the US troop presence and expanding his drone-assassination warfare against Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Syria. US troops re-invaded Afghanistan, fought and retreated in defeat. The Taliban advanced.”

Good grief. If Clinton is elected, can we expect Hillary to continue her current support of the Bush-Obama multi-trillion-dollar “pivot” to chaos and to count on getting four more years of this mess? Looks like it. But can Afghans (and also Americans) survive four more years of this painful and costly Bush-Obama pivot to Afghanistan? I’m thinking not.


October 31, 2016

Thanksgiving at Standing Rock!

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I’m currently reading a book entitled Learning to Die in the Anthropocene, written by Iraq veteran Roy Scranton, who basically tells us that human beings have pretty much screwed themselves due to the vast and rapidly-approaching nightmare of climate change. If this book was designed to scare the holy shite out of people, it certainly has succeeded.

According to Scranton, “Human civilization has thrived in what has been the most stable climate interval in 650,00 years. Thanks to carbon-fueled industrial civilization, that interval is over.” Boom.

But is anybody doing anything to stop this nightmare from happening? Only a few people are — mainly a small-but-courageous Indian tribe at Standing Rock, North Dakota. And what is America’s reaction to this heroic stand against death by carbon? We have just spent hundreds of thousands of tax-payer dollars trying to tear-gas them, harass them, arrest them, pepper-spray them and shoot rubber bullets at them. Way to go America! Or not.

Thank goodness for the Standing Rock Lakota Sioux. Like it or not, they are protecting us. They are standing in place instead of us. They are bravely standing in front of a hurricane of climate-death and are doing it in our name. And all we do to thank them is to pay for the militarized police’s tear gas, dogs and bullets that attack them.

I propose another way to thank the Standing Rock Sioux. Let’s all go to Standing Rock this Thanksgiving — and show them that we really do have something to be truly thankful for.

PS: If you can’t figure out how to get all the way to the Standing Rock Reservation, then consider having your Thanksgiving dinner in front of the Capitol building in Bismarck instead. Can’t make it there either? How about Thanksgiving dinner in front of the US Congress or the White House.

PPS: Standing Rock protestors, Black Lives Matter, various Chicano movements and Occupy are practically the only true Americans these days — Americans who are courageous enough to actually stand up to the US military-industrial complex that is gobbling up the rest of us alive. We should honor these protestors instead of bombing them with tear gas and attacking them with dogs.

The rest of us whine and grieve that we are losing everything — but do nothing to stop it and just go along.

PPPS: Aside from being victims of the climate-change hurricane that is now bearing down upon us post-haste, Standing Rock is also just more collateral damage right now (along with Syria, Palestine, Ukraine, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Nigeria, etc.) in the neo-con “wars” for oil. But who knows who the next “collateral damage” will be? Probably us.


October 28, 2016

The Obama-Clinton legacy: Killin’ women in Yemen

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I’m so tired of playing the role of a political Cassandra — someone who sees all too clearly what is going to happen next in the political arena, warns folks about it and then gets called a conspiracy theorist, a spoiler, a kook or a member of some paranoid radical fringe. But unfortunately that’s not the way that politics (and life) work. Calling me names still doesn’t change what is about to happen. Unfortunately.

I was right about the civil rights movement, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. and constantly warned people that Bush 2 was gonna be a disaster. Let’s hope that I’m not right about Clinton 2 as well — and that she won’t be a disaster like Bush 2. And while we’re at it, let’s also hope that I’m not right about her wanting so desperately to escalate a war on Russia. But don’t hold your breath.

It now seems all too clear to me what Obama and Clinton are up to — with regard to their foreign policy. They have practically telegraphed to us what they hope their end-game will be, and then journalist Diana Johnstone finally added the last missing pieces, laying out Obama’s and Clinton’s grand plan, which apparently is to recreate the exact same chaos in the Middle East that Osama bin Ladin and the CIA created in Afghanistan — so that Russia will once again go bankrupt and fall into confusion like the old USSR did back in 1987.

Apparently Obama and Clinton really want their legacy to be this one — to be seen by history as another Ronald Reagan, shouting “Tear down this wall!” Wistful thinking, you two. But it’s wistful thinking like this that will get us involved in World War 3 — as well as destroy the lives of over a billion people, including ourselves. A “legacy” is a dangerous thing.

I violently object to the slaughter that is now going on in Syria with the intention of drawing Russia deeper into spending a fortune on fighter jets and soldiers and guns. But at what price? America is also spending trillions in credit-card debt at the “war” shopping mall too (as well as a billion or so on false propaganda) and we also are going slowly bankrupt — but, whatever, that’s what a legacy costs.

And I am also sickened by the slaughter that is now going on in Yemen. “But those upstart Yemeni asked for it,” you might say. I think not. However, just to clarify the situation for sure, I talked with a Yemeni friend of mine about what is really going on over there right now.

“99% of Yemeni civilians are not Houthis — yet the Saudis keep endlessly bombing Yemeni civilians day after day and endless night after night, using American-supplied weapons. However, 95% of Yemeni civilians do support the Houthis because the Houthis are the only group that protects us and helps us, digs our injured women and children out of the rubble and buries the dead. It’s a nightmare over there, really grim. My friends over there tell me this on FaceBook.”

According to my Yemeni friend, “There are no splits between Sunnis and Shia in Yemen, not even between Muslims and Jews. We all get along. So why do the Saudis and Americans want to kill us so badly?” Aside from Yemeni oil? Please see above.

Is creating an Obama-Clinton legacy worth all these thousands of dead women and babies in Yemen (and Syria and Libya and Palestine and Iraq)? Apparently, to them it is. But it’s hecka not worth it to the rest of us.

PS: According to Robert Parry, a journalist we can actually trust, “The harsh truth is that pursuit of power often trumps the principle of an informed electorate choosing the nation’s leaders….” There are too many trillions of Wall Street and War Street dollars at stake here for Clinton for her to risk losing this election — to Trump, Sanders, Dr. Stein or whoever. Whatever it takes.


October 25, 2016

The future PrezClint2: Four more years of smirking…

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“Jane, you need to become more objective,” a friend just told me. But I actually do try to be objective, honest. Everything I write about is strongly grounded in facts and reliable URLs. However, it is the subjective emotions tied up in my facts that do count the most.

But in other ways my friend is right and subjectivity does present a big danger, like when people use only subjectivity to make their points and completely forget about facts.

For instance, George Bush 1 got more votes than Michael Dukakis back in 1988 — although objectively Dukakis was the better man for the job. But when Bush 1 pulled that Willie Horton nightmare out of his hat, he stirred up a lot of subjective fear and won instead.

Then Bush 2 stole the 2000 election and Americans let him get away with it — not because he was more qualified than Al Gore but because apparently people would much rather have a beer with George than with Al.

Hillary Clinton will probably win the 2016 presidential election too even though Dr. Jill Stein is far more likely to save the world — and even Donald Trump is more likely to do a better job in the White House than the Queen of Chaos herself, head cheerleader for World War 3. But why would Trump actually do a better job than Clinton? Because both objectively and subjectively it won’t matter if Trump screws up the SCOTUS appointment if we elect Clinton 2 instead and get a great SCOTUS pick from her — but still end up dead.

According to journalist Robert Parry, “As polls show Hillary Clinton closing in on victory, Official Washington’s neoconservative (and liberal-hawk) foreign policy establishment is rubbing its hands in anticipation of more war and more strife, including a U.S. military escalation in Syria, a take-down of Iran, and a showdown with nuclear-armed Russia.” Doesn’t this bother anyone else but me?

But even if PrezClint2 and her friends in War Street and Greater Israel get lucky and conquer the entire Middle East including Iran, and then Clinton 2 goes on to capture and subdue Russia’s oil fields and even China’s legendary dollar-store manufacturers — the American people will have still lost the Great Game entirely. Why? Because, objectively, “war” is the world’s number-one air polluter and all those thousands of F-16s circling the air all over the world will condemn all us humans to die of emphysema if nothing else. Cough cough. Not to mention radiation.

Climate change had been given a huge kick down the road by World War II. Then the carpet-bombing of Cambodia, Shock and Awe and the attempted destruction of Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc. have spectacularly made America’s climate-change jump shots from far down the court. And now PrezClint2 is gonna score the final goal for us that will defeat humanity once and for all. Booyah.

But the main reason I am both objectively and subjectively dreading the thought of Clinton 2 in the White House next term is because of her (face-lift-enhanced?) perpetual smirk. I’ve already been forced to endure eight long years of Smirking George. Now I’ve got to endure four more years of Smirking Hillary too?

Yeah, I know. Trump smirks as well. But occasionally he doesn’t. And Dr. Stein never smirks!

PS: Objectivity alone never seems to win elections in America. As Janis Joplin was always fond of saying, “It’s a combination of the two.” Hearts and minds. However, objectivity goes right out the window when Wall Street and War Street have almost total control of the media — then it’s just a matter of who has the most money and who can get away with telling the biggest lies.

PPS: I completely do not understand the way that Americans are thinking these days. We have a fabulously qualified and totally competent woman running for president right now — Dr. Jill Stein — and yet most Americans are dead set on voting for gross and weird people like Donald Clinton and Hillary Trump. This fact truly makes me wonder where Americans’ heads are at right now — and what other parts of their bodies they seem to be using to think with instead of their brains.

Perhaps they are confusing Clinton with Tia Leone in “Madam Secretary”? But guess what? “Madam Secretary” is not a reality show. But PrezClint2 will be — all too real.

Possession Oct 22 2016

October 21, 2016

Money Money Money: How imaginary Lean Green finances America’s “wars”

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Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: America is definitely not like the fairy-tale miller’s daughter who spun straw into gold for Rumpelstiltskin. However, it appears that our so-called leaders must think that they actually are like her — considering the way that America continues to pay for an endless “war” that costs trillions of dollars. But where, exactly, does all that money actually come from in real life? “It comes from the taxpayers of course,” you might say. No, now you’re thinking of another fairy tale — the goose that laid the golden egg.

Theoretically, our real world should function far differently from the one that the Brothers Grimm dreamed up. But according to journalist Peter Koenig, it does not. America’s “endless wars” really are being financed by fairy-tale creatures who actually do spin straw into gold.

“Let’s face it,” states Koenig, “the six Anglo-American media giants that dominate the western world can spend billions on propaganda. Money doesn’t matter. Money is made of thin air. Money for wars doesn’t matter either – it’s also made of thin air. It’s made by the dollar manufacturing machine, meaning the US private banking system. Today, 97% of all the money produced in the US is made by private banks in the form of debt, mostly by Wall Street.”

Apparently private banks can arbitrarily declare that there are trillions of dollars that can be borrowed and lent with impunity — imaginary Lean Green that they magically create and destroy. Sounds like a fairy tale to me.

But maybe Rumpelstiltskin was right after all, that America actually can go on paying for endless “wars” endlessly — that is, until the Pied Piper comes and takes our children away.

PS: Speaking of money, I’m also pretty much disgusted with national politics right now — wherein rich guys buy our government for pennies on the dollar and corruption is rampant for this reason. In fact, the world’s greatest superpower is currently acting more and more like the corruption of ancient Rome. I’m even expecting Nero to run for president against Caligula next — and with those two candidates being the only choices Americans will be given to vote for.

PPS: According to journalist Bob Fitrakis, “Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi’s government [used to hold] 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver. During late March, 2011, these stocks were…taken from the vaults of the Libyan Central Bank in Tripoli…. Qaddafi was deposed [by Secretary of State Clinton] for his gold.” So — who knows? Maybe Hillary actually is the miller’s daughter after all.

Or not.

Apparently Qaddafi’s son may actually be returning to save Libya from the Queen of Chaos — but only after he was forced to play Sleeping Beauty for five years by the Bad Fairy herself. Not even the Grimm brothers could have seen that one coming.


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