October 21, 2016

Money Money Money: How imaginary Lean Green finances America’s “wars”

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Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: America is definitely not like the fairy-tale miller’s daughter who spun straw into gold for Rumpelstiltskin. However, it appears that our so-called leaders must think that they actually are like her — considering the way that America continues to pay for an endless “war” that costs trillions of dollars. But where, exactly, does all that money actually come from in real life? “It comes from the taxpayers of course,” you might say. No, now you’re thinking of another fairy tale — the goose that laid the golden egg.

Theoretically, our real world should function far differently from the one that the Brothers Grimm dreamed up. But according to journalist Peter Koenig, it does not. America’s “endless wars” really are being financed by fairy-tale creatures who actually do spin straw into gold.

“Let’s face it,” states Koenig, “the six Anglo-American media giants that dominate the western world can spend billions on propaganda. Money doesn’t matter. Money is made of thin air. Money for wars doesn’t matter either – it’s also made of thin air. It’s made by the dollar manufacturing machine, meaning the US private banking system. Today, 97% of all the money produced in the US is made by private banks in the form of debt, mostly by Wall Street.”

Apparently private banks can arbitrarily declare that there are trillions of dollars that can be borrowed and lent with impunity — imaginary Lean Green that they magically create and destroy. Sounds like a fairy tale to me.

But maybe Rumpelstiltskin was right after all, that America actually can go on paying for endless “wars” endlessly — that is, until the Pied Piper comes and takes our children away.

PS: Speaking of money, I’m also pretty much disgusted with national politics right now — wherein rich guys buy our government for pennies on the dollar and corruption is rampant for this reason. In fact, the world’s greatest superpower is currently acting more and more like the corruption of ancient Rome. I’m even expecting Nero to run for president against Caligula next — and with those two candidates being the only choices Americans will be given to vote for.

PPS: According to journalist Bob Fitrakis, “Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi’s government [used to hold] 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver. During late March, 2011, these stocks were…taken from the vaults of the Libyan Central Bank in Tripoli…. Qaddafi was deposed [by Secretary of State Clinton] for his gold.” So — who knows? Maybe Hillary actually is the miller’s daughter after all.

Or not.

Apparently Qaddafi’s son may actually be returning to save Libya from the Queen of Chaos — but only after he was forced to play Sleeping Beauty for five years by the Bad Fairy herself. Not even the Grimm brothers could have seen that one coming.


October 16, 2016

Yahoo News just posted the nine best places to survive World War 3

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Seriously? It’s come to this? People actually think there are ways to survive World War 3?

When I was a little girl during the infamous Cold War, I was totally convinced that the whole world would be destroyed — but yet somehow I would survive because I would have hidden behind a cement retaining wall in our front yard. Magical thinking — both then and now. And juvenile too.

Here’s the link. Apparently, we’re spozed to be able to survive in Antarctica? And exactly how is that going to be possible?

Ice 1

October 13, 2016

Take our country back from the CIA? Nah, never happen

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What is the most perceptive thing that President Obama ever said? Was it, “While we breathe, we will hope”? Nope, that definitely wasn’t it. “The CIA always gets what it wants.” Yep, that’s the one.

Since way back in the late 1940s, the CIA has been making a complete hash of things — and getting away with it too. Wherever there are dead bodies rotting in the sun, you’ll be sure to find some sleazy CIA operatives lurking around.

Who turned the Congo into a charnel-ground? Who screwed up Iran? Who started the killing fields of Vietnam? Who sent our boys home from Iraq in a box? Who started the Cold War? Who stirred up all that shite in Cuba, Angola, Palestine, Afghanistan, Chile, Guatemala, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen, Dallas…. It was the CIA. Duh.

But is all that finally about to change?

Is it finally actually time for patriotic Americans to finally call out the CIA regarding their 70-year reign of terror? “Hey, punks, you failed!” The CIA has taken all our money and left us standing by the side of the road, forced to walk home by ourselves in the dark… Oops, sorry, I was thinking of “Twilight Zone”.

Everywhere we look these days, we are constantly bombarded by blatant lies about Iraq, ISIS, Syria, Russia, Ukraine, Yemen, Venezuela, China… BTW, what exactly is happening in China these days? Who the freak knows. Of course we now know what is actually going on in the Middle East thanks to FaceBook. But I can’t friend anybody on China’s “We Chat” unless I buy an iPhone or unless I learn Chinese — and that’s not gonna happen any time soon. But I digress.

Now, thanks to social media and a few intrepid reporters like Robert Parry, Eva Bartlett, Andre Vltchek and Vanessa Beeley, news about what is actually happening in Yemen and Syria (and most of those other places all over the world that we are constantly lied to about) is actually starting to leak out.

And this is starting to piss the CIA off!

Could the CIA finally be getting exposed as “The man behind the curtain” for all these fiascos? As the “Doctor No” who is actually running the American show? Nah. That would be too easy. Too democratic. Too just. Justice stopped being an American virtue a long time ago. Vigilance is the price of freedom. Americans could care less about vigilance.

PS: Here’s another thing: If Americans finally admit to themselves that they have been lied to regarding Syria, then they also have to be prepared to admit to themselves that their war-monger-owned government and their corporate-owned media lies to them all the time about other things too — about Iraq, Afghanistan, 9-11, etc. Even about JFK. All those trillions of war-buck dollars that have been poured down the drain? They could have gone to improving American schools, saving American lives, building American homes, fixing American infrastructure, etc.

Denial protects Americans from knowing just how badly they have been played by their government and media — and by the CIA. But the truth of the matter is that they lie to us like a rug. And we Americans are being beaten like rugs too.

DSCN0611 - Copy (3)

October 9, 2016

Voters’ choice: GWB in a pantsuit or Nixon with weird hair

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A friend just asked me, “Hey Jane, why are you always hating on Hillary Clinton?” That’s an easy question to answer. I spent eight long hard dreadful years hating on George W. Bush — but when Obama was elected, I thought I could finally relax and have nothing to complain about any more.

Boy was I wrong.

Between Obama’s giveaways to the banks and his love of bombing the shite out of anything that moved on the other side of the world, I almost began to long for good old GWB. At least with Dubya, you knew he was a snake.

And Clinton, Obama’s former Secretary of State, turned out to be a snake too — and a poisonous one at that. She killed, murdered, plundered and sacked her way though the Middle East like some evil Barbary pirate. She was George Bush in a pants-suit. Why would I ever vote for her? “Politico reports that the Clinton campaign is wooing Condoleezza Rice, James Baker, George Shultz, and Kissinger, the granddaddy of them all.” Kissinger? Really?

And then along comes Donald Trump. He’s like Richard Nixon only with weird hair. And his campaign seems to be all about bringing Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” back from the dead just in time for Halloween. And Trump is also like Ronald Reagan. Trickle down? Yeah right. We already saw how badly that worked out.

But it really doesn’t matter whether Clinton or Trump gets elected in 2016. Either way, we voters are gonna be as screwed as we were back when Bush II stole the presidency in 2000, Nixon bombed Cambodia, Reagan deregulated Wall Street, Bush I invented the Gulf War for fun and profit, Clinton I shoved NAFTA down our throats and Obama mendaciously promised us Hope and Change.

The only difference between then and now is that Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, Bush II and Clinton all started off with a relatively good economy and then sent it downhill — whereas Trump and/or Clinton II will be starting off with an economy already in the pits. How much further down can they take us? We may be about to find out.

“So what should we do? Who should we vote for?” you might ask. “Flip a coin for the lesser of two evils?” No. The world’s greatest super power should never be forced to do that. Why not vote for Dr. Jill Stein instead. “But won’t that be just wasting our vote?” Hell, no. If you vote for either one of these Bush/Nixon/Clinton/Obama/Reagan wannabes, your vote will already be wasted.

PS: At the first presidential debate, Clinton shamelessly pulled yet another one of those fake Reagan/Bush/Obama “City on a Hill” feel-good moments out of her hat. Peace and love and jobs for all — and it totally sounded awesome! But nothing in Clinton’s record supports or even suggests that she will actually do anything that she just promised us.

Basically, Clinton blatantly stole her debate script straight off of poor sweet Bernie Sanders’ Twitter account. “Whew, I just dumped that whole load of Bernie-crap on the voters,” she probably told Bill later, “and they all seemed to fall for it too.” But once elected, she’ll never have to promise any of that crap ever again — let alone actually do it. “Let’s go celebrate with Kissinger,” she probably said next. “Suckas!”

The Queen of Chaos is gonna bring us happiness and good jobs? Not.

Hasn’t anybody in America ever learned anything about false promises — even after having been schooled in that art by Obama, the Bush dynasty, Slick Willy, Reagan, Nixon and Johnson? The Masters themselves? Apparently not.

People will probably hate me for this but if it finally comes down to being forced to choose between Trump and Clinton, I will chose Trump. At least he hasn’t buried all those hopeful and foolishly-idealistic Bernie Babies under a huge bull-crap pile of pie-in-the-sky promises that will never be kept.

And in addition, while Trump may appear to be an idiot and a bigot who hates Muslims, Clinton already is a stone cold killer who has actually caused the cold-blooded murder of thousands and thousands of Muslim women and children. And as for her being a friend of Black people? According to Ezili Danto, the Clinton Foundation has practically raped Haiti — not to mention all the AfriCom atrocities that happened on Clinton’s watch.

PPS: Last night during a PBS news segment, commentators once again lied to us about Syria and Aleppo. On national TV. On a public news station that we ourselves pay for. Yes, we Americans are actually paying people to lie to us. But then why should I be surprised. It’s not like it’s never happened before.

Just as surely as Shimon Peres was never a terrorist and Obama is a man of peace and Bush II only wanted to bring democracy to Iraq and Reagan dearly loved the indigenous people of Central America and Nixon didn’t carpet-bomb Cambodia and Johnson was right about Vietnam being a good idea and good Germans were all just victims of misinformation during WW II — just as surely as the sun rises in the west each morning and pigs fly, will we American voters finally be told the truth by our corporate-owned government and media so that we can vote intelligently in our own best self-interest this November.

PPPS: Here is a link to a Syrian friend’s latest report on all the lies that various media queens are live-streaming to us right now about what is [not!] going on in Aleppo:


September 30, 2016

Guess which country produces the most oil?

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Exactly which country is the top dog in this world when it comes to producing black gold? The answer to this question may surprise you. No, it’s not Saudi Arabia, a despotic tyranny mostly owned and/or in league with American oil companies. You would think that Saudi Arabia would be number one — considering all the publicity the House of Saud receives from its many luxury purchases in Paris and New York (and in Washington DC too if you count purchasing the Bushes and the Clintons). But no.

And, no, it is not Iraq, a country that was brutally invaded by American oil interests solely for its mega-supply of fossil fuel.

And no, it’s not Libya either — even though that country would still be happily ruled by Gaddafi right now instead of being just another grim terrorist hideout if it wasn’t for Libya’s oil.

No, it’s not Venezuela either even though that is yet another country that American oil interests have been trying to stage a coup in for years so they can get their hands on Venezuela’s fabulous crude. No luck so far — but the oil barons keep trying.

Canada? Guess again. Plus Big Oil already owns most of Canada’s production so there’s really no need to invade and overthrow it now.

And then there’s Russia, who really does produce a lot of oil — even more than Saudi Arabia. And, boy, would American oil companies love to get their hands on Russia’s oil. Hell, American oil companies have already started planning their next big “Shock and Awe” invasion scenario — so that they can finally do to Russia what they’ve already done to Libya, Syria and Iraq.

Oil is the real reason why Russia has been getting all this huge NATO and US military activity on its borders recently — in preparation for giving Russia the Full (Libya-Iraq) Monty too. And here we silly Americans all thought that these various attacks on Russia were simply because of hating communism or something. Foolish us. It’s always all about oil. We should know that by now.

“Okay, I give up,” you might say at this point. “Which country does produce most of the world’s oil?” Surprise! It’s the USA.

“Wow!” you might be thinking at this point. “All that oil belongs to us!” But you would be wrong. None of that oil belongs to us. All that oil belongs to the oil companies. Not only that, but the oil companies here are even subsidized by American taxpayers so that billions of $$$$ will keep on rolling in to Exxon, Chevron and friends — not to us. Plus we taxpayers are already paying for Big Oil’s many wars to steal even more Black Gold. Sweet deal! For them.

PS: Has anyone watched the Charlie Rose show lately? Once again last night I was so shocked to the pit of my soul with the lies coming out of his mouth and the mouths of his guests regarding America’s illegal war crimes in Syria. No wonder so many of us who actually know what is going on in Syria don’t believe the 9-11 “official story” either — when the government and the media can’t even stop their compulsive lying about Aleppo.


Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world. And while you’re at it, please buy my books!


September 29, 2016

ISIS: Replacing America’s “volunteer” army one grunt at a time

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I just finished reading War Porn, Roy Scranton’s excellent, violent and scary new book that vividly describes what it was like to be in the US Army while actually fighting in the 2003-2011 “war” on Iraq. But times have changed since then. America’s “volunteer” army has now been replaced with a new kind of G.I. grunt altogether: ISIS.

“Jane, that is crazy talk,” you might say at this point.

Maybe. Maybe not. But as Sherlock Holmes always told us, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” So let’s take a look at the history of America’s armed forces within the last 100 years to see what is impossible — and what is not.

From the first world war back in 1917 to Vietnam in 1961-73, America’s soldiers were mostly recruited through the draft. Americans hated Vietnam — and what they hated most about that horrible “war” was being drafted into it, into the blood and horror and death signifying nothing. Vietnam was fought by draftees and nobody here liked that — so eventually public opinion forced that stupid “war” to end (that and the fact that America also lost).

And then along came the invasion of Iraq in 2003 — and America’s new “volunteer” army fought in that one. The “war” on Iraq was fought by salaried American “volunteers” — but still nobody here liked it when these so-called volunteers started coming home in coffins or without limbs or with the sick and twisted minds described in Scranton’s book. So the pressure of public opinion forced the end of that “war” too (that and the fact that America lost that war as well).

Now, however, all the current “Endless Wars” in the Middle East may never come to an end. Why? Because America’s neo-con war hawks have learned from their past mistakes and now have whole huge battalions of new soldiers who will fight these wars for them — soldiers who nobody in America minds if they get blown up or killed or get PTSD.

Now America’s neo-con war hawks are paying ISIS thugs to fight their (not our) “wars” for them — and nobody here cares if ISIS thugs get blown up or have a bad day. Clever, yes? The possibilities here are indeed “Endless”.

Sadly, most Americans don’t object to all these current evil blood-thirsty unjust “Endless Wars” for profit going on in the Middle East — unless Americans themselves are affected personally. If Americans don’t have to look at all those veterans’ cemeteries, grieving widows and returning soldiers without limbs, then apparently they’re totally cool with all kinds of slaughter in the Middle East.

PS: Here’s an interesting video that clearly demonstrates that American recruiting offices in the Middle East are open for business and going strong: “White Helmets: Al Qaeda with a facelift”

Funny how the so-called White Helmets only help wounded al Qaeda terrorists. You never see them give a helping hand to ordinary Syrians — unless of course there’s a photo opportunity for Facebook, Netflix, Fox News or CNN.


September 23, 2016

NOLA’s French Quarter & the roots of Black Lives Matter

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“We ain’t no second-line club!” one of the drummers in a New Orleans marching band on Canal Street shouted at me in disgust. I was obviously a tourist who was too ignorant to be able to tell the difference. Oops.

In a voodoo shop a few blocks away in the French Quarter, I saw an incense-laden alter covered with offerings to some long-ago African god.

Over by St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 on Basin Street, you could see where the famous Iberville red brick housing projects were being converted into what appeared to be high-end condos.

That’s just like what is happening now in my home town, Berkeley — only our mayor doesn’t need no stinking Katrina for an excuse.–Steven-Finacom

At night in the Vieux Carré, hordes of drunken ex-college boys try to relive their cherished memories of past spring breaks as they stumble from bar to bar, holding plastic cups filled with beer and booze, barely aware of the hard-rock music that blasted their ears.

On the corner of Chartres and St. Louis, there was a bronze plaque on a building that read, “Within this historic structure slaves were sold…”

By day the French Quarter is a charming place — happy people strolling past boutiques, beignet cafes and the Napoleon House (built to shelter the Emperor himself after his exile, and always with the mighty Mississippi River rolling along in the background.

But by night the entire French Quarter turns into one gigantic and raucous block party, the Big Easy For Dummies.

I love the French Quarter. What’s not to love! But there was one thing there that did horrify me — the magnificent St. Louis Cathedral, an awesome and moving homage and tribute to a powerful and benevolent God, father of the Prince of Peace.

And as I sat in a front pew, surrounded by stained glass windows, arches and candles, I could just imagine the smug plantation owners and their families worshiping there back in 1794 — while right down the street from them human beings were being branded, whipped and sold off like cattle.

Apparently Black lives didn’t matter back then — either.

PS: Even today, righteous pseudo-Christians still sit in their church pews and smugly proclaim themselves to be keepers of the faith — while America bleeds from the heart from all its extra-judicial and war-crime slaughter of their fellow human beings both here and abroad.

Millions have been butchered in Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Americas and the Middle East by these so-called Christians who have the audacity to sit in their church pews on Sundays and proclaim themselves to be more than just plain serial killers.

“Let the good times roll.” And the heads.


September 20, 2016

Museum of Death: More than just a New Orleans tourist attraction…

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Boy did I have fun in New Orleans this week — at a convention for murder-mystery readers and writers being held in the French Quarter. I ate muffuletta sandwiches, muffuletta salads and muffuletta-flavored mac-cheese (an idea whose time has definitely come).

Then I ate beignets, danced my way into two Mardi Gras parades and got my fortune told by a gypsy in front of the St. Louis cathedral. “You will come into riches soon and you are popular and happy.” Yeah right.

Then I lost ten dollars in the slot machines at Harrah’s, went to a fabulous book-signing after-party hosted by publisher Soho Crime and chatted with Soho authors Lisa Brackmann, Cara Black, Henry Chang, Stewart Neville, Ed Lin and Kwei Quartey — while reading a Peter Lovesy murder mystery at the same time. Any mystery novel published by Soho Crime will keep your pages turning for sure.

But then I did something really spooky — went to the French Quarter’s infamous Museum of Death. It basically offered viewers a running record of all America’s serial killers, weird death practices, morbid fascinations with dead bodies and love affairs with War — definitely not for the faint of heart.

Which instantly reminded me of America’s current endless war on people who happen to live in the Middle East (and almost everywhere else in the world too) — America’s very own Museum of Death. And this special all-American museum’s admission price is only five (5) trillion dollars! What a steal.

And after looking over the real-life American museum of death’s future expansion plans that involve nuclear bombs, police militarization, fracking, wars on minorities, climate change and anti-Russian false propaganda, it appears that America also plans to put you and me in its Museum of Death too — just as soon as it possibly can.

And here’s even more good news for America’s military-industrial serial killers. Gaza is no longer the world’s largest open-air prison — or even the world’s largest open-air death row either. Now Yemen owns that dubious distinction. And here’s even better news for American fan-boys of blood and gore: Somehow American taxpayers have been conned into paying for this endless supply of electric chairs, gas chambers and jails to both Gaza and Yemen.

According to a friend of mine who has family members still trapped in Yemen, “My mother’s city is the only one in Yemen that has only been bombed twice by Saudi F16s. For this reason, refugees from all over Yemen have come there for sanctuary and are living in the streets, schools and anywhere else they can find. The refugees’ conditions are horrible there — but at least they are still alive.” So far.

And all that American/ISIS serial-killing going on in Syria is also sick too. According to Gerry Condon, vice-president of Veterans For Peace, “Almost everything we read about Syria in the US media is wrong. The reality is that the U.S. government is supporting armed extremist groups who are terrorizing the Syrian people and trying to destroy Syria’s secular state. In order to hide that ugly reality and push violent regime change, the U.S. is conducting a psychological warfare campaign to demonize Syria’s president, Bashar al Assad. This is a classic tactic that veterans have seen over and over. It is shocking, however, to realize how willingly the media repeats this propaganda, and how many people believe it to be true.”

And to quote Oliver Stone, “Americans are not under threat. Americans are the threat.”

But other than that, New Orleans was to die for!

PS:  Here is a link to journalist Vanessa Beeley’s extensive report on what is really going on in Aleppo and Syria these days.  After reading this, we Americans ought to be so ashamed to be Americans that every single one of us will sit down during the national anthem.  First we fought the Nazis — and then we became them.


September 12, 2016

Invasions: Big oil, Syria — and Standing Rock

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It’s really hard to explain the concept of US-supported “moderate rebels” in Syria when trying to describe them to your average American. Trust me, I know from experience, having tried and failed to convince friends that the ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria are simply al Qaeda goons paid for by American taxpayers, and that Syria’s president Assad is not an evil dictator who should be overthrown but rather is merely someone whose country happens to be sitting on a shite-load of oil.

“Big oil companies just want to take over Syria’s natural resources — and they are using their ‘moderate rebel’ goon squads to do it,” I keep telling people. But no one ever believes me. So I try to think up an example. Here’s one.

“It would be as if suddenly oil was discovered on land that you yourself own here in America and then suddenly Big Oil starts noticing your land — but in a bad way. And then the next thing you know, Big Oil’s ‘moderate rebel’ goon squads are attacking your children and seizing your land.”

“Can’t happen here, not here in America,” you might reply. Oops, it already has — in a place in North Dakota called Standing Rock.

PS: And speaking of getting attacked, I too just got arrested the other day — but only as an actor in a music video. Acting is fun. Being invaded by ‘moderate rebel’ goon squads is not.

DSCN0345 (3)

September 11, 2016

This is what happens when you go on Hajj…

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The House of Saud has made it really clear that anyone who disagrees with them is pretty much toast — even if you are on Hajj. Here’s my video tribute to past Hajj disasters. Let’s hope that this year’s Hajj is not as screwed up.

Hajj 2016 — September 9 through 14.

PS: You can sing it to the tune of “This is What Happens when you Call the Cops”.

September 7, 2016

GMOs, apple pie, cannibalism & a smoking gun

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When I was a kid, I was totally fascinated by the Donner Party. How could they possibly do that? Eat their own kin? And if I had been in their shoes, would I have eaten my fellow Americans too?

“But Jane,” you might ask, “What does cannibalism have to do with GMOs?” Isn’t it obvious? You are what you eat.

Right now, more and more of my fellow Americans are starting to eat gluten-free. Me too. No more croissants, birthday cake or apple pie for us. Rats. However, if I was stuck in the High Sierras in the middle of winter with only chocolate-chip cookies and cheese danishes to eat, would I have been tempted to eat them too? Perhaps? Maybe? Yes! But my stomach would have grumbled and my gut would have complained.

We all know why the Donner Party switched to cannibalism. But does anyone know why suddenly so many Americans are now switching to gluten-free diets? Here is my theory, based on solid research. My son Joe never eats wheat. Never. Not even in soy sauce or beer. But when he went to Paris this summer, he discovered, to his amazed delight, that he could safely eat wheat again while over there. Wow. How’s that for research!

So. What’s the big difference between French wheat and American wheat? GMOs! France has banned GMOs. There’s the true smoking gun. The cards are all stacked against us by Monsanto and friends. I rest my case.

Guess we really are what we eat.

PS: And speaking of smoking guns, that reminds me of America’s current lousy choice between guns and butter. If the American military stopped their farting around in the Middle East and making a big muck of things over there in order to keep the oil companies happy, then we’d all have enough money back home here to even build Donald Trump’s precious Wall — or else to even buy things that really matter to us personally instead of the usual tanks, guns and bombs.

We could even clean up all the flood horrors in Louisiana with that huge amount of cold hard cash.

Moral of the story? You can’t eat bombs — not even GMO bombs!

PPS: And speaking of Louisiana, I’m leaving for New Orleans on September 14, to attend the annual BoucherCon convention for murder-mystery writers and readers, “Blood on the Bayou”. Perhaps I’ll see you there too, trying to resist the GMO-enhanced muffalettas and beignets.


August 31, 2016

Truth & reconciliation in South Africa, Syria & my housing co-op

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After South Africa finally realized that apartheid was a bad thing, the main action that country took to pull itself together again was its new and unique “Truth and Reconciliation” program — based on forgiveness. And Syria now has a Truth & Reconciliation program too, which seems to be working as well as the program in South Africa did.

The main big difference between South Africa and Syria, however, seems to be that most of the Syrian “rebels” are either foreign fighters or paid mercenaries, imported there and/or paid for by America, the House of Saud, Turkey and Israel. Truth and Reconciliation just doesn’t seem to work all that well on foreign fighters and mercenaries however. Sorry about that.

“Screw T&R,” the so-called rebels yell. “We just wanna behead people, blow stuff up, get paid big bucks and get our hands on Assad’s oil. Show us the money!”

And speaking of Israel, a “Truth and Reconciliation” program would really be a good idea in Israel too — except that Israel also has too many foreign fighters and/or mercenaries for it to work right.

And apparently my own housing co-op here in Berkeley also needs a “Truth and Reconciliation” program as well. Frankly, it’s out of control. For instance, our fifteenth management company has just quit. And why is that? For the last 25 years, there has been two factions here. One faction dreams of having a real co-op where people help people and it’s all sweetness, light and a lot of friendly potluck dinners. The other faction seems to want to use our co-op as a stepping stone to personal power. But still. I am still an idealist. We could still work this stuff out. 25 years isn’t such a long time, now is it? Surely we too could forgive and forget?

Truth and Reconciliation. It really is possible. In John Gray’s book entitled “Children are from Heaven,” the author stated that children are born with an innate need to cooperate with their parents — but that sometimes this need gets beaten, verbally-abused or shamed out of them.

I hear that. My mother was the original Tiger Mom and my father usually had a belt close at hand. But beating and shaming your kids was the chic thing to do back when I was growing up. But still. Even now, I still long to cooperate with others and have others cooperate with me. Give and take — not dominate. This too is the human way, also a part of our own human DNA. It’s not all just “Might is Right”. Plus don’t you just hate it when other people try to boss you around? What’s the use of becoming an adult if people are still always trying to tell you what to do?

From the world-wide international level to the very smallest local scene — exactly when are we humans ever going to finally realize that cooperation is better and even gets better results? Hopefully before it’s too late?

PS:  If there was ever any doubt that the US and the House of Saud sponsored ISIS, just look at the orange jumpsuits that ISIS victims are forced to wear in the latest ISIS video — same as those that street sweepers in Saudi Arabia and prisoners in Guantanamo are forced to wear.

     Coincidence?  I think not.



August 27, 2016

US bombs Syria while California burns

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What in the freak has gone wrong with America’s priorities these days? I keep asking myself this question — but never get an answer that makes any sense.

Here we go, spending trillions of dollars on killing women and children in the Middle East, hopelessly maxing out America’s credit card on some stupid, immoral and bloody overseas shopping spree — buying stuff that we don’t even need at a time when our infrastructure is crumbling dangerously, giant corporations have invaded the sacred halls of Congress like stage-four cancer, homeless people have become a common sight in every American city, and California is burning.–Ralph-E.-Stone

In 1935, Mussolini’s fascist Italy invaded the helpless country of Ethiopia while the world watched in horror. Now Americans happily cheer on a similar invasion as the fascist House of Saud drops thousands of deadly explosives on helpless Yemen. How times have changed.

And, worse still, nobody in America these days even seems to notice that our priorities have turned upside-down and our “Christian” morality is now all shot to shite. Why aren’t Americans protesting? Why don’t they even care?

417,000 acres of California forest have gone up in smoke this summer — in 4,900 different fires. And what are we spending our money on during this horrendous holocaust crisis? Firefighting equipment and new water resources? No. We’re spending trillions of dollars on butchering women and children instead.

We could be spending those trillions on rebuilding our infrastructure so that millions of Americans will be safe. Or on finding a cure for cancer so that we won’t die painfully long before our time. Or on creating solar power so we won’t go extinct. But are we? No. We continue to spend as much money as we possibly can on stupid, inhuman and blood-thirsty stuff like supporting ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria and bombing hospitals in Yemen.

America’s current priority truly sucks eggs.


August 24, 2016

Oliver Stone: Americans have become truly barbaric

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Did you know that Oliver Stone was a Vietnam vet? That explains a lot. No wonder he has come out so strongly against all the various American “war” fiascos since then. If you had suffered through all the shite that he did while fighting in Vietnam, you would most likely be anti-war as well.

Stone recently spoke at the annual Veterans For Peace convention here in Berkeley — and he had a lot to say too. “America’s crackpot realists create the terror for which they then provide the antidote.” Apparently it’s the American thing to do.

“In Vietnam, every time we took fire, we went berserk. We’d blow up everything. The mentality of absolute destruction. But when I came back from Vietnam, I thought that intelligence would finally start to reign. Didn’t happen. Reagan’s warning to the world was that Americans could be truly barbaric. That was the lesson of Hiroshima too — to let the Soviet Union know that America was capable of anything.”

Then Stone cited various American public relations campaigns that got us into a whole laundry-list of barbaric wars after Vietnam. Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Even Reagan ran a PR campaign to convince Americans that we had actually won the Vietnam debacle — and never had our asses whipped by a bunch of underfed farmers.

“It is mind-boggling for us Vietnam vets to have to go through all this again. It’s Kafkaesque. And now the crackpot realists are back with Hillary Clinton, worse than Reagan. But putting pressure on Russia just isn’t going to work. At great expense, Russians fought back against Hitler during World War II. Five out of every six Nazi soldiers were killed by Russians. They are a proud people who will defend themselves to the end.”

And then Stone added, “At home, the war is now happening here too. Our policemen are doing the same thing here now that Americans did in Vietnam — escalating. Like Americans did in Afghanistan. Going berserk. Blowing things up. It’s sick. We have to learn how to calm down.”

Then Andrew Bracevich also spoke about how the military-industrial complex is screwing us over. “War has become a permanent condition — yet we don’t even talk about it. Neither Clinton or Trump have mentioned Afghanistan, America’s longest war. War has become the new normal. But here’s the rub: Our appearance of abundance is rapidly eroding. Endless war has become a diversion that Americans can ill-afford.”

And then Ann Jones brought all this information down to the personal level — regarding how endless war is screwing our individual vets. “When our soldiers came back from the wars, that was where the trouble started. VA hospitals were not prepared for this new rush. They had become geriatric wards. So they changed gears.

“But another bunch of war profiteers also sprang into action, providing all our vets with magic pain-killers. ‘Provide all patients with pain medications,’ came down the orders. And vets soon discovered that heroin was cheaper and started on that too. And the death rate among vets increased dramatically. The vets were sitting ducks to support this drug scam.” And Big Pharma started raking in the profits at the cost of our vets’ lives.

But wait, there’s more. The Koch brothers then got involved too. Why? Because the VA provides a singularly successful single-payer healthcare delivery system, that’s why, according to Jones. “The Kochs even created their own veterans’ organization, ‘Concerned Veterans of America’. They claimed to want our vets to be able to have the ‘freedom and prosperity’ to find healthcare on their own.”

Privatization of the VA? The Koch brothers think this is an idea whose time has come. They are trying to pass laws to give veterans “choice cards” instead of having VA hospitals — but the sad truth is that “no one takes the choice cards. No hometown doctor takes them.” And our vets are left out in the cold with no medical care at all.

The ultimate moral of these three speakers? That war is bad for all Americans — but especially for our vets.

PS: Being a war correspondent is not easy these days because I only have time to do it on weekends! Gotta spend the rest of the week taking care of baby Sofia. “No problem,” says my friend Bob. “There are currently war zones all over America you could easily visit in one or two days.” Now there’s a thought. Baltimore, Ferguson, Milwaukee, Washington DC… Hell, they even gots a war on the homeless going on right here in Berkeley.


August 22, 2016

Disneyland or Yemen? Where to go over Christmas vacation…

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Between Christmas and New Years Day this year, I get one whole week off from taking care of baby Sofia and I want to make my plans early. But where to go? Good question. Any suggestions?

I would really love to go to Yemen and visit the ancient, unique and irreplaceable World Heritage Site at Sanaa. Plus my war-correspondent DNA is also dying to go there too. “The key word in that sentence, Jane,” you might say, “is DYING.” Everyone in Yemen is dying these days. The House of Saud wants Yemen’s oil — and by gosh they are going to get it even if it means killing every man, woman and child in Yemen. When it comes to genocide, Saudis are never shy.

Trout fishing in Yemen has obviously been replaced with baby-killing.

But I still wanted to go there — so I went to Expedia and typed in my dates and the destination airport “SAH”. Nothing. I got nothing. Not deterred, I then tried typing “SAH” on Travelocity, Kayak, CheapoAir, Priceline and a bunch of other travel sites. Still nothing. So I Googled Sanaa International Airport. “Sorry, it doesn’t exist any more. The House of Saud blew it all up.”

And apparently even the city of Sanaa itself doesn’t exist any more either. Rats. Where is UNESCO when you need it.

So where else can I go during my one week off this year? All suggestions are welcome. But it looks like I’m just going to end up taking an overnight MegaBus down to Disneyland instead. Hey, the Pirates of the Caribbean is a war-zone, right?

PS: “Yemen is bad! The Saudis are good!” we constantly being told on the evening news. “Saudi leaders are saints and Yemeni leaders are war-mongering terrorist despots!” But, hey, weren’t we also told that about popular leaders in Vietnam, Chile, Palestine, Kuwait, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, Honduras, Russia and on the USS Liberty?

And pretty soon we will probably be hearing the same thing about, say, California or North Dakota — any excuse at all to sell guns.

PPS: The MSM is really going completely whole-hog out on this “Syrian boy in an ambulance” stuff! Obama and Kerry must REALLY want to steal Syria’s oil — except that little transparency-freaks like us (who only want the truth to be told) keep getting in their way.

But this intensive media campaign of lies does tell us two things — First, that Russia, Syria and Assad are winning their boots-on-the-ground war against ISIS. And, second, that the boy’s face paint is getting all smeared and he needs to be sent back to hair-and-makeup ASAP.

Time, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Huffington Post, etc. should all be truly embarrassed by all this immoral reporting but I bet that they’re not — just sorry to get found out so fast.


August 17, 2016

Helen Caldecott: “America still thinks it can win a nuclear war”

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I just attended the 31st annual national Veterans for Peace convention here in Berkeley and was truly inspired by the hundreds of vets who attended it, and by their organization’s heroic stand for peace. As one vet put it, “Been there, done that — war doesn’t work.”

And while wandering around the grounds of the convention center before the festivities began, I ran into Helen Caldecott, an Australian doctor who has bravely spoken out against the use of nuclear weapons ever since the terrible days of America’s Cold War. I’m not sure what I was expecting that she would look like — perhaps Super Girl in a cape? But she was just an ordinary-looking person, like someone you would meet on the street. Until she started speaking to an audience of 300-plus veterans. And then her eyes flashed, her voice rang out like a warning bell and her passion came alive.

“I am a pediatrician,” she told us, “and if you love this planet, if you love the next generation of babies, you will change the priority of your lives — because right now, America’s top priority seems to be for us to come as close to nuclear war as we possibly can.”

“A baby is a baby is a baby — born with that beautiful purity of soul. We have to tap into that. But instead our political representatives have become corporate prostitutes. Americans hold the golden key to the future. But instead, Americans are holding the world for ransom with their guns and their bombs.” And according to Caldecott, what a lot of bombs we do have!

And as if all those mega-stockpiles of bombs we have now aren’t enough, “the government is currently planning to spend one trillion dollars more on replacing every single bomb, tank and missile we own.” And if that’s not scary enough for ya, America still thinks it can fight and win a nuclear war. No no no and no! The powers that be think that dropping 100 nuclear bombs on 100 cities will win the current war-de-jour for us. “But all that will do is end life on earth.”

And the most scary part of all is that, “It could happen tonight. It could happen right now. We are closer now to nuclear annihilation than ever, even closer than we were during the Cold War. North Korea and Iran cannot end the world. But the sociopaths in charge of our nuclear weapons can. For instance, Clinton has never seen a war that she doesn’t like.”

And Americans don’t clearly understand what a nuclear war will be like either. “Everything throughout the world will be vaporized and burned.” If we understood this, we would all be taking to the streets in protest right now. Perhaps we think that American exceptionalism will save us? “What exactly are Americans exceptional at? Nothing. They don’t even have kangaroos.”

Every single city in America is targeted by the Russians right now. “Twelve H-bombs are targeted on New York City alone. Every city in America is targeted with at least one nuclear missile. And Russian cities are targeted the same way by America. And all this insanity is at the mercy of human fallibility too.”

And fighting with Russia is crazy. Continuing to stock Europe with nuclear weapons pointed at Russia is like waving a red flag at a bull. It would be as if Russia was arming Canada with nuclear missiles aimed straight at Washington DC. Not cool at all. “The Russians will fight to the last person to defend themselves, just like they did against Hitler. Putin is being set up as the evil one in this scenario, but it is the USA that is the evil one,” by even thinking that they can actually win a nuclear war.

Caldecott spoke passionately about her motivation for trying to stop nuclear war — motivated by her love of our babies who will grow up to be our next generation. And we can only hope that these babies will grow up to be wiser than us. Or at least that they will even get a chance to grow up!

Next up to speak at the convention? Andrew Bracevich, Oliver Stone, Roy Scranton, Rhodessa Jones, Ann Jones, Antonia Juhasz, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Patrick McCann, Gerry Condon, Col. Ann Wright, David Cobb, Brian Willson, Kathy Kelly, Zahra Billoo, Jonathan Hutto and Daniel Ellsberg — among others. Dr. Caldecott is a hard act to follow but let’s see what they have to say.


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