July 27, 2020

My trip to friendly Minneapolis — and Trump’s plan to “Portland-ize” Milwaukee

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I’ve got nothing to say right now because I’m still in shock about the dictatorial direction that America is currently taking — but I’m still gonna say something anyway.

Just spent a peaceful day at the George Floyd memorial in south Minneapolis.  Saw all sorts of respect being shown by all sorts of people who came to say hello to the memory of George Floyd.  But the beat still goes on — and Donald Trump’s demand for federal violence against American citizens still drowns out any call for respect.

     This is Trump’s new re-election strategy — to give us four more years of guns on our streets and lock-downs in our hearts.  To “Portland-ize” as many cities as humanly possible — and to make us all want to hate each other.  “No Respect”.  Trump to Send “Surge” of Federal Officers into Democrat-Run Cities
     But will his cruel and violent campaign strategy really work?  Will Trump actually get re-elected?   Are Americans truly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome that badly?  After having been locked in the closet for the past four months?  We’ll find out in less that a hundred more days.
     I find it hard to even imagine that Trump actually plans to send federal troops wearing camo Halloween costumes to Milwaukee — right in the middle of the Democratic Presidential Convention!   And yet that’s his plan.  It even says that on his official website.  Yikes!
     And speaking of Stockholm Syndrome, Americans just seem to love them some lock-down these days — even despite all the good news about some excellent new cures and that herd immunity is coming on strong.  Thank goodness that the libraries are open in Minneapolis and corpses aren’t piling up in the streets — except in the minds of our mainstream media hacks.  To watch CNN you would think it was Armageddon out there and not just a bad seasonal flu.

“The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!” they tell us again and again ad nauseum.  Where have we heard that one before….

And while we’re all being cleverly distracted by COVID propaganda horror stories, trillions of dollars are mysteriously disappearing from our treasury while we look the other way — and nobody knows where they go.  That’s not nice at all.

And let’s talk about “Minnesota Nice” next.  Is it really a thing?  Does it count if it’s only just some of the time and often just faked?  I did meet some really nice people here (you know who you are!)  Met some really nice Black people — and some really nice White people too.

“Minnesota Nice” may or may not exist.  But nobody ever talks about “America Nice”.  Let’s work on that one, ya?

PS:  I was delighted to see so many community gardens springing up all over Minneapolis, especially in Ilhan Omar’s congressional district.  Food not bombs!  “And freedom and justice for all.”  Shouldn’t the President of the United States be saying that — not just me.

PPS:  Time to go board a plane to Milwaukee.  While I still can!

We may already have herd immunity – an interview with Professor Sunetra Gupta – Reaction

And no corpses in the streets of Texas either.

Stop Wall Street and War Street (and Big Pharma) from destroying our world.   And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

July 20, 2020

Ayahuasca: Rebel with a cause?

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     While attending San Jose State College back in 1963, I’d hang out in a dive bar on the weekends with a bunch of scruffy rebels out to make the world a better place.  Tas Miletas, Professor Pratt, Luis Valdez and Cindy Mitchell.  Zoot Suit Official Trailer #1 – John Anderson Movie (1981) HD 
     I still keep in touch with Cindy Mitchell.  In fact I just ran into her the other day while buying lettuce at the Berkeley Bowl.  She’d just gotten back from Delano, CA — birthplace of the United Farm Workers Union.  Remember the famous grape strike of the 1960s?  “What were you doing down there now?” I asked her.
     “Taking ayahuasca.”  What’s that?  A plant-based hallucinogen discovered by tribal shamans from the Amazon.  Oh.  Not delivered by Jeff Bezos? 
      “What was it like?” I asked next.
      “Intense.  Scary.  Weird.  I cried like a baby.  The man next to me had visions of an angel figure who came and asked him what he wanted.”
     “Did you ask for anything too?”
     “Yes, of course.  I had a whole laundry list of stuff.  Courage.  World Peace.  Wisdom.”
     “Did you get any of it?” I asked next.
     “Who knows,” replied Cindy.  “Only time will tell.  I think so.  But toward the end of a very long night, all I really felt like doing was begging the ayahuasca Mother and Father for just a few hours of decent sleep.  And breakfast.  Not very spiritual requests but….”  she trailed off and looked pensive.  “But who knows.”
     “What about COVID?  Did you learn anything about that?”
     “Nope, not at all.  Ayahuasca is all about the big things — like the meaning of life, being in the here-and-now, being a better person, leaving bitterness behind, compassion, forgiveness, patience, that sort of stuff.  Not political games.  The subject of COVID didn’t even come up.”
     Still and all, I told Cindy about my latest COVID theory anyway.  “I bet you anything that the WHO, the CDC, Bill Gates and even Fauci Caligari himself will announce a successful new vaccine really soon.  Why?  Because Americans are starting to get restless with all this lock-down shite and are beginning to push back, right?  Black Lives Matter protests are just the tip of the iceberg.  Things could get ugly — especially if the unemployment subsidy gets dropped.  The powers-that-be will definitely want to head us off at the pass.”
     “Okay.  But will a safe and effective vaccine really be ready all that fast?”
     “Doesn’t matter whether the vaccine is safe or not or if it even works,” I replied.  “They will have reached their goal either way.  My theory is that they’ll just shoot us all up with some harmless sea-water solution placebo dyed with pink food coloring or something, make hundreds of billions of dollars off it, declare a glorious victory over COVID, erect a gigantic ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner on some aircraft carrier somewhere, finally release us from our prison cells — and that will be that.”  Ingenious.  But Cindy still looked doubtful.
     Two days later, Cindy called me up.  “Guess ayahuasca wasn’t quite done with me yet.  I just had a beautiful dream about a beautiful place — and when I woke up, its message was crystal clear.  The lock-down has systematically closed down our parks, our libraries, our museums, our grand old hotels, our multi-cultural diversity, our unique food experiences, our cathedrals, our children, our music — everything beautiful.  Gone.” and
     That sounds about right.  Stolen beauty.  But what are Americans gonna do about it?  Hopefully not the same thing they did about the infamous WMD lies, the lone gunman in Dallas, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution lie, the 2008 housing rip-off, the passports that miraculously survived 9-11, the numerous election-fraud lies, the lies about Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine….


Who benefits from COVID?  Not you and me.  Important reality check:
And we all belong to the mask cult, sometimes even me (and, no, it’s not the Amazon cult — it doesn’t have a smile):

This is an insightful financial analysis of what happens next:

Four whole months and our technological geniuses haven’t come up with a cure for COVID?  Oops, there already is one, has been one since way back in March.



Stop Wall Street and War Street (and Big Pharma) from destroying our world.   And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

July 14, 2020

Death by COVID: Nudging up the numbers?

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     There’s a dangerous pattern that seems to be emerging regarding COVID deaths.  Let’s explore it.  Why not?  What else have we got going on.
     1.  By now, practically everyone knows (or should know) that Governor Cuomo ordered recovering COVID patients to be transferred into uncontaminated rest homes.  The results were disastrous — and highly predictable.  More and more deaths.

2.  When this epidemic first began, several doctors reported that hydroxycloroquine (when combined with zinc and some other unpronounceable ingredient) actually saved lives at the rate of 98% of all patients who received it.  So the WHO launched a “Solidarity” drug trial for HCQ.  Good idea, right?  Except that recipients were given fatal doses in this trial.  Unsurprisingly, patients died right and left.  “Oh well, guess HCQ doesn’t work after all!” trumpeted Dr. WHO — leaving thousands of more patients to die unnecessarily.  But both Pharma and Fauci supported the WHO’s fatally-erroneous conclusions anyway.

     3.  Out in sunny California, almost no one at San Quentin prison had COVID symptoms — until the Department of Corrections imported a whole bunch of COVID-infected prisoners in from Chino prison.  Since then, seven inmates at San Quentin have died as a result.  “Hey, look!  COVID really is deadly enough to justify ruining our economy!” Wall Street and Big Pharma can now exclaim, now that one-third of San Quentin is infected.
     4.  We all know (or should know) how the death numbers have been systematically fudged throughout America after hospitals were offered $13,000 above and beyond their normal reimbursements for each patient diagnosed with COVID (even if they only coughed a few times) and up to $39,000 if said patient was also put on a ventilator before the Grim Reaper tracked him or her down.  With this new monetary incentive involved, suddenly even terminally-ill cancer patients started being listed as victims of COVID.
5.  According to pathologist Dr. John Lee, “Over the past few weeks, my sense of the surreal has been increasing.  At a time when rational interpretation of the Covid data indicates that we should be getting back to normal, we instead see an elaboration of arbitrary responses.  These are invariably explained as being ‘guided by science’.  In fact, they are doing something rather different:  being guided by models, bad data and subjective opinion.  Some of those claiming to be ‘following the science’ seem not to understand the meaning of the word.”  The result?  More and more deaths.

     6.  “But hospital staff members are still dying at great rate!” we are now being told.  Sadly, they are.  But why?  Because there isn’t enough trained staff to go around even in the best of times because med schools are just too damn expensive (we spend our money on murdering babies in the Middle East instead) — and so the staff that hospitals do have are forced to work 20-hour to 40-hour shifts, leaving our most educated medical personnel vulnerable to any strong illness that comes along.  Protect the vulnerable, stupid.  Don’t just kill them off.  Unless of course you need higher death numbers to justify the lock-down.  I Am a Man Of Constant Sorrow | O Brother, Where Art Thou? | SceneScreen

7.  Ventilators?  Ventilators do not play well with COVID.  In fact they can lead COVID patients to death’s door instead of pushing the Grim Reaper away.  Medical professionals kept telling bureaucrats this.  Over and over and over.  And for far too long a time, no bureaucrats listened.  Even more deaths resulted — driving that little red line on the death charts up and up and up.

     8.  And of course we all know (or should know) that everyone in the media started viewing Sweden with alarm.  “We must have a lock-down or we’ll end up like Sweden!”  Wrong again.  Sweden’s death rate is now lower than Finland’s or even Scotland’s — and yet our media still bad-mouths Sweden like it was some crazy evil villain with no sense at all.
     9.  This next perspective on the causes of our outrageously-high death toll is the most important one so far.  I just talked with a local environmental engineer who is absolutely terrified of COVID.  “It’s even in our sewage system!” he cried.  Of course it is.  COVID germs are everywhere now — and have been since at least the autumn of 2019 when they were found in a sewer in Madrid.  But do you know what this actually means?  It means that almost every death in America from now on can be counted as a COVID death!  Wow.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Be afraid of this justification of a lock-down that will go on for ever and ever.  Be afraid of the billions of our dollars being endlessly pumped into Big Pharma as a result.
          9.a.  Even all those totally unnecessary deaths that were actually caused by unhealthy lock-downs, evictions, job-loss, lack of medical treatment, dying children in cages and even suicides?  Count ‘em anyway.  If the COVID virus is present, then death was obviously a result of COVID, right?  Even more and more deaths to count.  Brilliant on the part of those who clearly profit from our fear.
    So, yes, COVID death numbers are being nudged up systematically.  According to physics professor Denis Rancourt, “The actual yearly ‘winter burden of death’ has not changed this year.  Bodies aren’t piling up in the streets.”  We don’t even hear more ambulance sirens screaming into the night than we heard last year, right?
     But who benefits from nudging up the death numbers?  Besides the Grim Reaper?  It’s the same sorry punks who benefited from the WMD lies, the lies about Syria, the housing crisis of 2008, the PATRIOT Act, the phony “war” on Vietnam, etc.
     Pay attention.  Stop watching TV.  Follow the money.  Vote the bastards out.  Man up.  They’re more afraid of us than we are of them.
Cytokine storms have been with us long before COVID:
Corona — the simple truth in under six minutes:
Gates gleefully announces the next crisis:  Bill Gates Gleefully Announces Next Crisis – Unlock The Lockdown

More sleazy stuff that Gates is up to:  Why the Bill Gates global health empire promises more empire and less public health | The Grayzone

More links to reliable information:
Many condemn Del Bigtree for his dramatic presentations — but when you are speaking truth to power, sometimes you just gotta get a bit passionate.  And a lot pissed off too.  Like me.
COVID is not even an official epidemic?  Not even dangerous for healthy people?  Death numbers are going down even despite all of the above.  C0R0NAVlRUS Cases Surging but Deaths are Not, Here’s Why



Stop Wall Street and War Street (and Big Pharma) from destroying our world.   And while you’re at it, please buy my books.

July 7, 2020

Haunted in Arkansas: My best birthday ever!

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     Boy did I just have an adventure.  Spent two nights at America’s most haunted hotel.  Even had a paranormal experience.  How cool is that!  Woke up in the middle of the night with an unseen hand firmly holding me in place by my waist and an authoritative male voice saying “Don’t move.”  Trust me, I didn’t.
     And then, as suddenly as he had arrived, the phantom was gone.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Hats off to the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs Arkansas for giving me the best birthday ev-ah!
    But I almost didn’t get to Arkansas at all.  “Ghost in the Machine”.  My plane was delayed at SFO, I’d missed my connection to Springfield, spent the night in a (haunt-less) hotel in Dallas and didn’t get to Bart Simpson’s home town until late the next day.
     “Sorry, you’re too late,” said my rental car person.  Fine.  I’ll just go over to that corner over there and cry for the next five days.  However, due to blind luck that didn’t happen either.  A really nice American Native jumped out of nowhere and offered to be my driver.
       “All the way to Branson?  Then on to Eureka Springs?”  Yep.  “Really?”  He had just saved the day.  Road trip!  First stop was for fried chicken, collard greens, creamed corn, ribs and blackberry cobbler at Paula Deen’s in Branson.  Yeah, I know she used the N-word.  Hey, Paula!  Black lives do matter.  But she did apologize.  A lot.  Quite a lot.  On national TV.  Over and over.  But still and all.  A whole bunch of people in the South need to apologize on national TV too.  At least Paula did it.  But her blackberry cobbler was still kind of dry.
     And then we stopped by the Cosmic Cavern, huge caves, far underground.  Here’s me, spelunking in Arkansas.  Wow.  Just wow.  Living the life.  And have the T-shirt to prove it too.  Plus no road trip through the South would be complete without a pit stop at a firing range.  “You need to lean forward, not backward, when you pull the trigger so as the recoil won’t knock you back further.”  Nailed it!  Better than Calamity Jane.
      What’s next on the menu?  More chicken and biscuits!
     And speaking of firearms, I hope that our nation’s police officers have taken notice about how they all have been casually thrown under the bus by America’s oligarchs.  “De-fund the Police!” is all we hear these days — but nothing at all about de-funding the oligarchs who they so faithfully serve.
      The Ozark Plateau here in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas is so freaking beautiful, so very fresh and green, highlighted by its paleolithic limestone trim.  And it turns out that Mary Ballard, my Cherokee great-grandmother, was actually born in the Ozarks too.  She only moved to Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and Roswell, New Mexico, later on.  I gots Ozark DNA!  How heart-warming are these green rolling hills.  I could live here forever — as long as I win the lottery first.  And have access to wi-fi.  
      Back at Branson two days later, we went to a show — Dolly Parton’s Stampede.  Trick-riding on horseback, dancing, comedy and real longhorns and buffalo too.  And a whole rotisserie chicken apiece plus pork chops, biscuits, corn on the cob, cream vegetable soup and apple turnovers.  Dolly herself wasn’t in the show but they did play a video of her telling us that America was one country, united, and we’d better start acting like that.  Or words to that effect.  Dolly always has class.
      There were 600 people in the Stampede audience.  Only eight of them wore face masks.  I counted.  Wouldn’t it be ironic if Missouri and Arkansas achieved herd immunity within just a few months — while the rest of America is still hunkered down in fear and piteously whining that there is “no vaccine”.

        My American Native guide then dropped me back off at the Springfield airport.  He had saved the day.  He’d allowed me to play Ghost Busters at a genuine haunted hotel!  Boundless thanks to him.  Happy birthday to me.

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