January 30, 2010

Our Liberal Media at Work on John Edwards


January 29, 2010

Two Giants Have Fallen

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Both died Wednesday, Jan. 27th of natural causes, J.D. Salinger was 91; Howard Zinn was 87.

Read more about Salinger here.

Read more about Zinn here.

A sampling of quotes from Howard Zinn:


January 28, 2010

Finally, Some Republicans Go to Jail


January 26, 2010

The Tattlesnake — His Majesty O’Keefe: Karma Chameleon Edition

There are just some stories that warm the cockles and whatever else is in the Tattler’s heart — this is one of them.

Remember this phony Republican ‘Simp Pimp’ that I wrote about in December 2009 in “Why the GOP Hates ACORN and the Poor”?


Well, now he’s in the pokey for committing a federal felony in attempting to bug the offices of Louisiana Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu. I can’t wait to read the right-wing blogs reaction to their ACORN Golden Boy turned latter-day Watergate Twit, and it would also be interesting to read the reaction of real pimps in the Graybar Academy when presented with this pathetic dweeb. When they’re finished laughing, that is. Don’t drop the soap, Little Jimmy!

Here’s an excerpt from the MSNBC story today:

Activist filmmaker arrested in senator’s office


January 25, 2010

Rush or Rusha?


January 24, 2010

Ye Old Scribe Presents: “Yes, Virginia, Corporations ARE People Too”

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“Because all ‘people’ with rights also have responsibilities.”

Damn Pinko Socialist Commie Liberals. Don’t they know, Virginia, that corporations are people too? And like humans they have responsibilities, or they’re SUPPOSED TO. If that’s so, then Scribe is “A-OK” with corporate person-hood.

Now we have a conundrum, a quandry, a problem. Do we execute only the brain or all the cells of that “person?” If Halliburton is found to have helped terrorists, or harmed the troops, do we waterboard the CEO or every employee? Blackwater supplies our enemies with talking points? Off to Gitmo they go. And, by the way, since Junior’s Crime Syndicate gave the Taliban millions of dollars just before 9/11 that Scribe figures went right into the pockets of the plotters, should we have Junior and his sleazy, plastic wifey watch while soldiers rape the two Bush sluts, just like some prisoners had to watch their kids raped? Maybe hook up some live wires and make Laura stand in a pool of water? Piss on their Bibles: use the pages as toilet paper?

Well, if corporations are people, then all their employees should be available to be snatched off the streets, or out of an airport because that’s “international ground,” not national, and turned into vegetables, just like Jose’ Padilla.

If corporations and crime families are people with free speech rights: more rights then everyone else since they have a hell of a lot more money, then they have a lot more responsibilities, right?

Oh, boy. Scribe CAN’T WAIT!

Can he help pour the water or pull the switch?

Just call if you need him.

He’ll be waiting.

Breaking the Monty Python Argument addiction

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The famous philosopher Montague Python devised the most popular circular argument of all times when he posited the hypotheses that contradicting is a legitimate, scholarly method of argumentation and he subsequently spawned a cottage industry in academic circles for professors and PhD candidates to assert the converse theorem: “No; it isn’t!”

The Republicans have adapted the Python-esque attitude regarding the possibility that global warming will kill off all the polar bears (even the massive colony of expat white bears living in zoos around the world?) by disqualifying any scientific preditions designed to elicit sympathy for the gigantic brutes.

The Democrats have embraced the challenge in such a wholehearted and enthusiastic way that some observers are alarmed about the possibility that the Democrats are showing symptoms of addiction in their compulsive responses to the Republican invitations to put aside substantive topics and, instead, waste some campaign time by continually injecting new scientific information into the argument which, by the Republican ground rules, automatically disqualifies the material that is (in the Republicans’ august opinion) worthy of a room of its own in the Mad Scientists Hall of Fame.

Here is a hypothetical transcript of how to play the game:
Dem: A new scientific report says that all polar bears will drown because the polar ice cap is melting.
Rep: Where does it say that in the Bible?
Dem: But if you read the report, surely, you will admit that without a polar ice cap, the polar bears will soon disappear form this earth.
Rep: Don’t call me Shirley.
Dem: So you don’t care if all the polar bears drown?
Rep: Polar bears are known for their remarkable long distance swimming ability, polar bear skeletons have been found on Samoa. (Republicans are not confined to reality. For Democrats, truth is a self imposed restriction limiting their retorts.)
Dem: Don’t you care about Global Warming?
Rep: If you could prove it exists, I most certainly would, but for now, I think it’s like the “theory” that if I flap my arms fast enough, I’ll start to fly. Aren’t scientists the ones who say that, according to the laws of aerodynamics, bees can’t fly?
Dem: I’ll do anything I have to, to prove that Global Warming really exists.
Rep: Anything? . . . ?
Dem: Science has proved conclusively that global warming is occurring and that polar bears are in peril.
Rep: No! It doesn’t!

Here’s a suggestion for Democrats who want to argue logically and simultaneously break out of their addiction to the Monty Python game: issue this challenge: given the fact that you don’t believe in Global Warming because you don’t’ believe in science, how about this: The Democratic Party will build you a World Headquarters for the Science Skeptics (AKA the Republican elite SS Society) Association on the atomic proving ground’s “Ground Zero” conveniently located close to Las Vegas! Whatcha say? Free!

At that point the Republicans would face a philosophic crisis. They must accept the dare because if they decline the offer, the discussion will then put them on the defensive. If they want to decline the offer based on any scientific reasons, then they have been proven to be hypocrites; if they decline and attribute it to “common sense,” then they can be asked what common sense tells them about the photos that show a shrinking polar icecap. If they don’t believe in photos; ask them if you can buy all their family album photos, home movies, and negatives. Do they use family snapshots to remind themselves that grandpa and grandma really existed (and looked groovy in their youth?)? If they don’t believe in photographic evidence, then they don’t need family snapshots and should jump at the chance to sell them off. Isn’t offering a Republican a chance to make some easy money just like offering a drink to an alcoholic?

If they accept the offer, the Democrats should use reconciliation to get legal permission to build such a facility and then they should build it and turn it over to the Republican Society of Science Skeptics.

If the Democrats wanted to use methodology as mean and crooked as the Republicans utilize, they might want to run ads showing victims of disabilities acquired by fighting in territory where Agent Orange was used. The spokesmen could then say that only scientists disapproved of using Agent Orange and that there was absolutely nothing in the Bible that would indicate that there was any reason to avoid waging war with or living where it had been used for defoliation. Has the use Agent Orange been abandoned in the Bush Wars just because of scientific evidence? (Have you noticed that there are no trees or vegetables growing in the Tora Bora pass?)

What does the Bible say about accepting this generous offer (a free headquarters building on Ground Zero) from the Democrats? Did any polar bears offer to testify at the Scope’s Trial?

Question: If Bible thumping conservatives are diagnosed with cancer do they seek help by going to an African witch doctor or do they head for an American doctor who relies heavily on science? What does the Bible say about chemo-therapy? Shouldn’t Republican Christians turn down any and all recommendations for such cancer treatments?

The Global warming circular argument might, in the final inning, boil down to an old Republican election slogan’s advise: “If God meant for man to fly; He would have given him wings!” Amen, brother!

Now, the disk jockey will play the Foreigner’s song “Blinded by Science,” Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me With Science,” and Elvis’ “Viva Las Vegas.” Whew, we need to go take a reinvigorating look at some photos taken back when it was clever to ask a girl: “Wanna see my Walmetto?” Have a “Sock it to me!” type week.

Ye Olde Scribe’s Incredible, Barely Edible, Quote Machine

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“Dems don’t eat Rocky Mountain Oysters. They eat their own.”

“I’d ask how I got into this party of eunuchs, but that’s SO unfair. Eunuchs have more balls.”


January 23, 2010

Onward Neocon Soldiers, Fighting As to Orwell!


January 22, 2010

Welcome to Fascist America — An Unfunny Cartoon


January 21, 2010

Shocked By Brown’s Election, DC Dems Will Go the Wrong Way


January 19, 2010

Roger Ailes — On His Way Out at Fox News?


Read the full Guardian story here.

January 18, 2010

Beck and Palin — Glenn and Glenda?


January 17, 2010

The Last of Sarah?



January 16, 2010

Ye Olde Scribe Presents: Another Spy Fly Off the Wall Report

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Photobucket provided picture of marbles plotting

Regular readers know that Scribe has a literal army of spy flies that leave his Anti-Archie bunker and return with reports. Has anyone noticed no one plays tiddlywinks anymore? Just where have all the marbles gone? Here’s spy fly: serial number 4563XHICCUP2′s, report. It’s a spy fly image of a news release for an upcoming event.

Washington: 2012, November- Human beings. Lay down your weapons. Sarah Fumblemouth Palin, step back from accepting those bogus election results. (Thanks, Diebold/ES&S, or whatever you call yourselves now.) We, the worldwide marble conspiracy, are declaring world domination.

Aggies and Micas will take back all the mineral rich areas where you have enslavement millions over the years to mine for riches. Beachball marbles will immediately proceed to any place Jimmy Buffet has been. Devil’s Eyes and Sulphide will rule over Washington, DC: since no other decent marble wants to venture into HELL.

Other assignments to follow.

We have come to the conclusion that humanity is simply not intelligent enough to rule this planet. The past 50 years you have really been losing it, from Flat Earthers, to Birthers, to Whitewater, to going to war over lies; you simply are not a sentient species. Torture as an acceptable method for those claiming to love “freedom?” COMMON PEOPLE!!!

Take, for example, Barack Obama who promised health care, pushed for it, then let Congress go on break so they could rally their troops with BS. Then tosses out all the things his base wanted just to get SOMETHING passed? Let Joe LIE-berboy rule? Come on. Intelligent? Even an addled Adie knows better than that. Or Barack likes what happened in Haiti because he can “use it?” Even the most putz-y Lutzes are smarter than Steely-balls Lush Dimbulb.

You are like kids who play with us and lose us simply by walking away. Except Glen Schmeckus the Beckus; who never had any marbles to begin with.

Resist us and we will be under foot, under your wheels: everywhere. You have been warned. You are the ones who have been losing your marbles for years.

For Disaster Crap, It’s Pat!


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