September 30, 2010

Prove Jeff wrong and win $100

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Help the the Wounded Warrior’s and America by sharing this article; Prove Jeff wrong and win $100 | Red White Blue News.

“I read a note written by a friend named Jeff on Facebook that asked several questions about a rally being held this weekend in Washington DC by several communist, socialist, racist and America hating groups. Jeff was asking how Obama and his organization that he created could support this rally with so many radical groups involved. He was upset that Americans could not put 2+2 together just like in the Presidential campaign when people ignored Obama’s radical pals. He could not understand why Americans would overlook such a big issue. How could Americans not be outraged with the groups our President was associating with?”

I don’t consider Jeff worth the time it takes to register on this site.

So long as Jeff (and those like him) believes that people of other races, other religions, or other sexual proclivities are somehow less American...

So long as he believes that groups which work to defend the rights of Americans are actually working against him…

So long as he believes that anything with the word “social” is automatically evil…

Then no one can convince him otherwise. I strongly suggest that Jeff investigate Iran as his new home, they seem to share some of his ideals. In fact, I personally think that those who think that only their narrow vision is the “true” America are the ones who will end up destroying this country and what it stands for.

I grew up to love an America that derives its power from the people of the country, and uses that power to make things better for those people   Not for God, Guns, and Profits.

Maybe that America never existed except in my mind.  But that’s the America that the “radical” groups that offend Jeff so much are trying to bring to reality.

Jeff’s not worth my time.  Maybe some of you will feel differently.  If so, then go for it – it’s a free country.

Teabaggers in Paradise or End of the GOP?


YouTube – Still a Lie (Portal, Still Alive parody)

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YouTube – Still a Lie (Portal, Still Alive parody).

September 28, 2010

Mama Grizzly Versus the Pristine Christine?


September 27, 2010

More Americana: Bryce Canyon, Proposition 8 and a truck stop

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Right now I’m off driving around Utah. And in Park City yesterday, I went to a branch office of the Mormon family heritage center and they helped me trace my ancestors back to North Carolina, back from before the Trail of Tears. Wow. The center even printed me out a copy of an original 1900 Oklahoma census tract. It actually had my great-grandmother Mary’s name on it — and the names of her ten children as well.

And I was recently telling someone in Salt Lake City about how much I liked Utah. “You sound surprised,” he replied. And I was. My only experience with Mormons (aside from my cute high school boyfriend) came from the time that they poured millions of dollars into a California election in a clear effort to dictate to us how we should think and and how we should vote — subtly instructing us that we were supposed to hate gay people.

After visiting SLC, I was off to Bryce Canyon — which is really amazing. You should go there sometime. I think you might be as amazed as I was. And on the way there, I pulled over at a truck stop to get something to eat — and was amazed at that too. There was aisle after aisle, filled to overflowing, with stuff that was bad for you. You name it, they had it — starting with Twinkies and chips and working their way up. I took photos. I’m going to put an exhibit up on Facebook. “The Way America Eats”.

Next I crossed the Utah-Arizona border and one of the first things I saw there was a store’s billboard that read, “Lotto, Ammo, Guns and Beer”. Welcome to Arizona.

Some Homeland Security bureaucrat has recently stated that Arizona’s draconian immigration laws are “a desperate cry for help.” So here’s some help for you, guys. GET RID OF NAFTA! And also John McCain.

In addition, I would also recommend that we stop worrying about closing our borders to Mexico and start worrying about closing our borders to China! “Why is that?” you might ask. Because most of America’s jobs are being sent overseas — to China and elsewhere. And who knows? Someday we too may be forced to become undocumented aliens, sneaking over the border from Hong Kong as we too follow the jobs.

However, there’s gonna be one big problem with that one. Think how easy it will be for the Chinese government to “racially profile” us!

PS: Right before I left Berkeley in search of the Great American Experience, I heard someone make a very interesting statement: “I’ll NEVER work retail again!”

“Sorry, dude,” I should have said, “you’re plum out of luck on that one. Most of America is employed in the service industry these days. It’s retail or else!”

All over The West, I have seen this again and again — people employed in the service industry, mostly tourism. But guess what? The service industry, in the end, is NOT economically viable. People can take turns being providers and customers all they want and pretend for days, weeks, months, years that this [circular illusion] is producing a healthy economy — but it is not.

Unfortunately, America’s true economic reality has already immigrated to the steel mills and manufacturing plants of China and the sweatshops of Asia.

Further, according to Tim Lange at the Daily Kos, America’s infrastructure is also falling apart — but China’s isn’t. “Europe…puts 5 percent of its gross domestic product into infrastructure spending and China 9 percent. In the United States, it’s only 2.4 percent. Nearly two years ago, the ASCE estimated the five-year investment needed for infrastructure at $2.2 trillion.”

So if I want to continue my road trip in style, I may have to go over and drive around in China.

PPS: The next stop on my trip will be the Grand Canyon!


Ye Olde Scribe’s Beery Good Solution to Poverty

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YOS has pondered poverty for most of his life. What to do. What to do. All those welfare queens in their limos that crowd our streets picking up their food stamps for doing nothing. You’ve seen them, right? Why one of those welfare queens almost ran over Scribe yesterday on the way to get his welfare check. DAMN YOU ELTON JOHN! Well, that’s what the vanity plate said.

Those ^%$#@ pansy Liberals won’t let us carve the poor up and serve them for Thanksgiving.

What to do. What to do.

Making beer is cheap.

FOXhole Tales – Jive City Ad Woman

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September 26, 2010

Christine O’Donnell – Agent of Satan?


September 25, 2010

Creating beauty: My travels through Idaho & Utah

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While traveling across South Dakota and Wyoming during the past week, I’ve become really upset by the way that westward-expanding ranchers and settlers in the 19th century basically used genocide to steal Native-American land. “Get out of our way, we’re not going to share and if you complain we will kill you,” seemed to be the new guys’ approach to real estate acquisition — and seeing the results of this genocidal land-grab up close has pretty much pissed me off.

But when I went to the National Oregon/California Trail Center in Montpelier, Idaho, I got another side of the picture explained to me. Those early pioneers were also heroes in their own way. The tremendous hardships that they stoically endured in order to acquire their own land in The West were scary, brutal and impressive. How many Americans today could or would be able to walk approximately 2,000 miles through hostile mountains, prairies and deserts in order to find a better life for their children? Not many.

The Native-Americans of the Old West were noble. But after seeing the real-to-life exhibits at Montpelier, I realized that the Euro-American settlers had been noble too, and that the immoral injustices committed by settlers back then didn’t lie solely upon their shoulders, but rather were the result of a larger system of human values that was operational at that time — a system that seemed to deliberately create misery and poverty and then exploit it.

“But, Jane,” you might say, “that sounds a bit like you are advocating Socialism.” Hmmm. Why not? I got nothing against Socialism. It works really well in Sweden and Norway.

Another thing that has struck me here Wyoming and Idaho is that there are a whole bunch of public service announcements warning teenagers against methamphetamines. Warnings teens against meth? Meth is a big problem out here? “Yes”.

One ad shows a middle-class couple huddled in fear inside of their home while someone violently tries to break down their front door. Then the camera pans to the outside of the home and shows us that the dangerous home-invader is none other than their freaking SON, now a meth-head, slamming into their door with his shoulder and screaming, “Let me in! I’m going to kill you!”

That ad made me VERY glad that I live in California — where they only use relatively harmless drugs like Prozac, bourbon and pot.

Then on to Salt Lake City, where I attended a rehearsal of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The beauty of the sound of its 350 voices was so overwhelming that I was almost in tears.

I left the tabernacle last night, completely convinced that the very most important thing that a person can do while alive in this world is to create beauty too.

When I get back home, that’s just what I’m going to do — create beauty. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it, being almost tone-deaf — but I’m surely going to try, even if it just means that me and my granddaughter Mena get out some blank paper and a big box of crayons.

PS: And speaking of settlers, here’s journalist David Pratt’s latest column from the Glasgow Sunday Herald — entitled “Diplomacy must keep the Gates of Hell firmly closed”.

Remember back in the day, when we were told that the USSR was a huge scary nuclear threat? Well, we’ve got some new scary nuclear bogymen now — and now they are all in the Middle East. How did that change happen so fast?

Here’s Pratt’s article, FYI:

One of the most chilling remarks I ever heard came from an Israeli Defence Force spokesman during the Gulf War of 1991. It took place at a press conference in the Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel following a few nights of Iraqi Scud missile attacks on Israeli cities.

A reporter posed the question as to what Israel’s response might be if one of Saddam’s missiles contained, say, sarin or some other chemical or biological agent.

“We would turn Baghdad into a sheet of glass,” came the spokesman’s immediate reply. It was a scary moment. No conferring, no hesitation, just an implied nuclear strike. At the time, he left no-one in any doubt that he meant what he said. But, then, when it comes to its own security, Israel usually means what is says. Whatever your take on the rights and wrongs of the Israelis’ policy in the Middle East, it’s worth remembering that had they not bombed Iraq’s nuclear reactor in Osirak in 1981, the chances are Saddam Hussein’s regime would, indeed, have had weapons of mass destruction by the time the US and Britain went to war there in 2003.

Three years ago, Israel once again made it clear that it was not prepared to live with the chance that a neighbouring country would acquire a nuclear weapons capability to match the one the Jewish state itself has always strenuously denied possessing. On that occasion, it wiped out a North Korean-built reactor in Syria. The military operation, many said, had all the hallmarks of a dress rehearsal for the one it would inflict on Iran, should its patience run out with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s current determination to face down international efforts aimed at having him rein in his country’s nuclear ambitions.

Now, I accept there are those who would bitterly contest Israel’s right to decide which countries should or shouldn’t be allowed to have a nuclear arsenal of their own. It’s a fair enough point. But, invariably, it’s one usually made by those who don’t have to live in Israel, or have little grasp of the stark security threat posed by certain extremist states that sit cheek-by-jowl with their Jewish counterpart.

Already, I can hear howls of disapproval from certain quarters over that last observation. And I take the point that when it comes to extremist states, Israel itself at times doesn’t do a bad job of fitting the bill. There is no question that Israel has its own extremist tendencies. As regular readers of this column will know, I have never been an apologist for the military excesses of the Israeli government or the resulting human rights abuses suffered by ordinary Palestinians, Lebanese and others because of its policies. But before resorting to political type, as so many of us do when faced with the question of Israel’s behaviour in the region, let’s just pause for a moment and ask ourselves this question. How would you react to the possibility that a sworn enemy next door, such as Iran, hell-bent on the destruction of your country, was acquiring the means to do just that?

Indeed, how many of us can honestly say that even here, far from Israel, we feel comfortable with the idea of Mr Ahmadinejad – or, indeed, anyone else – having his finger on the nuclear button? I’m no more an apologist for Israel than I am for Tony Blair, but the former PM was right to flag up the dangers of a nuclear Iran when interviewed recently on television during the launch of his political memoirs.

Where, of course, I would differ with Mr Blair’s take is on how the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran should be dealt with. The time has not yet come for the sort of sabre-rattling or all-out military intervention Mr Blair advocated should Iran refuse to kowtow. Realising though that perhaps they’re living on borrowed time as patience rapidly runs out in Israel, the international community of late has dramatically increased its diplomatic pressure on Tehran.

On Wednesday, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany offered the Iranians another chance to enter negotiations, while reiterating that it remained essential for the Islamic state to prove its programme is peaceful. The same day, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev issued a decree banning all sales of S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems to Iran. Under US and Israeli pressure, it was something of a U-turn for Moscow, having signed a 2007 contract to sell the sophisticated systems that could boost Iran’s ability to defend against air strikes.

Then, yesterday, it was the turn of UK Foreign Secretary William Hague to hold his first face-to-face meeting with his Iranian counterpart, Manouchehr Mottaki, taking him to task about his country’s nuclear intentions and human rights record. While Mr Hague stressed the UK didn’t want to be an enemy of Tehran, he emphasised the need for the regime to engage with the international community. And all of this, of course, is how it should be. The problem is that, in Washington, and certainly in Jerusalem, there are those less interested in diplomatic solutions than they are in unleashing the dogs of war.

Only last month John Bolton – yes, the same neo-con and former US ambassador to the United Nations who pushed so hard for a war in Iraq – stressed that Israel must launch a military attack against Iran “within days.” Echoing Mr Bolton, Jeffrey Goldberg, a reporter who often covers the Middle East, wrote in The Atlantic magazine, that interviews he conducted with 40 “Israeli decision-makers” and US officials convinced him that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was likely to order a military strike against Iran next spring if international diplomatic efforts failed and the US didn’t act first. Earlier this week, Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak warned Barack Obama that history will judge his presidency largely on whether or not Iran went nuclear on his watch. A nuclear Iran, said Mr Barak, will start an arms race among several members of the Middle Eastern community and give a “tailwind to global jihad”.

With political hawks such as these circling and their anger mounting over what they see as the international community’s foot-dragging and Iran’s defiance, there is the clear and present danger that voices of reason and diplomacy might once again be drowned out.

Back in 2003, around the time when everyone knew that the Bush administration had already decided to invade Iraq, Arab League secretary-general Amr Moussa warned that such a move would “open the gates of hell in the Middle East”. Should Israel, the US or anyone else choose military intervention as a means of bringing Iran to heel, those gates will once gain be thrown wide. And should such a doomsday scenario unfold, it’s hard to imagine indeed how they could ever again be closed.

PPS: Here’s my latest FaceBook page posting from Utah: ‎”Never travel to a foreign country without gel,” says my daughter Ashley. And that applies to domestic travel too. I’m leaving Salt Lake City for Bryce today. Travel is broadening — but hard on one’s knees. And here’s a photo from the main street of Afton, Wyoming, where “The Last Air Bender” is the only show in town.121_0591

September 24, 2010

What Would Christine O’Donnell Have to Say to Make the Teabaggers Dump Her?


For more Crazy Christine quotes, go here.

September 23, 2010

Dick Cheney & other elusive wildlife in the Grand Tetons

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After seeing the wonders of Yellowstone, what could possibly be more impressive than that? The Grand Tetons! Wow!

And I saw my first moose today — four of them, actually. They were peacefully standing by the Snake River, drinking martinis and wearing Raiders T-shirts (just kidding).

Then my next stop was Jackson Hole, where they have a store that sells the world’s best ice cream. “No, no, no! The world’s best ice cream comes from Russia,” somebody said, and we were about to come to blows over this but then the conflict got resolved when we discovered that apparently the people who make MOOS ice cream also come from Russia. I’m so glad I don’t live in Jackson. I’d eat a MOOS every day.

Then while I was happily gawking at all the tourists in Jackson — who in turn were gawking at the Million-Dollar Cowboy Bar, the Snake River Grill, the Wort Hotel and phony cowboy leather jackets for sale for thousands of dollars each, Jackson got hit by a humongous thunder storm and I had to run for it, catching the city bus to keep out of the downpour.

“I hear that Dick Cheney lives around here,” I commented to one of the other passengers — and, boy howdy, was he ready to spill!

“I hate Dick Cheney!” he said. “When I was a kid, I used to throw rocks at his house. But now he lives out in the high-and-mighty part of town and you can’t even get close enough to hurl.”

Hey. I hate Dick Cheney too!

“That man is responsible for killing almost as many women and children as Stalin.” Well, maybe not THAT many. But close — if you count all the American GIs killed in his totally unnecessary foreign wars and the million-plus dead Iraqis and Afghans….

“That Cheney is such a cold fish. I bet that ice runs in his veins,” continued my home-grown political analyst — as I enthusiastically nodded my head.

“But what pisses me off most,” I replied, throwing in my two cents worth too, “is that he pretends to be such a Wyoming cowboy. Ha. A Spandex cowboy maybe….”

“No, Cheney’s not a cowboy. He’s an oilman, just like Bush. Wyoming is one of the largest producers of coal in the world. And there’s oil here too. Cheney’s got his fingers in all of that. The man is a vampire, draining Americans of every cent he can get.”

I couldn’t argue with that. Plus there was a full moon last night. “So. Tell me. Where does Cheney keep his crypt?”

“Sorry, lady — you look like a nice person and all that, but for all I know you could be with the CIA. I’m not gonna tell.”

“Not even if I promise to buy you a hot caramel sundae from MOOS?” Faced with that kind of suptle interrogation technique, the man broke down and spilled the location of Cheney’s secret vampire crypt to me, right there on the bus. But a lot of good that’s gonna do me — I forgot to pack any garlic.

PS: My next stop on this trip will be Salt Lake City, where I’m scheduled to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing — and then it’s on to Bryce National Park. “Nothing around me but Rockies and sky….”


To see some of my photos, click here:


Does Rachel read Bartcop?

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“The Democrats have begun to do something amazing — all of a sudden they’re waging politics, acting as if they want to win the 2010 election. ”

The Rachel Maddow Show – Breaking: Democrats might want to win.

Amazing Secret Stops Fox News ‘Bedwetting’

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September 22, 2010

More “High Plains Drifter” adventures: Yellowstone, buffaloes, old people & justice

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By preserving Yellowstone National Park, Americans have really done something right!

While Bush, Cheney and Obama have been busy screwing up the Middle East bigtime and squandering a trillion dollars there for nothing, the fact that two million acres of pristine wilderness have been carefully preserved for future generations has given us Americans a true opportunity to pat ourselves on the back.

And Yellowstone truly lives up to its rep.

Even the thousands of acres of dead trees left over from the massive fire of 1988 are quite impressive – in a zombie-forest, living-dead sort of way.

Imagine if we had spent a trillion dollars on national parks instead of on killing strangers in Iraq. The mind boggles at the wonderfulness that would have resulted — and at the lost opportunities we have let slip through our fingers.

And then I actually saw Old Faithful! Me and about 800 other tourists. “But you should have seen it here in July,” said a waitress at the Old Faithful Lodge, the world’s largest log cabin. “In only one day, we hosted over 25,000 visitors!” And boy can I understand why they came here. This place is magical.

“Yellowstone is also one of the only places in the world,” said a ranger, “where you can actually see some of the type of volcanic activity that is always taking place right under our feet — no matter where we are on the planet.” Do you mean to say that all that magma and steam that I am seeing here can also be found right under my feet back home in Berkeley? “Yes.”

Then I saw two gigantic buffaloes and two gigantic elks – within 25 feet of me! Trust me, I backed right off. Those guys are fierce! And you should see all my fabulous photos of Yellowstone too. I have approximately 600 of them. Thank goodness for digital.

Okay. Enough about nature. Let’s get back to talking about my favorite subject again — justice. Every religion in the world has a soft spot for justice. Me too.

According to, the definition of justice is “The quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness: to uphold the justice of a cause.”

So why should I be going all out, full-tilt for justice — when the main historical rule for the rest of mankind seems to be “Might makes Right” and “If you can conquer it, it’s yours”? I don’t know. I just LIKE justice — better than the bully approach to life. If you had a choice between Genghis Khan and Jesus, who would you chose?

Anyway, speaking of justice, today I talked to the first African-American I’ve seen since I arrived in “The West” six days ago, even after traveling all through South Dakota and Wyoming. Face it guys, racial diversity pretty much doesn’t exist here — hardly at all. Maybe that’s why so many people out here seem to hate Obama so much. To them, perhaps he isn’t seen as our President, but rather as one of “The Other,” the unknown. I guess none of them ever watched Sesame Street when they were kids.

To someone like me, however, who lives in a VERY economically, culturally and racially diverse community, Sarah Palin and Glen Beck are “The Other”.

And, unbelievably, I also just saw my first Native-American today. South Dakota and Wyoming seem to have almost NO Indians, outside of ones living on reservations. I don’t even know what to think about that — except that the genocide and concentration camp programs here must have been a complete success. I guess Sudan, Israel, Myanmar and China could come here and take lessons. Yuck!

PS: Aside from being able to glory in the wonders of America’s national parks, another good thing that has come out of this trip is that, while on the road, I’ve met a whole lot of senior citizens that I have really liked — which has made me stop worrying so much about getting old. If they can do it with such flash and charm, then so can I.

And I’ve also met a lot of really nice married couples out here on the road too — which is also good. After having witnessed my own parents’ dismally unhappy marriage for so many years, it never even occurred to me that there might be a possibility that married people might still actually enjoy each others’ company years after the honeymoon is over — and that participating in said unions might have actually enhanced both of their lives.

“Love stands for Looking For Good,” someone once told me, “and if any marriage [gay, straight or polka-dot] is going to work out, that is what you constantly must do — keep looking for good in your spouse.”

And perhaps this philosophy should also be applied to our attitude toward people considered to be “The Other”. And then, perhaps, we might have more justice in our world — and we too could be enhanced by the presence of “Others”.

PPS: The next stop on my whirlwind tour of America’s various urban and wilderness areas will be the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole — home to Spandex cowboy Dick Cheney. Or at least that’s where Cheney currently keeps his crypt.


To see photos of Yellowstone, click here:

September 21, 2010

Christine O’Donnell’s Fraudulent Use of Campaign Funds

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Regardless of her silly slamming of masturbation as ‘adultery’ (read the definition of adultery, Christine), or her lurid tales of teenage midnight picnics on a satanic altar, Christine O’Donnell has a serious credibility problem; for a woman who says she wouldn’t lie to the Nazis to save Jews from the camps, she has proven she’ll quickly lie to save her political future. Now her flagrant past misuse of campaign funds is about to put her, appropriately for a teabagger, in very hot water.

Here’s the press release from CREW on their call to investigate O’Donnell’s incredible criminal malfeasance.


20 Sept 2010 // Washington, D.C. -Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed complaints with the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against newly-minted Delaware senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell (R) for using campaign funds for personal living expenses. By misusing campaign funds, Ms. O’Donnell committed the crime of conversion; by lying about her expenditures on forms she filed with the FEC, she committed false statements; and by failing to include the campaign funds she misappropriated as income, she committed tax evasion.

“Christine O’Donnell is clearly a criminal, and like any crook she should be prosecuted,” said Melanie Sloan, CREW Executive Director. “Ms. O’Donnell has spent years embezzling money from her campaign to cover her personal expenses. Republicans and Democrats don’t agree on much these days, but both sides should agree on one point: thieves belong in jail not the United States Senate.”

CREW’s complaint is based, in part, on the affidavit of former campaign aide David Keegan. Mr. Keegan explained that in 2009, when Ms. O’Donnell was out of money, she paid her landlord, Brent Vasher, two months rent out of her campaign funds. On FEC forms, Ms. O’Donnell called the expenditures “expense reimbursements.” Mr. Keegan also attested that Ms. O’Donnell routinely used campaign funds for meals and gas, and even a bowling outing. This is not surprising given that Ms. O’Donnell has not held a steady job or had a discernable source of income for many years.

“If you need money to pay the rent and eat, you get a job; you don’t start a Senate campaign so unsuspecting donors can support you,” said Sloan.

CREW has asked the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office to start an immediate criminal inquiry and has asked the FEC to conduct a full audit of all of Ms. O’Donnell’s campaign expenses to learn the full extent of Ms. O’Donnell’s thievery.

CLICK HERE [.pdf file] to read CREW’s letter to Delaware U.S. Attorney David C. Wiess, requesting an investigation.

CLICK HERE [.pdf file] to read CREW’s letter of complaint to the FEC regarding Christine O’Donnell.

CLICK HERE [.pdf file] to see CREW’s exhibits of evidence regarding Christine O’Donnell.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is a non-profit legal watchdog group dedicated to holding public officials accountable for their actions. For more information, please visit or contact Garrett Russo at 202.408.5565 or

Christine O’Donnell’s Witch Tales


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