September 10, 2010

It Can Still Happen Here


Beck’s Miracle

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God Hates Bambi

Abstinance-only education

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September 9, 2010

The Conservapedia Delusion of Andrew Schafly

As Stephen Colbert remarked during a speech at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner at which a visibly uncomfortable ‘President’ Junior Bush was on the dais, “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

To counter that perceived ‘bias’ at Wikipedia, Eagle Forum nutcase Phyllis Schafly’s kid, Andrew, mounted a dimwitted Christopublican-Free Market-Literal Bible site in 2006 to spread the neoconservative message with bile-laced faith-based delusion, the same delusion that’s damn near destroyed the country, and may succeed in tearing it apart yet. But, hilariously enough, even the Bible as it’s written is not conservative enough for raggedy Andy – he actually launched a ‘Conservative Bible Project’ to rewrite those portions he considers too ‘liberal.’ (One would guess that would be any passage expressing kindness for the homeless and poor, berating the rich and telling them to give their possessions away, or asking the reader to forgive one’s enemies and renounce the judging of others.)

Here, Bob Carroll of the Skeptic’s Dictionary drags the little Liar-For-Jesus and his buncombe-packed ‘encyclopedia’ over the glowing hot coals of rationality:

The Conservapedia Delusion

By Bob Carroll
The Skeptic’s Dictionary Newsletter (Skepdic)
Vol. 9 No. 9
September 3, 2010

The group of Christian conservatives (led by Andrew Schafly) who run Conservapedia call their confabulations and rewriting of history, biology, and everything else under the sun, an alternative to “liberal” Wikipedia. Worse, they call their own set of fairy tales “the trustworthy encyclopedia.” They swear to it on a stack of Bibles so it must be true. Their delusions are matched only by the paranormal evangelicals at Skeptical Investigations.

The Conservapedia folks have an entry for “Skepdic,” where they chide me for not listing global warming and evolution as “junk science.” To these puerile jabberwocks, vorpal swords in hand, theology is the queen of the sciences. Under the “contents” heading for their Skepdic entry, they note: “The website also contains articles attacking Biblical history such as Noah’s Ark.” The story of Noah is literal history to these choir boys.

I’m referred to as a “militant” atheist, whatever that is. If you click on “atheist” you find these neo-con confabulators writing: “Unlike Christianity, which is supported by a large body of sound evidence, atheism has no proof and evidence supporting its ideology.” A man could crack a few ribs with falling-down laughter at the claims these clowns make. By proof and evidence I suppose they mean faith. They get very nasty–nasty as only an idiotologist can get. The nicest thing they say about atheism is that it is an ideology. It isn’t an ideology, by any definition, but correct usage of terms is as irrelevant as getting the facts straight to these theocrats. The rest of their diatribe against atheism qualifies them for the Phil Plait certifiable-dick-of-the-year-award.

Dumbest Website Ever

It would be impossible to identify the dumbest website ever, but in addition to Conservapedia I would put Saberpoint in the top ten. Saberpoint’s motto is “riding roughshod over the asinine and idiotic” while “supporting the conservative cause and the tea party movement.”

© 2010 Bob Carroll.

While I’m not necessarily an atheist – deeply cynical agnostic is more like it — and tend to agree with J.B.S. Haldane’s quote: “Now, my suspicion is that the universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.… I suspect that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of, in any philosophy,” I admire Bob Carroll and his Skeptic’s Dictionary for attempting to bring some needed rational and scientific enlightenment to a country that’s drowning in revisionist history, goofball religious gullibility, and pure idiotic tripe.

September 8, 2010

American Taliban, “Machete” & how right-wingers are putting OUR lives in danger

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I just went to hear Markos Moulitsas give a talk about his most recent book, “American Taliban: How War, Sex, Sin, and Power Bind Jihadists and the Radical Right”. Then I went out and saw that hot new movie “Machete”. What a great combination!

Moulitsas stated that, “American fundamentalists have the same methods and goals as the [Afghan] Taliban. They both use violence to solve problems, hate women and gays and insist on dominating our religious views and controlling our children’s educational process.” Or words to that effect. “And both of them hate democracy when it doesn’t agree with their agenda.”

And what exactly is the American Taliban’s agenda? If you ignore all their rhetoric about “Freedom” and “Saving the Constitution from Big Government,” and just focus in on the things that they actually DO instead, Christian fundies appear to be trying to create a huge centralization of wealth and power, sort of like a reenactment of some medieval European papacy, in order to lord it over the rest of us — which is one of the reasons that I just LOVED the movie “Machete” — wherein the victims of this American Taliban agenda refuse to lie down and play dead. They stand up and fight back!


“Machete” is definitely one of those bloody action movies that I usually avoid like the plague, but this one is definitely a Guilty Pleasure. Without giving away too much of the ending, here’s the plot: When some corrupt drug lords, politicians and Teabaggers begin using Mexican immigrants as scapegoats in order to close the border and thus drive up the price of illegal drugs so that they can make even more of a profit, there is skulduggery afoot — in a border state rather similar to Arizona. But then our hero strikes back at the bad guys and saves the day. The bad guys are routed and justice is served. Plus Robert Rodriguez’s bizarre sense of humor had everyone in the theater all laughing in the aisles for most of the movie.

The scene where Linsdey Lohan puts on a nun’s outfit and mows down the bad guys with an Uzi is priceless! No wonder they sent Lohan off to rehab.

In this movie, the hero of “Machete” uses violence to right some terrible wrongs. And America’s Taliban seems to be using violence too — but not on the side of justice. They use it more as a way to grab up and control all of America’s money and power. And that’s just wrong.

“I had fun writing this book,” continued Moulitsas, who is editor in chief of The Daily Kos, “because these guys are really crazy — but they truly are dangerous and should be taken very seriously. They erode the Constitution and support the use of torture, using violence to forward their agenda. But why is the Democratic Party incapable of pointing this out? And whenever someone on the Left fights back against this eminant danger to America, our side gets the vapors — making it look like the Republicans project strength and our side projects weakness.”

This projection of weakness is definitely not true for the hero of “Machete” — who stands up for his rights in a big way. Maybe Americans should be taking some lessons from him and start standing up for OUR freedom and rights. And perhaps someone besides just heroes like Dennis Kucinich and Alan Grayson will finally stand up in Congress and say, “You, sir, have f*cked with the wrong Democrat!”

Nah, that’ll never happen.

Moulitsas went on to say that it is now imperative for the Democrats to show strength. “The second we show weakness on any issue, we are lost. We have GOT to learn how to throw punches too if we want to survive. And the other bad news is that by creating so many internal enemies, the Teabaggers are also tearing America apart.”

Well. Moulitsas really put his finger on that problem too. The Teabaggers are currently busy creating a whole bunch of internal enemies — TOO MANY internal enemies. You think not? Go see the movie “Machete”.

PS: Before I went to the above-mentioned talk and saw the above-mentioned movie, I had written the following essay — but after seeing Moulitsas and “Machete,” my old essay just seemed boring. However, I’m throwing it in here as a freebie anyway, so as to not waste all those words:

By creating all of these new categories of people to hate and categorizing over half of all Americans as belonging to “The Other,” Teabaggers and other right-wingers are in reality starting to put most of the rest of us “white guys” in danger. How’s that old joke go? When the Lone Ranger and Tonto are surrounded by Indians, the Lone Ranger turns to Tonto and says, “What are we going to do now!” And Tonto replies, “What do you mean ‘we’, White Man?”

In a demographically changing America, it doesn’t make any sense at all for America’s right-wing self-appointed “white men” to go around aggressively alienating their neighbors. How do you think that’s gonna play out a few years down the road when “The “Other” (including browns, blacks, gays, women, Jews, Muslims, Asians, poor people, etc.), those whom the right-wing white-man demographic seems to hate so much, is firmly in the majority? Not so good.

Being a “White” person myself, I certainly don’t look forward to seeing over half of my country turning against me in the next several years. Just cut it out, right-wing white guys! You simply cannot afford to go around doing the Wounded Knee thing any more. Or the Amos ‘n’ Andy thing. Or the Tanforan or Manzanar thing. Or the Ground Zero Mosque thing either. Who was it that said, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”? Obviously it was no one whose example you appear to follow or respect.

Further, the right-wing’s current Aryan lynch mob mentality is only effective when public opinion is on its side. And the tide of public opinion is turning — because, ultimately, no one likes nasty. Public opinion may be turning slowly — but it IS turning. And you guys are gonna get caught in the undertow.

Don’t drag me down with you.

Not only that, but this right-wing “White is Right” lynch-mob mentality isn’t just affecting us here stateside. There’s a whole “Other” world out there beyond our borders that is being effected as well. And while there are only three million of “us” here in America. there are over six billion of “Them” out there Beyond the Pale. So please stop wildly waving that red flag around, guys — because you have definitely attracted the attention of a whole stampede of rather pissed-off bulls that are starting to charge right at you (and at me too!) You think that “Ground Zero” in New York was bad? You appear to be practically pleading to turn all of America into “Ground Zero” too.

Just cut all of that bull-dookie out.

You right-winger white guys appear to be thinking that you are now the chief bullies on the playground and the big fish in a small pond, but there’s definitely a whole huge world of “Others” outside our schoolyard gates — and they don’t really care whether or not you control the play structure, the jump ropes and the swings.

When the current singularity that James Howard Kunstler calls the “Cheap-Oil Fiesta” is over, America’s whole existence may depend on whether or not we can “play well with Others”. So please stop antagonizing everyone — people who could potentially become our allies and not just another rival lynch mob that has “us” completely surrounded and outnumbered.

Right-Wing white guys, it’s time for you to stop acting like General Custer.

Need more encouragement to start playing nice? Check out this analogy too. One of the main reasons that Britain gave up being the schoolyard bully in Belfast was because the victims of Britain’s war on Belfast’s Catholics finally began taking it out of the streets of Belfast and into the streets of London.

You have no idea how lucky we are that this tactic of “bringing the war home” has not happened in America except only once so far. We have been just plain LUCKY so far — that Middle Easterners, Latin Americans, Africans and Asians haven’t dragged any more of Eisenhower’s or Johnson’s or Nixon’s or Reagan’s or Bush’s or Obama’s wars out of the streets of cities like Saigon, Mogadishu, Gaza, San Salvador, East Timor, Santiago, Shanghai, Baghdad, Tehran, Brazzaville, Port-au-Prince and Kabul and into the streets of our American cities.

We have been very lucky that, so far, we have only suffered just one 9-11 — when you consider the many past decades of America’s habitual and continual shabby treatment of “Others” all over the world.

You Right-Wingers may not care what happens to yourselves as a result of your constant agitation and hate, but please stop putting MY life in danger.

PPS: Even General Petraeus agrees with me. “The top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan,” according to Yahoo News, “warned Tuesday that an American church’s threat to burn copies of the Muslim holy book could endanger U.S. troops in the country and Americans worldwide.”

PPPS: Christian fundamentalists are always claiming that there are too many blood-thirsty, uncivilized and anti-female quotations in the Quran, but obviously none of these Christian fundies have ever read the Bible — or else, using that same criteria, they would be out burning the Old Testament (and parts of the New Testament) too!

The Unsound and the Furious Will Defeat the GOP in 2010


September 7, 2010

Escape From Fox News (‘My Promise’ 2)

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September 6, 2010

Forget about oil: We’re running out of URANIUM!

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“Let’s all build a whole lot of nuclear plants,” we are constantly being told, “so that when we run out of oil, we’ll still have electricity made from nuclear power!” But apparently there’s just one major thing wrong with that fantasy scenario (aside, of course, from the fact that nuclear reactors keep on generating deadly nuclear waste). According to a report from the Clean Energy Research Center at the University of Florida, we are probably going to run out of uranium even before we run out of oil.

A recent article in the Deccan Chronicle entitled “Uranium reserves to be over by 2050,” stated that we’re rapidly running out of uranium as well as oil. “Energy experts warn that an acute shortage of uranium is going to hit the nuclear energy industry. Dr Yogi Goswami, co-director of the Clean Energy Research Centre at the University of Florida warns that ‘the proven reserves of uranium will last less than 30 years. Current nuclear plants consume around 67,000 tons of high-grade uranium per year. With present uranium deposits in the planet having been estimated at 4-5 million tons, this means the present resources would last 42 years.’”

According to Dan Kinch of, however, this estimate seems overly optimistic. An article in the MIT Technology Review has stated that there is now a mismatch between uranium supply and its usage of some 25,000 tons a year, and that this shortage has only been compensated for by reprocessing weapons and re-enriching uranium. “Michael Dittmar, from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, predicted that real shortages could hit the industry by 2013.”

Wow. Just wow!

When I was a little girl back in the 1950s, I used to have nightmares that my town was being wiped off the map by evil nuclear bad guys who dropped a bomb on San Francisco (I lived in Millbrae, right next to the SF airport). The nightmare was always the same. I was innocently eating lunch in the Green Hills elementary school cafeteria and when I looked out through the window, there was nothing to see but a blinding white light — and that light would be the last thing I would ever remember, as I instantly melted down into shadow and ash.

But now the human race has apparently been given another chance. Now, if our leaders can only use whatever brains they were born with and refrain from blowing up the world for another three tor ten or 42 years, I will stop having nightmares about being melted to death by nuclear bombs — because there will be no more uranium to make them with! Yay! Hallelujah! There might even still be a chance that I will be able to peacefully die of old age in my bed!

Me in Millbrae in 1952

If mankind is too stupid to save itself from itself, then perhaps nature will be doing it for us. Yay!

FOXhole Tales — A GOP Operative on the Teabaggers


September 5, 2010

Whatever Happened to Sue Lowden, AKA the Nevada ‘Chicken Lady’?


September 4, 2010

Is the Big Media Hypnotized?

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September 3, 2010

“The men behind the wire”: Comparing Belfast & Gaza

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Belfast Mural

Someone I know just pointed out to me that there are many similarities between the brutal assault on Palestine and Gaza last year and the brutal assault on Guernica during the Spanish Civil War — but I think that if comparisons are going to be made, then the Gaza tragedy would probably be more similar to what happened in Belfast back in 1980.

I’ve seen Pablo Picasso’s famous painting of Guernica and, sure, that could have been a painting of Gaza — as bombs were repeatedly dropped on its civilian population. But the analogy between what happened in Belfast and what is happening in Palestine and Gaza is even more applicable.

As one Belfast resistance ballad put it, “Armoured cars and tanks and guns came to take away our sons. But every man must stand behind the men behind the wire.” Like the heroic Belfast hunger-strikers who languished in The Maze prison back in 1981 in protest of the loss of their civil rights solely because of their religious preferences, how many Palestinians are languishing behind the wire in the occupied West Bank and Gaza today? Just listen to this haunting melody and try not to think of Gaza.

“Being Irish means they’re guilty.”

If you listen to the words of “The Fighting Men of Crossmaglen,” you can practically imagine Palestinians singing this song to themselves as they bury the dead children of Gaza and try to deal with “The Troubles” in Palestine. “I’d sing a song of the bravest men…the patriotic flame will never die.”

When I was visiting Belfast’s Falls Road a few years after “The Troubles” there ended, I saw people trying to put their lives back together again and working together to rebuild their community after being brutally assaulted by the British year after year after year. The people of the Falls Road were trying to send their sons and daughters to college, trying to sooth their children’s fears — and trying to do whatever they could to make sure they would never again experience the horror of being under the British thumb.

That sounds like Palestine and Gaza to me.

When I was in Bethlehem several years ago, I saw students at the university there diligently attempting to get an education despite the fact that the University of Bethlehem’s library had been shelled. Who the freak in their right mind shells a university library? “We just covered the holes with plexiglass and turned them into windows.”

The people of Belfast identify strongly with the people of Palestine. They know exactly what Palestinians are going through now. “Been there. Done that.”

PS: Speaking of “Been there, done that,” Scottish journalist and Middle East expert David Pratt has just filed a report on the current batch of Israel-Palestine peace talks. “Like most people, I feel a real sense of deja vu. How many times have we been here before?” Is he referring to Oslo and Camp David? Or is he referring to Guernica and Belfast?

Pratt then suggests a three-point plan for finally conducting real, functional, successful peace talks regarding “The Troubles” in Israel-Palestine.

According to Pratt, “Whether Washington or anyone else likes it or not, three things are urgently needed if any toe-hold is to be gained in establishing the basis for a continuing peace process. First, bring Hamas into the diplomatic dynamic and negotiations. Secondly, encourage change within the Palestinian leadership” [and within the Israeli leadership too!] “to bring forth leaders with a genuine strategy for the future, rather than their own self-interests. And, thirdly, the international community must pile pressure on Israel to halt its illegal settlement expansion and hold it accountable for its failure to respect Palestinian rights….

“As Palestinian-American journalist Ali Abunimah put it recently: ‘No serious analyst believes that peace can be made between Palestinians and Israelis without Hamas on board, any more than could have been the case in Northern Ireland without Sinn Fein and the IRA.’”

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer’s Headless Corpses Lie


September 2, 2010

How Many Attended Beck’s ‘Sermon on the Make’ on the Washington Mall?

There was no promised miracle, unless it’s that 80,000-plus people showed up to the New Messiah of the Right’s Gospel Meet-and-Bleat. (Incidentally, a possible third of the crowd may have just been ordinary tourists who stuck around to see what was going on rather than Teabagger acolytes of St. Beck.)

Carrie Dann at MSNBC’s First Read fretted:

“Estimates of just how many people attended Saturday’s event have varied from modest calculations of under 90,000 to brassy declarations of over a million.

“CBS News, which hired company to conduct an estimate, put the tally at around 87,000. One park service official told NBC News that the number was somewhere around 300,000. (The National Park Service no longer issues official crowd estimates after it was pilloried for allegedly miscalculating attendance at the 1995 Million Man March.)

“Beck himself told the crowd that he’d seen estimates that ‘between 300,000 and 500,000′ people showed up. Sarah Palin told POLITICO’s Jonathan Martin that she was disappointed by an Associated Press description of the ‘tens of thousands’ of ralliers, adding that she believed turnout to have been over 100,000.

“And, at a rally piggybacking off of the Restoring Honor event, Minnesota congresswoman and Tea Party darling Rep. Michele Bachmann challenged anyone who calculated Beck’s audience at anything less than seven digits. ‘We’re not going let anyone get away with saying there were less than a million here today because we were witnesses,’ Bachmann said.”
– Carrie Dann, “A Big Beck Crowd – But How Big?” MSNBC First Read, Aug. 30, 2010.

We already know dippy Michele’s estimate of anything, including the size of the Teabagger movement, is as solid as Dick Cheney’s interpretation of the Constitution, so discard that ‘million’ tripe. In this case, Wasilla’s Mama Grizzly may be closest; about 100,000, with perhaps a quarter to third apolitical, unreligious sightseers or celebrity gawkers. As Sam Seder confirmed, it was an old, white, middle-class gathering, just like Fox News’ dwindling audience.

FOXhole Tales – Beck’s Wholly Unholy Demise


September 1, 2010

Sharron Angle’s Tea Party Surprise


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