February 11, 2007

BartCop Radio Show 105

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BartCop Radio show 105 is available for subscribers.

Bart blisters the minimum wage at the Backyard Burger, Dems attacking Hillary, Private Green is yet another tragedy from the Iraq mess, Bush’s “balanced budget” BS, the mediocrity and clutter of local TV “news”, weather and programming or how Bart got to be the smartest man in Oklahoma. Throwing the yellow flag on 3 different newspaper’s opinions of Bush’s 2007 State of the Union Lie, letters to the editor and Fortune Magazine’s explanation of why the price of oil dropped.


  1. While I love seeing the right wing extremists twist in the wind–every, single, friggin’ thing they’ve touched has turned sour on them–I have to remind the dozens of Bartblog/Bartcop readers that, for the most part, the dems are funded by the same mega corporations as are the reps. Except for a few narrow social issues, all “elected” representatives who belong to the two “major” parties essentially follow the same agenda, which is to make money for their sponsors.

    Until we enact reforms about how politicians get elected, nothing will change. We will have become a nation of worker bees who work tirelessly to support those who crack the whips over our backs.

    Public financing: that’s the only way. Limit contributions to an amount just below what could be thought of as a bribe. This is not an infringement on free speech because bribery is already illegal and does not violate any part of the constitution. In fact, bribery is mentioned several times as being undesireable.


    Comment by CDFingers — February 12, 2007 @ 10:34 am

  2. I am loving the weekly, shorter shows. It’s nice to get all of the clips and such, but I’d rather have more Bart and get my Job Stewart elsewhere.

    As for the people who say they are bored by the poker talk or discussion of TV shows, I’ve added both 24 and Boston Legal to my Tivo ince Bart talked them up so much, and with the overwhelming number of TV shows, it’s hard to sort the quality from the dross, so it’s good to get an opinion from someone I trust enough to PAY to hear an opinion from.

    Comment by lousyratbastard1 — February 23, 2007 @ 9:35 am

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