December 26, 2007

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Defeats Tampa Creationists

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Billy Townsend, The Tampa Tribune, December 22, 2007

LAKELAND – Public floggings hurt, even when administered by satirical sacred noodles.

Ask the Polk County School Board. The panel made news last month when five of its seven members declared a personal belief in the concept of intelligent design, the religiously based explanation of the development of life believed in by many Christians.

Four of those five sympathetic board members said they would like to see intelligent design taught in Polk schools as an alternative to Darwinian evolution, at a time when new state standards mentioning evolution by name for the first time are under consideration.

Just like that, it appeared the Darwin wars had found their newest battlefield.

Yet a few weeks later, the controversy is dying with a whimper. There’s no board support for a challenge to the proposed standards. Some of the five school board members blame the local newspaper for trying to start a fight.

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Obama Takes Issue With 527 Ads Supporting Edwards

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Right before the Christmas campaign break it was reported that Senator Barak Obama has taken issue with a 527 run by a former campaign aide to Senator John Edwards. At issue for Obama was the idea that the 527 ads supporting Edwards were somehow shading because the 527 is run by a former Edwards aide.

Obama is taking on Edwards on this issue trying to use the former Senator’s words against him. Edwards consistently rails against special interests and their influence in Washington. Obama is trying to use this to say that the 527, Alliance for A New America , run by Nick Baldick, a former high-ranking Edwards’ adviser, is the same type of influence and flaunting of the election laws. For last few election cycles the 527s have spent millions of dollars for candidates and have at time played a pivotal role in elections. When pressed whether he would welcome that type of help in the general election, Obama was cagey at best,refusing to look that far ahead.

So there is the unspoken double standard. Obama isn’t getting that kind of help right now in a tight race with Edwards and Clinton and he doesn’t like it so he throws ethics around. But when asked if he would welcome that kind of help he doesn’t say no. Seems like the good guy sheen of Obama’s campaign is a might thin in spots.

It is without a doubt a tight race in Iowa and the next few days are key. Whining about some television ads is not going to bring people to the caucuses to cast critical votes. Obama need to concentrate on making his lead in the poll translate into actual caucus votes on a very cold Iowa evening in January. Otherwise Edwards and or Clinton are going to send him back to Illinois.

USA- a Maoist regime???

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It has recently come to my attention that one can accurately determine the political ideology of a person or group by cherry-picking certain actions and/or beliefs of said person/group and comparing them to another person/group of your own particular choosing.

By using this new form of revelatory research I have come to the conclusion and can prove beyond a doubt that the USA currently suffers in the grip of a repressive Maoist regime.

Exhibit #1. (more…)

Here to Stay

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Orwell would be proud…or horrified.  Either way, he’s spinning.

The Tattlesnake — CNN Through the Ages Edition

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What if the cable news channel had been around earlier in history?

The Roman Empire, circa 33 A.D.:

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, I’m Wolfus Blitzus and this is CNN! Breaking news in Judea, where our army has tried and executed a Jewish religious zealot who challenged the authority of our forces of liberation there.”

WB: “We’ll take you now to Candius Crolius, embedded with our troops in Jerusalem…”

CC: “Wolfus, I am standing near a hill outside of Judea’s capital city, where a dangerous terrorist has just been executed and a palpable sigh of relief has gone up among our peacekeeping forces here. This man, Yeshua bar Joseph, was a threat to peace and order that a crowd of his countrymen released a convicted murderer rather than let him go free.”



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An internal investigation finds no wrongdoing

Which First?

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Or will it be a third-party divider?

Kafka Du Jour

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Bush woke up one morning and found himself transformed into the President.  He has always been a cockroach.

Carbon Footprint

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Understanding Bush

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A few more years of No Child Left Behind, and an entire generation can understand him.

The case against missionaries

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“Missionaries will be EATEN”

No Endorsement

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“Why don’t you go ask my brother….SATAN!”

The Only Way

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And burn down the forests to prevent fires.

Home for the holidays

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Wouldn’t it be great if wars could be fought only by the assholes who start them?

Hill Has Problems, interesting article. – Grimgold

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The Winds of Change
Tuesday, December 18, 2007
By: Richard H Collins

The Clinton’s time may finally be up

The great irony of the Democratic primary is that Hillary seems to have won the battle but lost the war. Voters believe she has the best experience to become president but she still can’t get a majority to vote for her. People may respect her accomplishments, or have fond memories of her husband, but that doesn’t mean they like her. Lacking a clear message or rationale for her campaign, and the charm and personality to connect with voters, Hillary now seems intent on winning by going ugly. (more…)


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Hell no!  We won’t … do…. something.

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