September 30, 2010

Prove Jeff wrong and win $100

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“I read a note written by a friend named Jeff on Facebook that asked several questions about a rally being held this weekend in Washington DC by several communist, socialist, racist and America hating groups. Jeff was asking how Obama and his organization that he created could support this rally with so many radical groups involved. He was upset that Americans could not put 2+2 together just like in the Presidential campaign when people ignored Obama’s radical pals. He could not understand why Americans would overlook such a big issue. How could Americans not be outraged with the groups our President was associating with?”

I don’t consider Jeff worth the time it takes to register on this site.

So long as Jeff (and those like him) believes that people of other races, other religions, or other sexual proclivities are somehow less American...

So long as he believes that groups which work to defend the rights of Americans are actually working against him…

So long as he believes that anything with the word “social” is automatically evil…

Then no one can convince him otherwise. I strongly suggest that Jeff investigate Iran as his new home, they seem to share some of his ideals. In fact, I personally think that those who think that only their narrow vision is the “true” America are the ones who will end up destroying this country and what it stands for.

I grew up to love an America that derives its power from the people of the country, and uses that power to make things better for those people   Not for God, Guns, and Profits.

Maybe that America never existed except in my mind.  But that’s the America that the “radical” groups that offend Jeff so much are trying to bring to reality.

Jeff’s not worth my time.  Maybe some of you will feel differently.  If so, then go for it – it’s a free country.

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