January 20, 2011

The Uncivil Enquirer On Sarah Palin


January 18, 2011

Glenn Beck – The Beginning!

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January 17, 2011

Tea Party Wants Slavery Removed From History Textbooks

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Tenn. Tea Party Wants Slavery Removed From History Textbooks

Posted to NewsOne by Casey Gane-McCalla, Jan. 13, 2011


The Tea Party of Tennessee wants to remove incidents of slavery and genocide from American textbooks for fear they would besmirch the image of the Founding Fathers:

The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports.

As a result, the Tea Party organizations argue, there should be “no portrayal of minority experience in the history which actually occurred shall obscure the experience or contributions of the Founding Fathers, or the majority of citizens, including those who reached positions of leadership.”

“The thing we need to focus on about the Founders is that, given the social structure of their time, they were revolutionaries who brought liberty into a world where it hadn’t existed, to everybody — not all equally instantly — and it was their progress that we need to look at,” Rounds explained of his interpretation of the legacy of the Founding Fathers.

The issue of revising curriculums to teach history in a manner that encourages the glossing over of the uglier factors of the past has popped up in other states over the past year.

NAACP Criticizes Texas Textbooks For Watering Down Slavery And Civil Rights
— AP, May 20, 2010.

43 years after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, can you believe this is going on?

Teabagger Dad Honors MLK Day By ‘Right-Writing’ History


January 16, 2011

A Liberal subterfuge suggestion

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Journalists on the Trend-spotting beat are always searching for questions, facts, or fads that indicate that a quick and significant shift in the national cultural scene has begun. When a new man is sworn in as America’s President, that usually unleashes a tsunami of journalistic pontification about how henceforth things will be different, accompanied by sanctimonious efforts to make specific predictions. Sometimes such a trend-spotting story displays a remarkable level of accuracy such as the time in 1943 when New York based media (and Newsweek in particular?) focused their attention on some innovations being scored by local jazz musicians, such as Charlie “Bird” Parker. Perhaps the most notable examples of accuracy in trend-spotting can be tarnished by allegations of the “self-fulfilling prophecy” kind. Look at the incredulity that greeted the simultaneous cover articles done by Time and Newsweek on the then obscure musician named Bruce Springsteen.

Close counts in certain endeavors such as pitching horseshoes, hand grenades, and (as some curmudgeons maintain) love, but it has no validity when it comes to trend-spotting.

We’ll inject a personal anecdote here to illustrate the point. Back in the late Sixties, this writer and a buddy went out on reconnaissance “bird watching” mission. (Back then young ladies were yclept “birds.”) In the process, we went to a night club that was popular with the college crowd. In a moment of quiet reflection (“Schaeffer’s is the one beer to have, when you’re having more than one”), this columnist focused his attention on the band and was struck by the thought that the young folks were so intent on the “body exchange” aspect of the place, that they seemed oblivious to the possibility that they could be ignoring a band destined for greatness.

Did the young folks in Liverpool’s Cavern Club focus on the potential of the house band, or were they concentrating their attention on the mating rituals of the human species? Could it be, we wondered, that the young people in that Jersey bar were overlooking a band with the potential to sell out arena venues?

The place where we had that thought, we later learned, was the very same place (the Erlton Bowl in Cherry Hill) where Bruce Springsteen and his band worked for years as the house band and polished their musical skills. Were they the band that inspired a comparison to the Beatles? Maybe, but it could also be that Springsteen & Co. got their gig at that place the week after we were there. We’ll never know how close we came to being a few years ahead of Time and Newsweek in their admiration for Springsteen.

The inciting incident for this maudlin example of “wallowing in nostalgia” was a question about the concept of “point of no return.” This columnist first encountered that notion when the John Wayne movie “The High and the Mighty” was released.

Some car crash victims have reported that the event seemed to have taken place in “slow-motion.” If that is true, isn’t there a second in time where thing snap into focus? Isn’t there one particular moment when the mouse’s perception of the cheese instantly morphs from seeing it as a desirable, easily accessible reward to realizing that it is a parcel of treacherous bait that has been used for an ambush? Some mice may never have enough time to appreciate the St. Paul’s moment. But a smarter, more observant mouse may have a blitzkrieg quick moment where he (or she) can (to steal a line from W. C. Fields) take the bull by the tail and face the situation. The mouse notices that things have become unmanageable and that “this isn’t going to end well.” The cheese doesn’t move, but the mouse’s perception of it does.

This columnist isn’t the only American who has been fascinated by the history of the Third Reich. Didn’t “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” make the best seller lists when it was published? Our (apparently autographed by the author) copy of the English translation of Klaus Hildebrand’s book “the Foreign Policy of the Third Reich” indicates that we aren’t alone in regard to an interest in that academic topic.

[Ready for another personal experience story? About a year ago, while savoring a hot white chocolate drink at the Cow’s End Café in the Venice Section of Los Angeles, we started chatting with one of the locals. When he was informed that we write for this website, he became antagonistic in his attitude about America’s first President of Pan-African heritage and eventually we counter-attacked with an allegation that the Republican playbook relied entirely on concepts plagiarized from “Mein Kampf.” That incensed the fellow and he challenged our basis for making that comparison: “Have you read it?” When we said “yes,” he resigned the game snarling that his personal ethics dictated that he couldn’t hold a conversation with anyone who had read that book. Republicans, it seems, only wish to debate people who are not well informed about the topic to be discussed.]

Initially, approval in Germany for Herr Hitler was sufficient to give him a basis for an attempt to form a coalition government. Thanks to some subsequent tricky political maneuvers, the influence of his party grew. Ultimately, Hitler’s approval ratings plummeted in early 1945. We have often wondered: At what point did the German people have their “Mousetrap Moment Epiphany”?

The teabaggers are steeped in unqualified admiration for the Republican agenda. Will they ever experience a “Mousetrap Moment”?

Have you noticed that lately all the Republicans are calling the USA a Republic and not a Democracy? What’s the difference? Does it matter? Will that subtle bit of semantics provide the basis for a teabag party mousetrap moment some time in the future?

Some curmudgeonly pundits are making dire predictions that the USA will follow the German path to national disgrace. If they are accurate in their trend-spotting prognostications, then the Americans will, like the Germans, have a Mousetrap Moment when the majority (some party stalwarts will be enthusiastic about using the cyanide pill) of Americans will have a change of heart about the Republican stealth efforts to scrap the Social Security program and cater only to the welfare needs of the super-rich.

What small (relatively unnoticed) bit of contemporary American culture will future historians say marked the turning point? Will it be the fact that Bill O’Reilly lost his radio show? Will it be the slide in Glenn Beck’s numbers? Will it be the contemporary spin that denied that President Reagan was suffering from dementia? (Didn’t the Wall Street Journal run a feature story about emphatic denials being a symptom of guilt, just before the O. J. trial began?) Will it be something that Rush lies about too blatantly?

This columnist had been assessed as being out of touch with reality for expressing the opinion that future historians will someday determine that the Mousetrap Moment was when JEB Bush was inaugurated as President in 2013.

Who was the German leader who made the decision to accept the Allies offer of unconditional surrender? It wasn’t Hitler. He was “non en case” by that time.

Recently we have noticed that Fox Network of Republican Propaganda seems to be loosing their position as de facto squad leader for American media. Taking a reading of public sentiment in Berkeley CA may not be the most accurate measure of the situation on a national level, but we have noticed that some obstreperous members of the country’s media seems to be making efforts to establish that Fox no longer gives them the lead that they must follow.

When Fox dictates that the media must marvel at a sudden surge in JEB’s popularity right as the Iowa caucuses are scheduled to be played out, will the rest of the national media do what will be expected of them (by their wealthy owners?)?

For those who would refute this scenario by asserting that Sarah Palin has a “lock” on the nomination, we would respond: “Look up the definition of ‘stalking horse candidate’!” She won’t be the first babe to be played for a sucker by the rich guys calling the shots from behind the scenes.

[Here’s a nice irrelevant quote. In the entry for March 7, 1936, in his book Berlin Diary, William L. Shirer wrote: “Their hands are raised in slavish salute, their faces now contorted with hysteria, their mouths wide open, shouting, shouting, their eyes, burning with fanaticism, glued on the new god, the Messiah.”]

What if the turning point turns out to be the invention of “The Malloy Challenge” by an obscure blogger? What, you ask, is “The Malloy Challenge”? Find a staunch conservative friend and make a small friendly wager. Bet them they can’t listen to Mike Malloy’s radio program for a week and not have a mousetrap moment conversion.

They have to listen for a full week. Listening for fifteen minutes and then turning it off and throwing a temper tantrum won’t win the bet. If terrorism suspects can be repeatedly subjected to waterboarding and they can’t listen to a fellow with an opposing point of view for a full week, doesn’t that smack of hypocrisy and wimpiness?

Challenging a conservative to listen attentively to the Mike Malloy’s radio program for a week in return for $10 pay, won’t work; but if you appeal to their macho side and couch the offer in the terms of a friendly wager that might work. If they can’t tune in to Malloy for a week to win a bet, then it is obvious they would crumble like a paper tiger, if they had to endure waterboarding for their cause.

Issuing “The Malloy Challenge” to conservative friends isn’t going to stop the inauguration of JEB, but it is going to give you a right to the “I tried to warn you” example of schadenfreude, when you conservative friends are aghast at what they see happening when JEB gets his hands on FDR’s beloved Social Security program.

Klaus Hildebrand (Ibid page 72) wrote: “Chamberlain’s attitude can only be understood properly if it is seen in the context of his basic plan for peace.” Isn’t that sortta like Obama’s efforts to “reach out to the other side”?

The disk jockey will, of course, play the haunting theme song from “the High and the Mighty,” “Born to Run,” and the Badenweiler March (to see why that is relevant to this column read Shirer’s Berlin Diary entry for September 5, 1934). We have to go look up the explanation for Rupert Sheldrake’s concept of morphic resonance. Have a “Bugaloo, got a bet going over here!” type week.

Ye Olde Scribe Productions Presents…

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“What Mr. Loughner knows is that he has the full support of a major political party in this country. He’s sitting there in jail. He knows what’s going on, he knows that…the Democrat party is attempting to find anybody but him to blame. He knows if he plays his cards right, he’s just a victim. He’s the latest in a never-ending parade of victims brought about by the unfairness of America…this guy clearly understands he’s getting all the attention and he understands he’s got a political party doing everything it can, plus a local sheriff doing everything that they can to make sure he’s not convicted of murder – but something lesser.” -Lush, the Dimbulb

HEY LUSH!!! Ya shoulda checked his credentials first…

Scribe would suggest we just start shooting back at the assholes that the likes of you, Savage and Beck inspire, but you would only enjoy that. More blood. More anger. More hate. More money for you.

You and your “children” are death merchants with loaded mouths for guns.

Big Media Unbalanced By False Equivalency


January 15, 2011

If I was Jesus or Harry Potter, we’d have peace in this world

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Yesterday I went down to Thrift Town in San Leandro and bought my three-year-old granddaughter Mena a used Fisher-Price three-story parking garage and three bags full of recycled Matchbox cars, broken Transformers, miniature horses and a dinosaur. And when we got back home, Mena immediately set to work creating her own little world.

I was so impressed with the world that Mena had created that I decided to create my own little world too.

If you had the power of Jesus or Harry Potter to create any world that you wanted, what kind of world would you create? Here’s what I would do:

First, I would make every man on this planet impotent. Yes, that’s I-M-P-O-T-E-N-T, you heard me right. Sorry, guys, but not even Viagra will help you here. “But why?” you might ask. Why? So that after ten years’ time with no children being born, human beings might actually finally wake up and start appreciating the true wonder of children again and stop starving them, beating them and dropping bombs on their heads.

Second, I’d destroy every single nuclear weapon in the world. It would be as if the Manhattan Project had never existed. Sorry, J. Robert Oppenheimer, but no more glory days for you. And Julius and Ethel Rosenberg will have gotten on with their lives instead of being electrocuted and there would have been no Hiroshima, no Chernobyl and no DU babies born without arms, legs and heads in Kosovo and Fallugah.

Third, I’d wave my magic wand over Wall Street and the Pentagon. Poof. Southern Manhattan would now have a new Central Park where that worthless stock exchange/casino/den of thieves used to be, and Washington DC would have a fabulous new homeless shelter instead of its current five-sided death machine/money pit/home of Lord Voldemort.

And the next miracle that I would ask for would be that all interstate highways in America would suddenly have traffic signals installed at approximately every third mile, that all international airports — including military airbases like Lackland and Bagram — would suddenly get fogged in forever, and that any container ships and oil tankers larger than the Mayflower would be instantly converted into floating hospitals and houseboats (and cruise ships too perhaps? I’m not quite THAT saintly.)

Let’s go back to the good old days when it was harder to get from place to place and you had to manufacture your own stuff locally.

And last, I’d really get to the real heart of the matter and magically change mankind into becoming more like Christ than the Devil, more like Harry Potter than Lord Voldemort. Guns, knives, bombs, poisons and trans-fats don’t kill people. People kill people. No more killing! And no more mean, cruel, violent, vicious or evil types of misbehaving out there either, you hear? It’s time to grow up and evolve, guys — or else Harry Potter or Jesus will make you disappear too.

And then we’d finally have a world that would be safe for our grandchildren to grow up in.

Now wouldn’t that be nice.

“But Jane,” you might say, “all this evolved-mankind-wonderfulness stuff you’re talking about is just wistful thinking. The human race ain’t gonna ever change.” Yeah well, that still can’t keep me from being an idealist and hoping.

In all of human history, there has never been a time when mankind has been blessed with so much individual wealth as we are today. The affluence of each average American citizen, even in these very economically-troubled times, would have been unequaled even by ancient emperors, pashas and Khans.

And what have Americans become as a result of all this mind-boggling, unheard-of excess of wealth? We’ve become lying, greedy killers — never satisfied; always lying, cheating and killing in order to grab up even more stuff.

One million Iraqis now lie dead in their graves because of us — not to mention the millions of dead corpses that we have created in far-off places like Chile, Vietnam, El Salvador, Afghanistan, Haiti, Palestine, Cambodia, Africa, Korea, South America, Wounded Knee….

The world that I want to create has just GOT to be better than the world that we now have.



To see photos of barley-flour offerings sculpted by Buddhist monks at a three-month-long liturgy being performed daily in Alameda, CA — prayers for peace — please click here:

For more information on how to attend some of the liturgies or to donate toward buying more barley flour, please click here:

January 14, 2011

‘DeLayed Reaction’: The Hammer is Finally Nailed to Three Years in Jail


January 13, 2011

The Teabag Tots in ‘Handjobbers Prospects’


January 12, 2011

Why agribusiness doesn’t work: It bypasses farmers

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Do you know why it’s so important to have immigrants from Mexico come up and work in the USA these days? Here’s why: Most Mexican immigrants are good workers, agriculture is a labor-intensive industry and most of us Americans aren’t about to go out into the hot, dirty fields of Kansas and do it ourselves. So. If we aren’t going to do all this farming ourselves, then we need to either find someone else to do it or starve.

Can I actually imagine myself getting up at the butt-crack of dawn to go milk a bunch of weird, smelly cows? That would be no.

As my friend Joe Thompson describes it, “When I was a kid, I used to milk cows by hand and, yep, I got up at five o’clock in the morning to milk and feed the dairy herd before going to school. It was a cold/hot nasty job. And my job as a farmer’s son didn’t just stop with the milking. I also delivered calves, loaded the wagon full of corn by hand and then took it off to the mill. It is an occupation without end. I had to load cow manure into the spreader and spread it on the fields. There was mud everywhere. I certainly wouldn’t do it again.”

Aside from the undocumented Mexican farm workers that Teabaggers seem to be always bitching about, who the freak wants to be a farmer these days?

Monsanto does.

But Monsanto wants to do farming the easy way — by spraying everything that isn’t nailed down with poison and then genetically modifying everything that’s left.

That’s all very nice for Monsanto right now but I’ll bet you anything that their city-slicker methods of farming aren’t gonna be able to hang tough for the long run. Why?

First, because as they say in that movie “Food, Inc.”, “If you knew what is in your food, you wouldn’t want to eat it.” When it comes to mass-producing sci-fi-style chemically-induced crops, Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland and them appear to be able to grind food out rapidly — but eventually we’ll all just get tired of dying of pesticide-related cancers and factory-farm-related salmonella and start wanting to eat organic instead.

Second, you just can’t go on tinkering around with genetically-modified crops and oil-based fertilizer and stuff like that forever without pissing off Mother Nature. And when that unavoidable showdown with Mother Nature finally occurs and Monsanto’s toxically contaminated “soil” all erodes and people start getting more and more sickly from GM crops and our oil runs out so that agribusiness can’t run all that massive farming machinery or make artificial fertilizers and pesticides any more, we’ll be screwed.

Real farming is a labor-intensive operation. It always has been and it always will be. And for this reason, agribusiness simply can’t go the distance in the farming world — even despite how hard they have tried to stamp out small farmers by suing them and even despite all those HUGE government subsidies that agribusinesses currently receive from taxpayers like you and me.

And when Monsanto’s “Instant Farmer” methods all fail sooner or later, then Americans are going to be forced to go back to using shovels and rakes and hoes just like our great-grandparents used to do — whether we like mucking about in the dirt and getting our hands calloused or not.

However, there is going to be one really big difference between us and our great-grandparents — we will be doing all the same necessary-but-boring farmer-related chores that they did, only we will be doing them in the New Farmlands, the ones that we will be forced to create in the backyards of what we used to call “Suburbia”.

So. Perhaps it’s time for America to get a jump on the future right now, stop being such couch-potato wimps and start bringing REAL farming back into style — while we still can.

PS: One way that we could start making farming popular again is to stop paying all those huge subsidies that we taxpayers annually pour into the “ear-marked” deep pockets of agribusiness corporations and give all that money back to us newly-minted farmer-taxpayers instead. Heck, if you paid me enough money, even I might be willing to give farming a try.

“Grow your own!”

Not only that but in America today, becoming a back-yard farmer is becoming a revolutionary act! You can, apparently, even be jailed for it if you plant the wrong kind of corn (thank you, Monsanto). So. Go out there, get messy and be revolting!

To quote Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges, “We may feel, in the face of the ruthless corporate destruction of our nation, our culture and our ecosystem, powerless and weak. But we are not. We have a power that terrifies the corporate state. Any act of rebellion, no matter how few people show up or how heavily it is censored by a media that caters to the needs and profits of corporations, chips away at corporate power.” Go Farmer Chris!

PPS: By making agriculture more labor-intensive, we could also give more Americans more jobs. Plus we’ll all look so cute in our new Oshkosh-by-Gosh bib overalls.

PPPS: I’m a lousy farmer. I can’t even grow weeds in my own postage-stamp-sized back yard — let alone in the fields of Kansas. Why? Because farming is hard work and I’m lazy and would rather be typing away on my computer. But human beings can live without blogging. However, we can’t live without food.

PPPPS: Vegetation is everywhere, even in the cracks in the sidewalks of Manhattan. Too bad we can’t just eat weeds and grass — but we can’t. Heck, we can’t even live on Coca-Cola and Twinkies!

PPPPPS: The recent wildfires in Israel have also proved my point. Approximately 90 years ago, most of that whole area which is now ashes was covered with olive groves which were carefully tended by Palestinian farmers. Tending those olive groves was a very labor-intensive operation. And it worked.

Then back around the 1920s, European “settlers” stormed into this area and either killed or drove off most farmers, pulled up all of the olive trees and planted pine trees there instead. “We wanted to make it look more like Europe,” was their rationale.

The result? Millions of pine trees that didn’t belong in Israel/Palestine have recently gone up in smoke. And millions of old-growth olive trees there are also missing in action, so that now we gotta rely mostly on Italy and Spain for our olive oil. That’s great news for Italy and Spain — but very bad news for Israel/Palestine, which now has neither the productive olive trees left, nor the pine trees nor even the farmers.

PPPPPPS: Agribusiness just did it again! Apparently, lobbyists hired by the German agri-chemical giant Bayer have just convinced the EPA to not ban a pesticide known to be killing off bees. Huh? You don’t believe that people could be that stupid? Just check this out:

According to investigative journalist Bill Berkowitz, “A leaked document reveals that the EPA is disregarding findings ‘that widespread use of clothianidin imperils the health of the nation’s honeybees’ says a Colorado beekeeper, the recipient of the document. If the Environmental Protection Agency had evidence that a specific pesticide might be at least in part responsible for Colony Collapse Disorder, a dreadful syndrome named for the devastation of the bee population, you would expect the agency to act on that information.” Duh, yeah.

Almost everyone — except, apparently, for the knuckleheads at the EPA and Bayer — knows that if bees disappear, we’ll have no more fruit, vegetables, nuts or cotton. Period. Therefore, clothianidin must be banned.

“However, according to Colorado beekeeper Tom Theobald, the EPA is doing just the opposite; upgrading the pesticide’s classification and continuing to make it available.” Huh?

Would a REAL farmer do something like that?


January 11, 2011

Fox, Beck and Palin – Grim Reaping What They Sow


January 9, 2011

YOS Productions Presents…

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You will never kill, torture or imprison enough terrorists to end terrorism. But by doing so you can certainly create smarter terrorists, more determined terrorists and more terrorists than you had before.

Glen Beck has met the enemy of all America. And he is him.

Groups like al Qaeda create fear and a willingness to sacrifice freedom for safety. When it comes to preaching hate, and encouraging murderous acts of hate, the only problem talking heads like Beck and Limbaugh have with al Qaeda is they don’t like the competition.

As long as Republicans support hate speech as a preferred method of discourse murderous acts like what happened in Arizona will continue. It is the likes of Limbaugh and Beck that “hold America hostage.”


Teabagger Dad’s Advice on Lesbians


January 8, 2011

Boehner & House GOP: Backassward to the Future Again


January 7, 2011

The GOP sell-out: Teabaggers shoulda become Progressives instead

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Sometimes when you look at the Tea Party agenda, you think that you are looking at a Progressive’s dream come true. They want to cut down on the influence of party hacks and lobbyists in Washington. I’m a Progressive. I want that too!

Teabaggers want states’ rights, Constitutional rights, individual rights and financial safety for their families. Me too. They want bankers to stop getting away with stealing trillions of OUR dollars. They want an end to a horrific deficit that mostly goes into the pockets of fat cats. Those are agenda items that I too support 100%.

The Tea Partiers speak reverently of liberty, justice and freedom. And isn’t that the whole point of being a Progressive? It is for me. And what about Truth? Both sides seem to like the concept of Truth a lot.

And smaller government? The Teabaggers are definitely in favor of that — and so am I. I’d love to see the Pentagon budget get cut by half, all that pork-barreling stop, TARPS ripped out from under the wealthy and “No Child Left Behind” left in the dust.

There are so many things that Teabaggers and Progressives have in common. And yet the Tea Party turned to the GOP for hope, shelter and consolation. Isn’t that a bit like Little Red Riding Hood turning to the Big Bad Wolf for help? “Lie to me,” Tea Partiers begged the Republicans. And the GOP did. Bigtime.

And yet Progressives don’t lie. But the Tea Party hates us anyway. Why oh why is that? Progressives walk the walk. But the GOP just talks the talk. Why chose Them over Us? Forming a Tea Party alliance with the GOP just doesn’t make sense.

To quote Matt Taibbi in the Rolling Stone, “The GOP leadership largely succeeded this past fall in appropriating the political energy of the Tea Party for its own ends, pulling off a brilliant coup by using Tea Party rage to push through the long sought-after extension of the obscene Bush tax cuts. This was always going to be the model of how Republican Party hacks would deal with the Tea Party: Bash the living hell out of hated blue-state Gorgons like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, jack off the mob by incorporating the Tea Party’s Constitution-and-liberty rhetoric, hand the Tea Party those reforms that the GOP’s big campaign contributors want anyway (most notably, tax breaks for the rich and deregulation of big business), and then cough up a note from the doctor or some other lame excuse when the time comes to actually cut spending.”

While I truly do not see what Teabaggers have against Progressives, I can see very clearly why Tea Partiers should hate-hate-hate the Republicans. And yet it is the GOP that Teabaggers choose to climb into bed with. And even as they are getting royally screwed by Republican fat cats, Tea Partiers apparently don’t even have the moxie to ask for payment for their services after the dirty deed is done.

Go figure.

PS: If Teabaggers and Progressives could finally begin to see their common ground and actually begin to work together, America might actually become an honest and decent place once again.

As Matt Taibbi clearly states, “Congress used to be an easy job for any man with a nice fairway stroke, a limited moral compass and a keen sense of bureaucratic loyalty…. But things are different now. America is so broke, there’s no longer really any money in the Treasury to give away — the job of overseeing corporate handouts that used to belong to the leaders of Congress has now moved to the Federal Reserve, which itself is so broke that it has to invent dollars out of thin air before it can give them away to influential billionaires. This leaves congressional leaders with nothing to do but their ostensible jobs — i.e., fixing the country’s actual problems — and few of the current leaders have any experience with that, Boehner being a prime example…. He now finds himself the party’s last line of defense against millions of angry voters who, for the first time in recent memory, are at least attempting to watch what Congress is up to.”

I’m an angry voter. And the Tea Partiers are angry voters too. So let’s stop all this hatin’ on each other, team up, work together, and take our American democracy back from the oligarchs and fat cats who own it now.

Boy, I bet that fat cats like Boehner, Beck, Palin and the owners of the New York Times and Washington Post would HATE to see Progressives and Teabaggers united — instead of happily at each others’ throats and distracted away from this oligarchy’s own lies and misdeeds.

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