March 25, 2013

Kristallnacht in slow motion: Palestinians as the new Jews

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Every time I write something unflattering about Israeli neo-cons, I always get a burst of anonymous phone calls for a few days. But this never happens when I write about American neo-cons. What’s with that?

Perhaps it’s because almost every progressive on the internet today writes unflattering things about American neo-cons and it would take forever to bully us all.

A FaceBook friend of mine living in Israel-Palestine just sent me a photo of a group of ordinary Jewish-Israeli citizens — beating up on a terrified Arab-Israeli woman in the street And this photo reminded me of how, back in the 1930s, “Good Germans” used to beat up ordinary Jews on the streets too.

And the next thing you knew, along came Germany’s infamous Kristallnacht.

But the difference between “Good Germans” back then and “Good Israelis” now is this: Back in Nazi Germany, racism based on religious hatred all culminated in one horrible Kristallnacht orgy of killing, looting, oppression and genocide — whereas the new Zionist oppression and genocide in Israel-Palestine seems to be happening now in slo-mo. One day at a time, one house at a time, one street at a time, one Palestinian at a time

But the results are the same.

And now, in 2013, the average individual “Good Israeli”, just like the average individual “Good German” back in the 1930s (and the average individual “Good American” today) needs to finally wake up and finally realize that what neo-cons and pseudo-religious crazies can do (and have done) unto others, they can also do unto us as well.

PS: According to journalist Roi Tov, formerly a captain in the IDF, “On March 1, 2013, the Israeli Ministry of Transport inaugurated two lines of buses to be used exclusively by Palestinians and created the opportunity for a Palestinian Rosa Parks to spark the struggle for Human Rights in the Holy Land.” How come when “neo-cons” in Alabama segregated the buses, we all thought this action was abominable — but when Israeli neo-cons do the exact same thing, we give them a pass?

Tov calls this slow-motion attack on Palestinians “A war of the turtles” — except that the Israeli neo-cons’ turtle is a million times bigger, stronger, better armed and more powerful than the Palestinian turtle. Duh.

PPS: And does all this new slow-motion holocaust in Palestine mean that, 30 or 40 years from now, the UN will also allow Palestinians to establish a new homeland in Germany — as a salve for our guilt because the world knowingly stood by, did nothing and watched silently as six million Palestinians were sent off to concentration camps and/or gassed?

PPPS: And it appears that you and I are the ones also paying for this new “Kristallnacht in slow motion” racket as well. According to a recent Congressional report, America even bought Israeli neo-cons a whole shite-load of F-35s (those stealth bombers that don’t even work) in order to reign down even more slo-mo hell onto Palestinians!

And according to Joe Biden at a recent AIPAC conference, President Obama “has directed close coordination, strategically and operationally, between our government and our Israeli partners, including our political, military and intelligence leadership.” So apparently we are also guiding Israeli neo-con “strategic and operational” policies behind the slo-mo massacre of all those women and children in Palestine too. Good to know.

Here’s a really good instruction manual to use if you’re an Israeli neo-con trying to steal homes from Palestinians in East Jerusalem. It’s even better than the manual used by American neo-cons and banksters to steal working-class Americans’ homes!

April 9, 2012

Florida Prosecutor in Trayvon Martin Murder Trying to Run Out the Clock

Florida’s Republican a-hole Medicare-fraud Gov. Rick Scott appointed Angela Corey as a ‘special prosecutor’ to determine if charges should be brought in the Trayvon Martin murder. Corey then announced she would send the evidence to a grand jury, until today. It must have dawned on Corey that there is now enough public evidence to bring several charges against Trayvon’s shooter George Zimmerman, including homicide in the first degree, so she backed off. No grand jury, but her ‘investigation’ will continue, which likely means she’s trying to run out the clock until mainstream media attention dwindles and then will decide not to arrest and prosecute Zimmerman. Why would Corey do this? First, Republicans have an interest — the deep pockets of the NRA — in protecting ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws — a charge and conviction in the Trayvon Martin case might lead to a public demand for eliminating or changing those laws. Next, the state prosecutor who refused to charge Zimmerman around the time of Trayvon’s killing, even though the lead detective wanted manslaughter charges, and the Sanford Police’s conveniently ‘sloppy’ record of racism in the handling of the shooting deaths of black people, might spark federal investigations which would lead into the offices of prominent Republicans who have been condoning and covering up this kind of institutional racism for years and Corey can’t have that. Third, the Republicans would take a hit from their own crapshit crazy base if it seemed they were ‘caving’ on this issue — the GOP base doesn’t think Zimmerman did anything wrong by killing one of ‘them,’ and are furiously defending him. That means many might stay home from the polls next November or, worse, support a third party if Corey indicts Zimmerman. The question is: Are we going to let Florida get away with this rank injustice? If Corey can’t use the evidence already released to the public to arrest Zimmerman, let’s demand a prosecutor who isn’t so cozy with the governor and the GOP to conduct the investigation.

Special prosecutor will not use grand jury in Trayvon Martin investigation
April 9, 2012

State Attorney Angela Corey, appointed as a special prosecutor in the February shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, has decided against sending the case to a grand jury, her office said Monday.

“The decision should not be considered a factor in the final determination of the case,” Corey’s office said in a statement.


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September 23, 2011

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June 17, 2011

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