July 9, 2021

No skin in the game: Who can we trust to not lie to us?

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      Here is a list of important scientific resources that have been banned on YouTube, Google, Twitter and/or FaceBook.  I’m not talking about conspiracy theorists or fruitcakes here.  These highly-trained science nerds have actually done the actual research, have been punished for speaking out, have no skin in the game and are not serfs to the Grand Illusion.

      Why isn’t anybody else pissed off about all this harmful and dangerous censorship besides me?  Especially when approximately 500,000 American COV$D deaths could have been easily avoided if only we had treated the sick with even freaking vitamin D or Intermectin — instead of waiting until the victims were on death’s doorstep, venting them until they died, and then just shrugging our shoulders and walking away?  I’m furious.  I’m calling these bastards out!  Why aren’t you?

Here’s Bret Weinstein (author of “A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century”) musing on truth, science and censorship in the time of a pandemic, a “My Dinner with Andre” moment:

And Del Bigtree’s Highwire is always a winner if you want scientific truth and entertainment at the same time:

Dr. Zelinko clearly outlines possible catastrophes resulting from The Shot, and also how to minimize damages if you’ve already taken The Shot — a must-watch:

Dr. Ealy is sick and tired of all the lies.  Finally somebody gets pissed off besides me!  Go him!   

Wanna really get into the nuts-and-bolts science of Da Jab?  Dr Caude discusses possible infertility.  She even uses a whiteboard!

 And you just gotta love James Corbett!  What’s really happening in India?
Allison McDowell sees our Big Tech future differently than Bill Gates does — luckily for us:

And of course Big Pharma hates Robert F. Kennedy!  And don’t even get me started on all the gross censorship of what is really happening in the Middle East!

And don’t even get me started on all the gross censorship of what is really happening in the Middle East!  Vanessa Beeley is routinely censored. 

Tim Anderson is routinely censored too.  “There have been at least eight dirty wars against Middle East countries.”  Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, etc.  America is always the aggressor here.  Who knew?

Smoking gun just in:  Dr. Martin stated that the SARS virus was actually patented in the United States many years ago.  Shocker!

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