September 28, 2007

Tom DeLay Aparenty Believes People Still Care What He Thinks

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Julie Mason, The Houston Chronicle, September 28, 2007

Tom DeLay didn’t quit the battle when he left Congress last year. To the contrary, he’s battling harder than ever against an increasing array of foes, and possibly himself.

Embarking this week on a national tour of college Republican clubs, the former majority leader is still stewing over unsettled scores, missing the role he once had and deeply disappointed in the state of Republican politics.

“They desperately need an agenda, they need to know how to fight,” DeLay told three dozen young Republicans at George Washington University this week. “Where are the leaders?”

The bantam fighter has always relished conflict and the part of scrappy underdog, back to the 1970s when DeLay was one of only five Republicans in his then-heavily Democratic Sugar Land voting precinct.

But since his ignoble departure from Congress amid a range of ethics problems, and with his legal troubles still unresolved, the sense of persecution that once gave DeLay strength has lately turned to bitterness.

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  1. “Where are the leaders?”

    In jail, under indictment, in disgrace and in bathroom stalls looking for a quickie.

    Comment by greyhawk — September 29, 2007 @ 5:34 am

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