November 8, 2010

Ye Olde Scribe Presents: Pop’s Quiz!!!

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OK, New Kiddies on the Congressional Block, we have yet another, simple, one question quiz. We’ll make it easy, not that any of you are smart enough to pass anyway. The choices: true or false, and all are false. Get it? Ah, why the flibbertygiberts does Scribe even bother?

A. Your family, or your country, doesn’t have enough money. Things are tight. So you…

____1. Tell everyone to work less, make sure there’s less incoming. Got money coming in? Give it back! That will make everything better!
____2. Give money you don’t have to everyone else: especially the well to do. Borrow it from a loan shark or a country that doesn’t believe in freedom. Nazi. Communist.
____3. Spend, spend, spend on fighting your neighbors because you don’t like them, are suspicious that they might come after you; someday, maybe. Borrow to do that. From? See #2.

OK, boys and girls! Stop squabbling… as if that’s going to happen… and take the damn test. Behave while Scribe is gone. He really needs a goddamn drink. Or two. Or three. Or…

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