February 28, 2007

Asslutiated Press Confuses Obama Issues

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So..some clever reporter (Nedra Pickler), who’s obviously hurting for headline stories to submit to her Editor comes up with this opening paragraph:

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama wants to change the government’s formula for giving states money for homeland security, with the early voting states getting a little extra.”

Of course, if you read on, the article later states:

“…Obama doesn’t determine which states have higher risk and therefore would get more money. Those calculations are made by the Department of Homeland Security, which won’t reveal its methods or say just what makes Iowa more vulnerable than, say, New Hampshire.”

So, if he doesn’t determine higher risk, why imply that he has some political agenda??? Who has time to sit around calculating all that crap state-by-state anyway if they’re only going to turn around and state that the decision isn’t made based on that criteria?

Heaven forbid we would actually do something that makes sense from a security/risk standpoint! The Whore Press might try to make us look bad! Kudos to Obama for doing it anyway. Thoughts? 

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