February 28, 2007

So where are all these lawyer staying? In fenced cubicles?

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The Pentagon has said they won’t support the buildout of facilities for a $100M+ courtroom on Gitmo:

“…’We’ll be handed our hat if we go up to the Hill for 100 million dollars for these courthouses.’…Gates said trials of ‘non-high-value individuals’ were likely to begin in July.”

Setting aside the issue of how they determine the “value” of defendants and what they assume the return on investment is for these types of trials, the article also states:

“The plan also called for building housing for the hundreds of lawyers, witnesses, clerks, translators, journalists and other observers expected to descend on the spartan base on the southeastern tip of Cuba.


“I don’t know that we see it as impacting on the schedule,” he said. “It certainly impacts on the conditions and the environment if you don’t have to build a brick and mortar type facility, if you’re going to go with something more expeditionary.”

Hey public defenders!! Want to take an “expedition” to Cuba to defend some terraists?!? Notice they’re planning on starting the trials in July…

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  1. “SECRETs SPOKEn, Secrets Broken”
    Did this long ago lie now lead to the needless deaths of thousands?

    Comment by tsumbra — March 1, 2007 @ 12:56 pm

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