May 19, 2011

Ye Olde Scribe Productions Presents: The Search for the Next bin Laden

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Now that America has gotten its Junior “protect my good buddy” lead out of its arse, and Obama put it in Osama’s head (As he died did he say, “Eye Yi Yi?”) the hunt continues for…

The Next bin Laden

Keep a look out for this dangerous terrorist. Below the fold you will find a picture from a wanted poster for this example of vile puddle scum: known characteristics and activities…




Bubba bin Laden lives somewhere in the rural South. VERY rural. So rural his first, and only, attempt at terrorism was to bomb a holler. He had his nearest neighbor, Right Wing wacko, fashion a bomb ala’ McVeigh, promising to use it on “that n****r pres-e-dent.” It was a briefcase fertilizer bomb. After being warned by another neighbor that these things don’t always turn out like you thing they will, a former terrorist named Achmed, and after finishing yet another case of ten year old Bud, he always keeps a few hundred around, Bubba tried to go to a square dance, where the caller “hollers” a lot, but couldn’t find one. Even squirrels don’t square dance anymore. They’re busy doing other things.images1

Then he tried to find an auction where there’s a lot of “hollers,” but the only auction anywhere near him was when the IRS confiscated his Ford truck and supply of very sticky Playboy magazines.

So Bubba bin Laden decided to create a time machine so he could go back in time and bomb something that resembled a “holler.” Knowing his neighbor created his bomb out of fertilizer he knew what most fertilizer was, and how to make more.

Yes, Bubba went to his outhouse and, being constipated, decided to use a little of the fertilizer from the briefcase bomb his neighbor made for him. Must have worked. The outhouse seemed to blast off, back in time, with only bits and pieces left as evidence.

Since that outhouse was in the same little valley Bubba lived in, Bubba bin Laden finally did succeed in blowing up a holler.

If you happen to see Bubba bin Laden, please contact the Republican Party. Their last president is still looking for him…

No, he’s not. They couldn’t find him for seven years. Why should they “find” someone who gave them so much power? Osama is the best friend, politically, Junior and Biggus Dickus ever had.

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