October 22, 2007

The Tattlesnake — No-Good Swift Gloat Rudy, More Craig Man-Booty, and Coulter’s No-Show Church Duty Edition

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Rudy the Smear Merchant: Giuliani swiped at Hillary Clinton by misrepresenting a quote of hers at the GOP debate Oct. 21, and even got the quote wrong:

“Giuliani said he agreed with one thing the former first lady said recently. ‘I have a million ideas America. Cannot afford them all,’ he quoted her as saying as laughter filled the debate hall. ‘I’m not making it up.’”
– From “Republicans clash: Who is most conservative?” AP, Oct. 21, 2007.

What the quote actually referred to was Clinton putting a check on the kind of flagrant deficit spending that has been a hallmark of the Bush Republicans for the last six years:

“[S]he is not formally proposing anything she can’t fund without increasing the deficit: ‘I have a million ideas. The country can’t afford them all.’”
– From “Clinton vows to check executive power,” Marcella Bombardieri, Boston Globe, Oct. 11, 2007.

“Whether Rudy believes in this kind of politics reflexively, as the psychologically crippled Bush does, or as a means to an end, as Karl Rove does, isn’t clear. But there’s no question that Giuliani has made the continuation of Swift-Boating politics a linchpin of his candidacy.”
– Matt Taibbi, “Giuliani: Worse Than Bush,” Rolling Stone, June 2, 2007.

“He [Giuliani] then added that he had brought down crime, cleaned up Times Square, cut taxes and eliminated the city’s deficits. ‘I think that was a pretty darned good conservative record,’ he said.”
– From “Republicans clash: Who is most conservative?” AP, Oct. 21, 2007.

Gee, you don’t think Rudy might distort his record as mayor just to be president, do you? Let’s see, crime went down nationwide during Rudy’s two terms as mayor, but in some big cities dropped by a greater rate than in New York; Giuliani predecessor David Dinkins started the clean up of Times Square; Rudy cut taxes, but basic city services suffered and New Yorkers were sick of this pompous, overbearing nitwit after eight years. Note to Republicans who want to bring Giuliani down: Why not ask ‘America’s Mayor’ why workers at the Pentagon 9/11 attack site were wearing hazmat suits, while there weren’t even enough face masks for workers at the WTC Ground Zero site, even though respiratory masks were mandatory? Oh, and ask him why he’s never attended the funeral of even one dead 9/11 Ground Zero worker — afraid of the booing, Rudy? And how about his indicted good buddy, the former NYC police chief, business partner, and corrupt Mob contact Bernie Kerik? One more thing: Don’t forget to pass out plenty of photos of Rudy in drag — that oughta put the fear of the Lord (& Taylor) in those ‘family values’ voting Christopublicans, and anyone else with eyes.

BTW, the Big Media should really get a grip on anointing Rudy this early in the game — it’s mostly name recognition right now and, as Paul Waldman notes, Joe “Piss On You, I Work For George W. Bush!” Lieberman was the leading Dem presidential candidate at this point in 2003.

– Watch for even more ‘eruptions’ in the Larry Craig sex scandal — seems the Hall of Fame flamer was also visiting gay male prostitutes, as well as doing tap dances in restroom stalls. According to Mike Jones, a former male hooker who upset Rev. Ted Haggard’s rotten apple cart, Craig was once a customer of his, and he claims to have the documents to prove Lar visited him for a sexual encounter.

Perhaps Craig’s excuse will be that he was ripped out of his gourd on some meth that he had taken for the first time and didn’t realize it was a male prostitute. (“Damn it all, I got that number from Vitter!”)

– Tranny Annie a Godless hypocrite? Nooooooo! Any truth to the rumor that a certain dedicated Coulter Watcher has hired a private detective to find out how many times a week the purportedly pious Jesus True Believer and ‘Jew Perfecter’ attends church? (Cocktails with Matt Drudge and appearances at CPAC don’t count.) Any truth to the further rumor that in two months the P.I. has come up with zero trips by Ann Coulter to any church of any denomination anywhere?

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