October 23, 2007

Richard Mellon Scaife’s Divorce Is Super-Rich In Tawdry Details

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David Segal, The Washington Post, October 22, 2007

PITTSBURGH – Looking for a perfect little weekend vacation this fall? Here’s a travel tip you don’t hear very often: Head to Pittsburgh. Right away.

Seriously, get in the car and read this story later, because when you’re done reading, you’ll wish you’d left 10 minutes ago. There are towns with better vistas, sure, and there are getaways with more sunshine. But only Pittsburgh is the scene of the fabulously tawdry and surpassingly vicious spectacle that is the divorce of Richard Mellon Scaife.

Remember him? The cantankerous, reclusive 75-year-old billionaire who’s spent a sizable chunk of his inherited fortune bankrolling conservative causes and trying to kneecap Democrats? He’s best known for funding efforts to smear then-President Bill Clinton, but more quietly he’s given in excess of $300 million to right-leaning activists, watchdogs and think tanks. Atop his list of favorite donees: the family-values-focused Heritage Foundation, which has published papers with titles such as “Restoring a Culture of Marriage.”

The culture of his own marriage is apparently past restoring. With the legal fight still in the weigh-in phase, the story of Scaife v. Scaife already includes a dog-snatching, an assault, a night in jail and that divorce court perennial, allegations of adultery.

Oh, and there’s the money. Three words, people.

No. Pre. Nup.

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  1. Ha ha, oh You sweet harbinger of luscious just deserts.
    This is Sweet!
    What can closeted powderkeg will explode next in the drunken world of neo-con flying monkeys I wonder.
    The only friend they seem to have left to bankroll them seems to be the energy cartel.

    Comment by Rainlander — October 24, 2007 @ 1:02 am

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