October 28, 2007

Reality Questionnaire for Clinton

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Dear Church of Reality Members,

I am in the process of creating a candidate questionnaire. These are questions sent to political campaigns asking candidates where they stand on specific issues. I plan to give one of these to Bill Clinton when I see him this Friday. I just started writing questions and this is what I have so far. Looking for ideas.

2008 Candidate Questionnaire

Dear Candidate,

The Church Reality is a religion based on believing in everything that is real. We are the Reality based community and we consider Reality as something sacred. If not for Reality, we wouldn’t be here. Our membership has strong Reality based values and our religion requires its members to vote. Our view is that if you don’t vote then you don’t really care about Reality. We identify ourselves as Realists and we put Reality first in our lives.

We would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to fill out our candidate questionnaire so we can let our membership understand your views so that we can determine if you will make a good leader.

  1. As an elected official do you believe that you have a duty to the people to put reality first when making the important decisions that affect all of us citizens?

Yes _____ No _____

Do you consider the definition of WISDOM to include having a firm grasp on reality?

Yes _____ No _____

Are you willing to identify yourself as a reality based candidate and are you willing to make reality part of your campaign message?

Yes _____ No _____

Do you believe that all religions (Christians, Jews, Muslins, Buddhists, Realists, Hindus, etc.) all have equal standing under the Constitution?

Yes _____ No _____

Does reality play an important part in your religious life?

Yes _____ No _____

Do you believe that many of the problems in society today are a result of political leaders turning their back on reality?

Yes _____ No _____

Church of Reality doctrine includes the Principle of Positive Evolution outlining a duty of Realist to ensure the positive progress of humanity, that we leave a better world for the next generation that the one we inherited from our previous generation. We call the future the Sacred Direction. Is this a value that you also share?Yes _____ No _____We believe that every time someone says the word Reality that the world becomes a little smarter. Do you agree with this statement?

Yes _____ No _____

Do you believe that it is important to teach children about reality in school?

Yes _____ No _____

Do you believe that anything exists outside of reality?

Yes _____ No _____


Church of Reality doctrine includes the Principle of Peace stating that although war is sometime necessary it is always considered to be a failure to achieve peace. Is this a value you share?Yes _____ No _____Marc Perkel
First One
Church of Reality
“We’re Realists and we vote!”Note: Contact Marc at

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  1. When making a decision, do you use real data, or information from mythical sources?

    Comment by tsakshaug — October 29, 2007 @ 11:01 am

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