October 28, 2007

WTC Bldg 7 and Amy Goodman – Accused and pardoned

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Amy was there – she watched #7 fall.

Since then she has participated in the treasonous media cover-up of the 9/11 inside job, accepting over $100,000 from the CIA-disinfo-disseminating Ford Foundation to “report on the aftermath of 9/11.” 

Amy, you will one day find yourself on the scaffold, condemned to hang alongside the other Goebbels-style traitors and mass-murder-coverup-conspirators from the corporate media you pretend to criticize.  

They, at least, make no pretense of being anything but shills for the powers that be–which makes your crime infinitely worse than theirs. 

Your silence and lies about 9/11 have murdered over half a million Iraqis and destroyed Constitutional governance in the USA. 

Amy Goodman, je t’accuse — et je te condemne!  (I  show you — and I you condemn.)


  1. And what’s the response from the Big Dog

    Comment by greyhawk — October 28, 2007 @ 4:58 pm

  2. Bill Maher is having problems with these people as well.


    Comment by Volt — October 29, 2007 @ 11:21 am

  3. Jebas, you want to hang Amy Goodman? While there may be some credibility in some of the 9/11 conspiracy theories, going after people like Goodman is not very fruitful — or sane.

    By what means does Mr. ‘Mujca’ get inside the Democracy Now host’s mind and ‘know’ exactly what she saw on 9/11? If he has that ability, I can think of hundreds of people who would be more worthy of its use than Amy Goodman. How about President Cheney and Little Bush, for starters?

    Before this guy goes all Emile Zola on her ass, he might think that either she didn’t see much of anythingon 9/11, was too shocked to process it, or, if she ‘spilled the beans’ would be spending the rest of her abbreviated career in broadcasting defending 9/11 conspiracies to the exclusion of all else. Do you really think Pacifica would keep her on the air if she mutated into Alex Jones? (No disrespect meant to Jones, but there’s already one of him.)

    Amy does a good job of presenting the liberal view five-days-a-week and, if she squandered her credibility this way, she’d be dismissed as a lunatic and off the air. Whatever happened on 9/11, we’re not going to hear the truth until BushCo is out of office and the Dems grow the testicles to investigate it, in any event.

    In the meantime, should she exile herself to the farthest reaches of the Inner Tubes to satisfy the holy hot-dog ravings of this character and his Mujca gang-of-one?

    Comment by RS Janes — October 29, 2007 @ 3:32 pm

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