September 17, 2011

Afghanistan: A war fought with flesh and bone

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Stop it! Just stop it! Haven’t we seen enough raw meat and sinew and bones sticking out of raw human flesh in Afghanistan yet? Apparently not.

The war in Afghanistan is not being fought with IEDs, Stinger missiles, helicopters, M-16s, F-16s, AK-47s or even drones. The war in Afghanistan is being fought with twisted ligaments, broken cartilage, seeping bone marrow, bloody intestines and bits and pieces of human eyeballs and brains — hamburger meat that used to be Taliban, school girls and American GIs.

How long will this madness go on? Until all of Afghanistan looks like the meat counter at Safeway?

Americans and Taliban alike, have you no shame?

I am currently in St. Louis, Missouri, to attend BoucherCon, a murder-mystery convention being held at the Grand Renaissance Hotel. At least in crime novels we only read about blood and guts. We don’t go out and spew them all over the landscape like all the American and Afghan Hannibal Lector wannabees in the Middle East are now doing on a daily basis.

How can anybody claim to be human beings — let alone patriotic or religious human beings — with their hands elbow-deep in the body parts of babies?

Speaking of which, on the plane to St. Louis I sat next to a sleeping baby. “That baby sure is good,” I commented to his grandmother.

“Oh that’s because he travels on airplanes a lot. He’s been across country from San Diego to Washington DC and back at least 15 times.” Really? A one-year-old jet setter? So, me being me, I just had to ask why.

“Because his daddy was in the military and got injured in Afghanistan. He’s now in Walter Reed Hospital.” I hope that he wasn’t injured too badly? “He has lost three out of four of his limbs.”


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