October 30, 2007 Volume 2064 – Tainted x Torture

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In Today’s Tequila Treehouse…

Arrow Blackwater Immunity HOT
Arrow Blackwater criticism HOT
Arrow High Cost of Torture HOT
Arrow $600M Baghdad Bunker HOT
Arrow Pentagon’s $1.4B Lie
Arrow HRC looking better
Arrow Delgiorno again 
Arrow Rumsfeld flees France 
Arrow Oscar winning legs 


  1. Oh, Bart, you KNOW who said Hillary was looking better —

    the Great Orange Satan himself, Markos.

    Now will you get over there and start posting?

    Comment by LuLu — October 30, 2007 @ 5:20 pm

  2. Lots of people who “hated” Clinton could not tell you the reason why other than the standard Raccoon talking points (The Daily Howler’s new term for the MSM).

    But something that people miss is this: The New York state GOP for 2006 scoured the entire state for a candidate that could take on Hillary. And, true to form, the buzz was supposed to be “Rudy’s the man to take her down.” However, the “New York Hero Mayor of 9/11″ declined, so the scramble was to find a politically acceptable candidate. Which was how the GOP ended up with Mob Girl. And activist John Tasini used the Raccoon Talking Points hook, line, and sinker in trying to get the Democratic nomination. However, even with “progressive” writers putting out Hillary Hit Pieces in the blogosphere, Tasini’s campaign was rolled over – and it wasn’t even close.

    It is this irrational hatred for Hillary and an inability to get specific, as well as the shrill defensiveness when challenged on their position for facts, that has seen my progressive website and blogroll shrivel like mad. The same talking points over and over, no links to actual votes, nor to any real Hillary quotes.

    Oh, and there is always this “The Republican Base will become super-energized if Hillary is the democratic nominee.” Are these people, if 70% of the American public wants us out of Iraq, have an unfavorable view of Bush, and show similar numbers about the Republicans, are suddenly going to change their minds and vote overwhelming for the Repub because of ‘Hillary Hate’? I want to see proof.

    Comment by Heavy Armor — October 30, 2007 @ 6:09 pm

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