October 30, 2007

Reflections from a true conservative

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We have a problem, and not a problem right here in River City, but across our land. Its a problem of miss-labeling. And we conservatives, you and I, are losing the fight. What are we doing letting other people label us and at the same time marginalizing us? Its time to put our collective foot down and let this idiocy end. How will we ever win an ideological argument if we let other people label us and say what we stand for? Never, it will never happen. Stop FOOLS, think!!! We are conservatives. We have values. We stand for a proud tradition that founded this great nation. Do not let anybody take that away from you. Today’s conservatives are false conservatives. They do not defend our nation, our values or tradition, or Constitution. They would be the willing allies of the redcoats if this was 1776. We stand and tower above them. So why are we cowling?

I do not know when or why, (I am not a historian, let somebody else explain it), but at one point we became liberals. We were proud, we were bold, we were hip and we created fear in every American president from Dwight D. Eisenhower on. We had arrived. We were proud, a force that had to be appeased. We ended the Vietnam War, liberated women and taught the world that negroes were people too. We had some victories, scars and medals we could celebrate. Man, we were hip and proud, being a liberal was so grooby man… I can hardly believe today how proudly we stood and won. They had to sic Archie Bunker on us, if only to celebrate us.

At one point, there were tiny little churches in the South, the North, and in many other places in America that taught of the true meaning of the Bible. They were the first to break through the racism of slavery. The shame and inhumanity towards our fellow man. They taught love, compassion, understanding and many other things that are in the Bible that today’s Christian Churches skip over, and just go straight to Revelations.

Before Honest Abe, or FDR came along to enlighten us, we had great leaders that are buried in our third grade history books. Yes, the writers and founders of what we knew in January 2001 to be a great nation. Don’t be fooled, that nation is long gone and it may never return. These individuals were visionary, created a new system of government with justice and liberty for all. OK, I will not go into all the details, if you need a refresher course ask your third grader.

They were radical, some people could say paranoid. They were afraid of the overreaching power of government which we saw all too often in the 21st century.

They were afraid the church could be corrupted by the power or the purse of the Federal Government. Anybody hear of the office of Faith Based Initiatives in Mr. Bush’s White House?

Some were Atheists. OMG NO!!!! We were founded by a bunch of Atheists???

Sorry Mary Ellen and John Boy, yes you were. Today’s Republicans try to confuse the citizenry by claiming that we were founded in religious principles, but the truth is only one of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence was an active clergyman, and that was John Witherspoon. Witherspoon was a Presbyterian minister and president of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University). As Steven Weinberg said,” With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion. ” That is correct, anybody remember reading of the Inquisition, Muslim suicide bombers, abortion clinics being blown up, Drs. Shot through windows in their own home, Terry Schiavo? Atheists are not a threat to humanity, but religion is. OH No, you don’t believe it because Jesus is so good and who could not love Jesus? Because first of all, the idea of Jesus is in the interpretation, but most importantly second, not all religions believe in Jesus or are based on Jesus, such as: Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, and many others I too numerous to list. And then you get into sects within the same religion. Religion does not unite us, it separates us, that is why it belongs at home and places of worship, not in the public sphere. Is there any wonder these incredibly brave, nude (Ben Franklyn was a naturalist, hey he had fun, who are you to judge?) and intelligent men thought that “in order to create a more perfect union”, religion should be totally separate from the state.*

So, my point? We were named Liberals at one point and we accepted it because it was hip. Then Liberal became a dirty word and we let people re-brand us as progressives. You know what?? Go F*** yourself if you think you are progressive. Hell, at least Liberal meant something, what the F does progressive mean? Pu**y for right wing a**holes. That is right, Nancy Pelosi, (total failure) is progressive, Harry Reid, (total Failure) is a progressive. Do these people stand for anything?

I love Liberals. They are my people. I understand them, think with them, admire them. It is an amazing experience to be in a room where people can hold and evaluate different ideas at the same time. Ever been to a republican party? One guy is thinking, “ I hope they do not send me to Iraq” the other guy is thinking, “That guy is cute…” and the other guy is thinking “If only I could convince Bush that I am worthy” and all the pretty white women are in the other room living their Mandingo fantasy. OK, I confess, I have been there.

We are different, we evaluate, we think, and do not discard ideas without merit until they are seriously scrutinized. OMG!!! We are such pussies. Get a backbone people. We are right. We are the heirs and defenders of our constitution. No wiretapping. No torture. No rendition. No secret government. These so called conservatives today are radical extremists, OK, fascists. Let’s take our country back. Let’s take our proud tradition back, defend our constitution. Let’s rename ourselves conservatives, because that is what we really are, and in the process confuse our intellectually challenged opposition.

Let’s take America back, it does belong to us.

* I am aware the Declaration of Independence and The Philadelphia Constitutional Convention were two separate events, and my writing may seem a little muddled, but in large number the participants were the same.

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  1. Gerry,
    Great post and
    The content was spot on and the narrative full of flavor.
    I agree 100%.

    We stand again at the crossroads that We faced as a nation at the turn of the last century,
    and again We’ll probably face retribution from the elite class for imposing regulations on buisness and banking practices.
    Lets just hope we dont have to have the new bloodiest century to take the power back for the people.
    Heep Hammerin’

    Comment by Rainlander — October 31, 2007 @ 12:47 pm

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