October 31, 2007

GOP Candidates Pretend Hillary Is The Incumbent President

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For months now we have watched an completely inept group of Republicans attempt to run for president and truthfully it has made for some good comedy. Watching the GOP candidates fall all over themselves during their many debates is often more amusing than a great Three Stooges episode. Looking at the GOP candidates seriously is hard to do but for the safety of the nation must be done.

What is very clear from watching the GOP debates and various appearances by the candidates is that they are clearly unsure who is currently president of the United States. Over a 90 minute debate you rarely every hear the candidates mention the name George W. Bush. Given that Bush is the incumbent president and leader of the GOP it is surprising that he is not mentioned. Oh, wait a minute. I know why they never mention old George, its because he has royally fucked up the country and the GOP.

Instead of discussing Bush and his seven long years of destroying the Constitution and everything that is good about this country they have chosen to focus on Democratic candidate and perceived front runner Hillary Clinton. From the tone of people like Rudi Guiliani you would think it is Clinton that has been president all this time while the country has gone to shit. Each and every day we here Guiliani or Romney or McCain etc. taking shots at the Clinton presidency that never was. This may seem like a good idea to the candidates but what it really does is reinforce the fact that Bush and the GOP are the ones that have destroyed our nation. Someone should really remind these GOP bozos that its not the 1990s when a Clinton was in the White House during peace and prosperity but the 2000s of Bush’s war and economic decline.

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