March 22, 2012

Corporate Goliaths: Have they now become unstoppable?

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When David went up against Goliath back in the Bible, Goliath was really truly HUGE. But just how did this guy manage to get that big in the first place? I’m assuming that he started out by eating up everything in sight. At first his mommy probably fed him. But as he grew larger, he started grabbing his weaker neighbors’ food for himself. And as he continued to get more massive, he started getting more greedy — and he soon wanted it ALL. All of it. All of it for him. Nothing for anyone else.

And that’s when David stepped in.

American and international corporate giants have become very much like the old biblical Goliath. So here we are today, getting sucked up by their endless appetites, like we were Skittles or potato chips or something — but there are no modern-day Davids in sight.

In both America and worldwide, these corporate Goliaths have kept growing and growing. How? By lowering our wages so that they can make more profit at our expense, seizing ownership of our media so they can get us to believe that what they’re doing is right, and taking over our government so that it can happily feed these monsters our lifeblood.

These snowballing Goliaths have taken over our armies, our treasury, our healthcare, our food, our regulatory systems, our ability to be industrially self-sufficient, our churches and synagogues, even our children’s future, and are pushing all of it into their endlessly massive gaping maws. Yuck. And the more money and resources that the corporatists take, the weaker the rest of us become.

Have these Goliaths finally grown large enough to become completely unstoppable? Surely, even against such great odds, there must be SOME way to stop this vast, terrifying and still-growing avalanche of Goliaths? But how? Perhaps by finding another source of power, something beyond what they consider important? Perhaps their unwieldy Goliath model has become outmoded? Perhaps they too can be slain by an opposing avalanche of nimble Davids?

It worked back in Biblical days. Why not now?

Since the advent of the internet, what it means to be a society has changed. What it means to be an individual has changed. What it means to be a country has changed. We are no longer powerless and alone. And we too can become Davids. We can do this. We are doing this already.

PS: Just look at what happened to one of the first Goliaths to fall: Rush Limbaugh.

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