October 19, 2012

A fireman, the High Priest of CA, and a lying Bishop

Do Photographs need to be fact checked?
Is the UCB football team playing a home game this weekend?

At the next debate, President Obama should be accompanied by a guy in a full fire fighting outfit like George W. Bush was when he spoke at the World Trade Center because if the challenger, Bishop Romney, tells any more lies in the next debate than he did in the last one, surely his pants will catch on fire. The President should announce the reason for have that unusual escort before the debate begins. Is there an incongruous aspect to watching a bishop tell lies non-stop?

When Republicans ask their own children: “Do you use dope?” do they really want to see an example that their offspring can fib as blithely as the bishop does? Shouldn’t they just look for needle tracks on the inside of the elbow area of the kids’ bodies?

Did Mitt really win a Medal of Honor in Vietnam while serving a tour of duty under an assumed identity?

What’s not to love about a California ballot proposition that does the exact opposite of what it sounds like it will accomplish?

Charles E. Willeford’s novel “The High Priest of California,” was about a used car saleman.

Is it true that if he is elected, Mitt Romney will be the only President ever to have previous experience as a congressman, a Senator, and a governor?

After all the conflicting stories about polls, will the results from the electronic voting machines have any credibility? Hell’s bells if the news readers announced on the programs for the election results that JEB Bush had gathered enough write-in votes to be named President, would there be any recourse for skeptics?

Would it be ironic if Mitt Romney is proclaimed the election winner via electronic voting machines results that are one monumental lie?

Speaking of credibility will the arrest of the assessor in Los Angeles county have a direct affect on the (approximately) thirty-five year old effort of the Marina (del Rey) Tenants Association’s call for an investigation into the relationship between the Los Angeles County board of supervisors campaign funds and some real estate developers who provide large amounts of money for those re-election bids? Will this case revive the concept of “influence peddling”? For more on the assessor’s arrest, click this link:,0,2209709.story

Who is better at proclaiming his innocence Gerry Sandusky or Lance Armstrong?

Arlen Specter, who died recently, was the author of “the single bullet theory.” Did you know that some of the crucial findings of the Warren Commission were contradicted by a second, less well known, Congressional investigation?

Oscar Wild may have set a standard for American politics when he wrote: “It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances.”

Now the disk jockey will play the Mills brothers’ song “Be sure its true,” Johnny Cash’s version of “Rock Island Line,” and Ronnie and the Daytonas’ song “Antique ’32 Studebaker Dictator Coup.” We have to go find the Liars’ Hall of Fame. Have a “testify to that under oath” type of week.

Note from the Photo Editor: We needed a photo to add eye appeal to this posting so we selected one we took which should make it evident we saw something interesting. Are photographs immune from the fact checking process? While wandering around this week (exploring the possibility of getting a press pass to cover a Giants’ World Series home game) we saw the University of Californian at Berkeley marching band (or part of it) traveling and playing music on one of San Francisco’s famed cable cars. We don’t know why that happened but doesn’t a photo provide irrefutable proof that we did see it happening?

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