August 7, 2013

Palestinians & Native Americans: Where the Lost Tribes of Israel meet the Via Dolorosa

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How many times do you ever even think about Native Americans any more? When was the last time that you have ever even seen one? Unless you live on the Pine Ridge reservation or near Chimney Rock or just saw the new Lone Ranger movie or watch reruns of “F-Troop,” I bet that they never even cross your mind.

You go to work, you watch TV and you do your shopping and laundry — yet hardly ever even think twice about the fact that, wherever you are in the United States right now, entire families of Native Americans at one time used to live on the very same land where you are standing at this exact moment

And the same thing can easily be said about Palestinians and Israelis too. Israelis hardly ever even think about Palestinians any more — except perhaps when they appear in movies attacking wagon trains or in occasional sit-coms like “Arab Labor”

And yet Palestinian families at one time lived on every single inch of Israeli land

“Sure, Jane.” you might say, “bad stuff sometimes happens — but to the victor always goes the spoils.” Yes, I too understand the concept of Lebensraum But that doesn’t mean that I have to brag about it or be in-your-face aggressive about applauding that it happened or even reveling in the slaughter — like some people do

“We are the red men, down-among-the dead men…” And apparently the Lost Tribes of Israel too.

PS: Here’s a great new idea for a bumper sticker that should be displayed on every single vehicle in occupied Bethlehem: “JESUS WAS A PALESTINIAN!” And He was. And He too was brutally driven off his land. And His family’s direct descendants are currently being brutally driven off their land too.

Yes, the Via Dolorosa — the Trail of Tears — is still alive and well in Palestine

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