October 8, 2013

Benjamin Netanyahu: Major player on the world stage?

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The other day I was watching the Charlie Rose show on TV, during the guest appearance of Benjamin Netanyahu. And much to my amazement, Mr. Netanyahu acted, talked and comported himself like he was the head of some huge major nation — not just a minor Middle Eastern country smaller than New Jersey.

It was as though Netanyahu thought himself to be on the same level of importance and influence as Obama or Putin — more influential by far than Britain’s prime minister, much more important than the president of France. The guy practically even shot his (very expensive, tailor-made) cuffs!

And why not? In reality, Netanyahu really IS more important than the president of the United States or even the Queen of England. When Netanyahu asks almost every major world leader to jump, that leader rapidly answers, “How high?”

What kind of Frankenstein monster have we created?

And, more important, will we mere villagers with pitchforks ever be enough to stop Netanyahu before he turns into the world’s next King Richard III? Probably not.

An average American, just your average man-on-the-street, knows instinctively that it is WRONG to kill people, to occupy other countries, to use chemical weapons on women and children and to use tanks, bombs and nuclear weapons to steal land from shopkeepers and farmers who cannot defend themselves. But psychopaths and major players on the world stage such as Netanyahu apparently don’t get this.

PS: Netanyahu is a neo-con. Never forget that. And the entire goal of any card-carrying neo-con, both in America and abroad, is not to advance Christianity or Judaism, no no no. The entire goal of every single neo-con is to make oodles of money — at our expense. “What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine too.” Never forget that.

Neo-cons are always happily busy creating a world consisting of haves and have-nots. And guess which ones they want us to be? If you have any doubt, just check out what life is like in a country completely dominated by the neo-con way of life: “Total militarized lunacy”.

And, also, if you have happened to notice recently that the price of gold has gone steadily down lately, please thank a neo-con for that too. Neo-cons have worked very hard to make this happen. Why? Because if gold prices fall, this forces small investors to look around for other options for making a profit — like investing in Wall Street’s various ponzi schemes and casinos. And ponzi schemes and casinos can’t make money unless they have suckers to place bets. And why would a sensible person bet on Wall Street when gold is a sure thing?

PPS: New rule: Neo-cons will only be allowed to start a new war after they’ve finished their last one!

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