August 2, 2014

Fiendish ISIS beheaders or high-tech Israeli neo-Nazis? Which are worse?

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On the one hand, ISIS barbarians sweep through Syria and Iraq, beheading civilians and soldiers with swords, axes and machetes as they go. On the other hand, Israeli neo-Nazis use modern sophisticated high-tech warhead blitzkrieg missiles to murder defenseless women, innocent children and even donkeys and goats in Gaza.

Which is worse?

ISIS just executed 50 Syrian soldiers by chopping off their heads and impaling the heads on spikes Israeli neo-Nazis recently blew up six Egyptian soldiers — just by pushing a button.

Which is worse?

Libyan mobs killed Muammar Gaddafi and our American ambassador by hand Israeli neo-Nazis slaughtered more than 200 children from afar.

Which is worse?

20 Saudis blew up the World Trade Center, killing approximately 4,000 Americans. Israeli neo-Nazis used their AIPAC lobbying power in Congress, the White House and the New York Times to get America into various brutal and unnecessary wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, killing approximately 6,000 American soldiers and one million Iraqis and Afghans, most of them civilians.

Which is worse?

German Nazis during WWII loaded Jews, gypsies and gays onto box cars, shot them, gassed them and made lampshades from their skin. Israeli neo-Nazis don’t go to all that trouble. They just blow up helpless women and children in Gaza while lounging around in their La-Z-Boy recliners at Dimona.

Which is worse?

PS: Whether the killing is done by ISIS, Libyan mobs, Taliban extremists, Hamas defending the children of Gaza from slaughter, or Israeli neo-Nazis, you can be fairly certain that the American military-industrial complex and/or AIPAC’s congressional lobby had a hand in the killing somehow — either by supplying the weapons, training the killers or secretly egging them on.

PPS: Someone suggested that we might have a “Hunger Games” kind of contest here, where judges select which type of mass murder they think is worse. But I say no to that idea. Why? Because whether you are a victim of hand-made cottage-industry slaughter or a victim of high-tech mass genocide, dead is dead. Let the souls of the innocent dead victims themselves judge our actions here.

Whether you are an innocent child awaiting certain death in Auschwitz or in Gaza, how would you chose to die? Or would you choose to not die at all?

“Did anyone in a position of power in America, Israel or the UN even try to prevent our horrible and painful deaths?” ask our ghostly judges — who then vote thumbs down for the whole lot.

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