January 8, 2015

Why white Southerners have no right to be racist

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I am so sick and tired of listening to a sleazy ill-mannered collection of white Southerners, Tea Party members and Red-State Republicans constantly making horrible racist slurs. And I am sick of this abomination for two reasons.

First, no real Christian would ever say anything as mean, hurtful and ugly as some of the things that are being said about African-Americans today.

Second, and even more important, is the simple fact that there would be no African-Americans in the United States today to even make racial slurs about — if these same Southern racists’ great-great-grandfathers hadn’t brought hundreds of thousands of slaves over from Africa in the first place. That’s like spilling the milk and then complaining that we are now stuck with spilled milk. Not cool. Not cool at all.

And to add insult to injury, these same bespoke Southern racists also complain about gun violence in the African-American community. That’s hypocritical too. All they have to do is pass some decent gun-control laws and then — poof! — that problem will pretty much disappear.

I swear sometimes I think that Southern racists just like to whine.

“If you can’t be part of the solution, at least stop being part of the problem.”

Originally, 450,000 slaves were forcibly kidnapped from Africa and dragged off to colonial and post-colonial America, mainly to the antebellum South, in the most cruel and inhumane ways imaginable. And, as a result, the number of Americans of African descent living in America by 1860 had grown to 3,638,808. So, clearly, if there hadn’t been all that vicious, mean and cruel slavery in the antebellum South, there would definitely be very few African-Americans around for today’s white Southerners to hound, bully, degrade, insult, abuse and kill.

However, given the basic surley nature of today’s white Southern racists, they would more-than-likely have found some other reason to be bullies and bigots if they didn’t have African-Americans to kick around. “Hey, you! Your eyes aren’t blue enough! Step to the back of the bus!”

“Deflecting the anger…” as Howard Zinn used to call it.

This week I’m going to have cataract surgery performed on my right eye — and after the surgery is over and the gauze is removed, my ophthalmologist assures me that “You will have 20-20 vision in that eye again.”

Imagine if every human being on this weary planet was also suddenly granted 20-20 vision again too — including a clear and perfect inner vision so that we could always see what our real, long-term, enlightened self-interests actually are.

If everyone in the world was suddenly granted 20-20 moral vision, the first thing we would get rid of would be war. And the internal combustion engine. And tax havens for the uber-rich. And GMO foods and corporatism. And injustice, bigotry and racism of course.

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you,” would become the new ultimate 20-20 inner vision for all human beings.

Fat chance of that ever happening.

PS: After just this short length of days into the year 2015, we already have a choice to make for this particular New Year. We can, as Rep. Dennis Kucinich reminds us, do the right thing in 2015 and change the course of our nation’s current downward spiral

Or, as journalist William Blum reminds us, we can continue on the sleazy course that we are now on — and suffer the disastrous results

This choice is ours to make.

PPS: Why do Americans seems so willing to believe even the most ugly KKK-like racial-profiling versions of what happened in Ferguson, Staten Island, Los Angeles, Cleveland, etc? Because they saw some slanted, misguided or even outright untrue version of it on TV, of course.

According to Dutch journalist Raul Ilargi Meijer, “If anything defines 2014 for me, it’s the advent of incessant claims for which no proof – apparently – needs to be provided. Everything related to Ukraine over the past year carries that trait. The year of ‘beautiful blue eyes’, in other words. Never any proof, you just have to believe what your government [and media] says.”

For instance, just take a look at that recent “60 Minutes” segment regarding the destruction of the ancient and historic Syrian city of Homs. Bob Simon made it appear as if President Assad himself had destroyed Homs, instead of the real culprits: ISIS and their American, Saudi, Israeli and Turkish handlers, trainers and suppliers. But then, why would Wall Street and War Street ever want us to know that the lethal weapons that ISIS thugs hold in their hands have come from us?

And as for the American media’s reports on racism in the USA? “Doesn’t exist,” cries America’s mainstream news. Good to know. Unless of course you are an African-American who can’t find a job, has kids going to run-down schools and is being shot at in Walmart.

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