April 24, 2015

Ye Olde Scribe Presents: FTHO!

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YOS’s Talking Point Push Back Central!


“Sharia law.”

“All Muslims are supposed to kill non-Muslims.”

“The Koran demands non-believers be killed, beheading, women subjugated…”


“Of course NO ONE who called themselves “Christian” ever got any of this wrong, said no one with BRAINS.”

Of course NO ONE, NO GROUP, who labelled themselves as “Christian” EVER took the Bible out of context, interpreted it to mean violence should be done to others, or disrespect them, marginalize them, turn them into a slave class… just like not one doubts The Tooth Fairy really exists.

Sharia law certainly can be horrible, as interpreted, applied, JUST LIKE CHRISTIANITY.

HOWEVER, if you’re referring to some aging star legally spent her early life pissing all over her ex while dating boy toys, that’s different. That’s called…




Ye Olde Scribe’s guide for those who simply have had ENOUGH.

OK buoys and seagulls! Let’s say it together!
“‘T!’ What does that stand for? Well, duh, ‘the!’”
“‘H!’ What does that stand for? Where Satan resides, that’s what it stands for!”
“‘O!’ What’s that stand for? ‘OFF!’”
“F!’ What’s that stand for? You KNOW what the… ‘F’ stands for!”


When Reich wingers insist it’s the fault of any government agency when they can’t do something after cutting their budget again and again, or is struggling because of poison pills they have forced on them…


When Reich wingers keep demanding more investigations after they found nothing, proved nothing, many investigations before…


When they use words like…
But then say
“That’s how liberals debate, they call names.”
What should the response be?


When it’s obvious they’re simply investigating the same thing again and again so they can run it up to the next election…


If the next president is Republican and they complain about the Democrats doing anything they did to us…


When they claim they believe in their “religious FREEDOM” to not serve gays… Or Blacks, Jews, Irishmen, immigrants: anyone they’re trying to get everyone to hate at the moment, sometimes just for political gain.


They say, “You think I’m a Republican? I’m a goddamn PATRIOT.” (Who thinks everyone should have to think, and be, just like him.)



And On the Back of the Cereal Box


Boys and Seagulls! You too can join…



photo1065Send in two “boxtops” after you’ve sold your critical thinking and your heart, sheeple, and JOIN OUR CLUB!

Kind of like the WORST frat or sorority. Take what a mild mannered, loving, street preacher said and understand that “do this in memory of me” means you must repeat what he said and did at the supper EXACTLY. THAT’S what Jesus was all about. Take all the times he criticized those who followed him most closely and ignore that. After his death they were perfect, always in agreement. DO whatever they say, wrote, or was written in their name, WITHOUT QUESTION. Some of which makes those frat paddles seem kind. Take his words and gut meaning, and just repeat them. And any analogies he made: just accept what we say he aid432_0 ACTUALLY meant. It’s OUR job to gut his words: gut meaning. It’s YOUR job to repeat after us. And any analogies he made: just accept what we say he meant by what he said, or certainly NOT question if he REALLY said, but perhaps had it shoved down his throat by those who WISHED he had said that. Shut up. Sit down. And obey, until the final slaughter…

“Club Jesus” is not responsible for those who kill other believers, no matter how much we encouraged them to do so or demonized them. Club Jesus is CERTAINLY not responsible for those who drink poisoned Kool Aid, or abuse others, no matter how much we told them they had to, threaten them with hell. Club Jesus is responsible for NOTHING. All responsibility is individual and NOTHING else, until we insist you must hate some group or person, while claiming you “hate the sin not the sinner.”

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