August 20, 2015

Game of War = Bait and Switch?

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?The Game of War? WTF?
By Bob Patterson as told to Belle Starr, Outlawyer

War isn’t a f*****g game! It’s a bloody shame!

When a physical therapist says to you “we better take a break you’re turning purple”, that  indicates one of 2 things: you should take a break or it’s time to take a selfie.

(Naturopath Note: Turmeric and also Taurine are neuroregenerative and BioPQQ is energy (mitochondrial) regenerative.  Tell a Doctor would you, the nurses are aware and interested.)

Rehabilitation after a stroke makes it hard to find a scapegoat (Lawyers are terrible stenographers!) Realizing the amount of exertion it takes to make gains in the rehabilitation  process has brought home one point in particular with a vengeance : the kids who were sent off to war with stirring music playing and patriotic phrases echoing in their ears, were the victims of a bait and switch because lately our physical therapists have been telling us the vets are not getting the amount of support and therapy that was implied in the stirring political speeches that were given to increase their enthusiasm for their military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The image of them standing at attention in dress blues contrasts sharply with some images of learning how to ambulate with artificial legs

Conservatorships for profit – mills for millennials, real estate brokers and all the charlatans to make money warehousing people and they do it “ex parte”- without you (a vet in the hospital or in jail) to lose all rights and ability to control their own finances despite being able to, maybe with difficulty, make their wishes known.  The ex parte situation would find a certain Harvard professor of Physics with the first name “Steve” incompetent as he can’t feed himself or talk on his own without electromechanical assistance.

Bottom line, don’t be surprised with an executive order, for your own good, to impose conservatorships on us all when we go to sleep (and whether you wake up is up to your conservator). … a kinder, gentler, administrative Khymer Rouge?

Hint to “THE” assignment desk @ The NYTimes : conservatorships for profits, cradle to grave care (according to what you need least) and they keep your cash. Orphans if not previously aborted, prisoners (those who don’t get to learn to steal and lie in schools), disabled, elderly….sleepers and those in pharmacomaland (OH OH OH)

How many are vets? How many consigned after they are no longer commercially viable to the nightmare of a paupers’ asylum where it doesn’t matter if you have dementia or not, you will wish you did, so as not to go mad.

See a Patient Advocate at your local VA to get on Veterans Choice Program (Google hint choiceact) : they have to refer you out for services that cannot be supplied within 30 days at the VA hospitals and affiliates. VA Choice is a game changer for our suffering vets, we, both my intern and I, surely hope.

(Patriotic Aside: This “Summer Intern” served in The Peace Corps in Ethiopia in the eradication of smallpox. No good deed goes unpunished – benefits?)

Ads for video games are part of the deception. having legs blown off by an IED is a real life, not a digital life, experience.

(History in a Nutshell: Massacres are documented back to 5,500 BC! Google hint: Schoeneck-Kilianstaedten)

Selling the video games to kids and leading them to expect a similar level of enjoyment  from deployment to a combat zone as the ultimate level of the video game is the ultimate hypocrisy.

Ads for goods that don’t deliver is an american tradition, isn’t it.? Breaking contracts made with citizens is a generational pastime of congressional effietes.

Advertising can be manipulative. Think of the deceptions caused by fitness training sites. For example, anyone who has dabbled with weight lifting to help with weight management knows that ads seen at the beginning of May promising to help clients to get in shape for summer at the beach are not realistic.  If they really wanted to help their customers wouldn’t it be more realistic to run ads between Christmas and New Year’s Day urging people to commit to a program of working out at least three times per week which would probably begin to show some results about the beginning of May?

? what’s wrong with San Francisco? It seems a large share of TV ads shown in the bay area market feature scenes of Venice Beach and/or UCLA campus.

12 hrs after this column published last week, Trump mentions he’s for vets (is Trump reading this pundit?). Have you noticed in the past week D.T. and several other Republican hopefuls have urged the US to consider sending troops into Syria to seize control of the oil fields?
(Hi Don!)

If you agree the vets need help please share the link of this column WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS.  and if you agree with the Republicans that the austerity budgets mandate as much cost cutting as possible then don’t do anything but vote for Jeb.

Our physical therapists tell us, off the record, that the veterans facilities are in crisis mode and need considerably more staff. Are the kids who are being shipped off to war told about this?

At this point it would be easy to let this column disintegrate into a series of book recommendations such as Vance Packard’s, “Hidden Persuaders”,  Jerry delaFirma’s,  “From those wonderful people who brought you Pearl Harbor” (or are they selling her lips?)

And a few others which slip away unlisted at this point.

Or we could plug the website vintage country event dot com because we want to help a friend promote their website which is all about weddings and wedding planning.

Heads up for fans of the Oscar awards – we predict that Ricky and the Flash will earn 8 oscar nominations.

Current plans include an attempt to secure a press pass to cover the next award’s ceremony…our pitch will be linked to the fact that it is an example of nostalgic  time travel to the past for us as we were in attendance and reporting at the Oscars 40 yrs ago when
Cuckoos Nest swept the awards.

Dewey decimals  in the 300’s being deleted  (unions, women’s rights… tip of the cap to Jane’s idea).  Google Hint: Jane Stillwater’s blog.

Cue up :   the  DJ will play the best of Freddy Aguilar and best of Freddy Fender

Disclaimer: I have had a stroke and my thinking process isn’t as refined as when I got an A in logic at a Jesuit university in Scranton. Sorry about that,  we will try to keep the flow of esoteric arcane and interesting (?) facts flowing as well as they did in the past.  However indications are against us.  Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

(Summer Intern: If you smile and one side droops or if holding both hands straight out in front of you one drifts down or slurring of words is apparent, left side numbness, trouble seeing, severe headache without a known cause confusion or trouble walking …

Call 911 for yourself or if you are a friend of that person or just a compassionate soul).

Closing Quote for this column HAS TO BE the classic line from Apocalypse Now :
I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning…crop Wednesday inspection

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