August 25, 2015

Journalism in Jeopardy?

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Has America’s free press gone flatline or is it DOA?
By Bob Patterson as told to Belle Starr, Outlawyer

Making American Journalism great again?

Donald Trump’s psychological manipulation of Hillary to get her to attend his wedding is similar to a situation 40 years ago.

Due to the fact that the worldslaziestjounalist is the volunteer librarian/historian for the Marina Tenants Association, we are aware that in the early 80’s Steve Coll researched and wrote about the origins of the unique real estate situation in Marina del Rey.

In the late 70’s, the  Marina Tenants Association had similar suspicions about fiduciary relationships between developers and the LA County Board of Supervisors …the MTA had suspicions 40 yrs ago before Donald Trump spilled the beans on his manipulation tactics regarding Hillary and other politicos.

As we mentioned, 75 years ago Edward R. Murrow was reporting from London during The Battle of Britain.  Now all we see are reports featuring people overwhelmed with the challenges of life, crying.  We call that Soap Opera Journalism. Has CBS’ standards fallen that far that fast?

My assessment of the qualities  inherent in well-done journalism includes:
a) should feature efforts to foil political malfeasance, and
b) highlight and shed light on examples of miscarriage of justice such as CNN’s Death Row Stories and 50’s TV “The Big Story”

Coincidentally,  we noticed that a person named Steve Coll has been named dean of the columbia school of journalism   Surely, we thought, if anyone is qualified to see the parallels between  what has happened in LA and what is set to happen in SF it will be Steve Coll.

We have encountered difficulties in passing a news tip to a legitimate member  of the mainstream media about our concerns that the taxpayers of SF are being set up for another scam.

The fact that no ne seems interested in news tips exacerbated our concern that the American hallmark of democracy, a free press, is doing the cheshire cat trick.

Note: The worldslaziestjounalist wrote about Pasqualama and we scooped the BBC with our story so we must know a little bit about quality journalism (Google Hint : Pasqualama glacier gold)

If our speculation about American journalism being DOA is accurate then we conclude journalists have adopted the policy of don’t rock the boat, don’t make waves.

Hence, we are pinning our hopes for foiling the SF Board of Supervisors  super strategy to institute a policy of perpetual campaign donations under the cam “The Candlestick Cash Cow”.

Note: If the the worldslaziestjounalist  is going to indulge himself with delusions of grandeur we need some advice from our regular readers :  should we   try to convince Donald Trump that restoring the  American free press to its former glory is a way to augment his program to restore America to its former greatness?

… or should we try to prod Dean Coll into inspiring greater efforts from his students by taunting them with the possibility that they are not as investigatively curious as the worldslaziestjounalist ?

… or should we goad the public to demand better, more inciteful journalism from their favorite media outlets?

Summer Intern Note : Rockin’ Robin got the lowdown on the chickadee and this wise old owl asks why is Diane Feinstein’s mother being hidden in a conservatorship old-age home in San Francisco?

Is this is the same mother she claims to be unhinged and violent in “Season of the Witch?”

Why do “care not cash” programs enrich the elites like the  president of UC, Blum, Feinstein and Newsom-Getty ?

Google hint: richkidsclub chat forum. Where sharing with others is not caring but trading information on how to steal grandparents and parents funds through conservators raiding the funds for the care at the lowest levels for cash paid at the highest levels to one stop shops where the new raiders with their professional trustees, conservators, attorneys and board and care homes (and insiders) tend to make the slippery slope greasy.

(Let’s hope Donald Trump’s kids don’t read this column.)

…our children, who do not want to wait for their inheritances because after all the “end is near” and they need to party while the food chain collapses…

… and  wasn’t Hilarious Hillary so lovable when she tossed her quip about “wipe it with a cloth”?

If all that American readers want is information about hilarious videos about kitties that look like Hitler then have we got a hint for you: Youtube search hint: monkey with ak47  (just like the song says don’t ever play with guns. Johnny Cash knows them Folsom Prison blues).

The final quote for this column has to be “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”

Now the DJ will play the “Johnny live at Folsom Prison” album, Phil Harris’  “Get outta here with that bump bah bump” and Buffalo Springfield “For What it’s Worth”….and the old standard blues song where she done him wrong…Frankie and Johnny

So have a “don’t rock the boat” type week.

(Funny Fukushima and radiation therapy thoughts: Did anyone notice? Hiroshima by John Hersey found on the street with the poem of a child:

“Atomic Courtesy” by Ethel Jacobson: To smash the simple atom, All mankind was intent. Now any day, The atom may, Return the compliment”).

After last weeks column was posted a  doctor, who does some pro bono work for the VA,  offered the opinion we were a little too hard on the VA.

point taken

Disclaimer: Writing and posting from a hospital bed is a major challenge. We will try to keep the string alive, but that may not happen every week. Stay tuned.

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