September 18, 2015

Really green lawns: My trip to Silicon Valley

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I just got back from attending a trace-dancing convention held in Silicon Valley. As far as I can tell, the whole purpose of going into a trance and dancing around a lot is to try to receive messages from the Universe (aka God, Allah, the Great Spirit, Yahweh, Shiva, the Holy Ghost or whatever other Higher Power is currently topping the charts) — about what would be the best course of action we could take next in order to “benefit the most sentient beings,” as the Buddha would put it.

Benefiting a whole lot of sentient beings is the most evolved thing that a human being can do. Everything else is just greed, psychosis, materialism and/or trash-talking.

So I’m down there in Silicon Valley and am supposed to be trance-dancing my little heart out — only I’m not dancing. I’m just sitting there like a bump on a log like I usually do (only mostly I just do it in front of my computer), when the Universe sends me an urgent and very clear message anyway (and in song, no less).
“You got to Move it, Move it!”

But guess what, Universe? I hate to move it, Move it. But I force myself. I get up off my chair, I dance around a little bit, I go outside the convention center, I walk around the pool area. I go back to my hotel room and watch “Wild” on HBO, I watch Reese Witherspoon walk the Pacific Crest Trail in living color. “Move it or lose it.” Okay. Message received.

So then I go out and walk all around the major industrial park where my hotel is located — and for miles and miles and miles in all directions, all I can see all around me are shiny new building complexes and really green lawns. Doesn’t anybody in Silicon Valley realize that California is in the middle of a history-making, record-breaking, seriously disabling drought? Apparently not.

PS: Shortly after I walked around the grassy verges and knolls of Silicon Valley, the 14th anniversary of 9-11 happened. So I put on my tin-foil hat and thought about that for a while — with a little help from the Corbett Report. And from Rebekah Roth’s amazing two-hour audio tape, all of it filled with horrifying facts that most of us didn’t know before.

But Americans are really lucky in one way — a horrible tragedy like this has happened only one single time in America in the last 73 years. But horrors like 9-11 are happening in countries like Yemen and Syria and Palestine and Ukraine EVERY SINGLE DAY. And American taxpayers are the ones who are paying for all these horrors.

Approximately 60% of every tax dollar we pay out to the IRS goes toward killing people in foreign countries. “No wonder they hate us.”

The current blitz on Yemen by the notorious American-backed House of Saud (the same group of fun-loving guys who brought us all those elves with box-cutters in September 2001) reminds me strongly of Adolph Hitler’s blitz on London during World War II. And, like the brave people of London, the brave people of Yemen somehow keep hanging on — even despite over 165 horror-filled days and nights of continual 9-11s brought to them by American weapons manufacturers and the House of Saud, including the bombing of 35 hospitals there. Watch this video and try not to cry:

However, what goes around eventually comes around too. King Salman al Saud, please remember what happened to Dresden.

And in 1936, Haile Selassie passionately appealed to the League of Nations for help against the brutal invasion of poorly-armed Ethiopia by Benito Mussolini’s high-tech weapons — and the League of Nations did nothing. In 2015, Yemen passionately appealed to the UN for help against the brutal invasion of poorly-armed Yemen by King Salman’s high-tech weapons — and the UN did nothing too. And we all know what happened to Mussolini — and to the League of Nations.

You don’t have to dance around in a trance to realize that Americans (and Saudis) really really do need to start moving in a far more compassionate and merciful direction if they don’t want to end up like Hitler and Mussolini.

PPS: Once back from Silicon Valley, I happily returned to sitting in front of my computer again — and started listening to Rebekah Roth talk about 9-11. At one point she mentioned that on September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced that over two trillion dollars had gone missing from the Pentagon under the watchful eye of some rabbi/accountant with dual citizenship with Israel.

So that’s how the Israeli neo-colonialists can afford to buy all those weapons they use to bomb kittens in Gaza — two trillion bucks from the Pentagon would really help their shopping list a lot.

“But, Jane,” you might ask, “would Rumsfeld and Bush and Cheney lie to us like that?” Yeah, duh. They lied to us about winning the 2000 election, about Iraq WMDs and about Katrina. Why would they hesitate to lie to us about 9-11? And now Obama is lying to us about Syria and Yemen.

Americans are so easily fooled. I really should try to sell them that bridge in Brooklyn again. Or sell them another grassy knoll.


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