September 26, 2015

My Mug on a Mug?

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By Bob Patterson, as told to Belle Starr, Outlawyer,

crop of tent man best who has legally qualified to be a  write in candidate for the Mayor of SF.  Belle is attempting to contact the Donald Trump for President campaign to ask to the first non-presidential political candidate to ask for an endorsement from Mr. Trump.

As an added negotiating chip, Belle is ready to invite Mr. Trump to be the MC for the San Francisco Bay Area Last Love-in.  Additionally, Belle and the Last Love-In organizing Committee are are also appealing to Pope Francis (Franky?) to give the swinging opening Benediction.

The Last Love-in is scheduled to start on Superb Bowl Sunday and run until Valentines Day.  Hippies, flower children and peaceniks of all ages are being encouraged to regenerate the philosophy and spirit of San Francisco’s Sixties and spread the gospel of peace and love among brethren. A reincarnation of the famous San Francisco Sounds (remember light shows?) is being urged.

Donald Trump’s repeated disparaging references to politically  correct terminology or phraseology reminds some he might be channeling Lenny Bruce. (We hope so!!!)

Our readers may have noticed that being offended whether real or imagined or faked has become pervasive in current American culture. (Didn’t Lenny Bruce teach us anything?)

Recently, a food company executive was sent to jail for selling tainted foods which caused some deaths…

Six Irish student died in the Berkeley Balcony tragedy this year. Will anyone go to jail?

Since punditry in the United States has become gridlocked, pundits must expand their entrepreneurial efforts to provide funds for sustenance because pundit is rapidly reaching flatline status in the United States (at least as far as gainful employment…)

Hence, some like The World’s Laziest Journalist are expanding into the realm of T-shirts.  Belle Starr has opened The Last Love-In Store on the Cafe Press website and is offering  arcane items such as an exclusive  Fort Zint T-Shirt (it’s a Berkeley thang), The Amalgamated Conspiracy Theory Factory shirt and other memorabilia.

Americans one year from now will be quite bored with day by day, minute by minute assessments of the political races which won’t be decided until the first Tuesday of 2016 (Belle wonders if the Love-In will still be going on by then…)

Some readers are infuriated by our use of large esoteric and arcane words which brings on our trichotillomania symptoms.

If our columns were half as influential as we would like to think they are we could suggest that the Getty and Armstrong  Radio Show use some of the country songs with lyrics in the German language done by the group called Truckstop (available on Youtube) and actually think we will hear it played on subsequent broadcasts  of their show.

Unfinished Business : Congratulations to Steve Coll who has been named the new Dean of the Columbia School of Journalism.

Collecting obscure esoteric and arcane facts has been a lifelong hobby but scraping some of them from the past is getting much more challenging now that the political arena is so over reported that it has become a existentialist errand to try to analyze  any of it.

Meanwhile, while considering what musical acts should be invited to participate in The Last Love-in Concert we have to check and see if Donovan is available and or interested.
Closing Quote: Charles Batman has said, “ I have see the future of rock and roll and it is … litigation”.

Now it is time for the disk jockey to play “I’m Heading for the Last Roundup”, “Bony Fingers” and “Big Rock Candy Mountain”.

Have a Carpe Diem Week!

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