October 4, 2015

Bloody Hajj: When the world’s largest pilgrimage turns deadly

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“What the freak is a Hajj?” you might be asking yourself at this point. If you really want the definitive answer to that question, just click over to Amazon and buy my book on the subject.

But in the meantime, here is a quick-and-dirty Cliff-Notes definition of Hajj. It is a religious pilgrimage to Mecca that every Muslim is required to take at least once in his or her life. The Hajj itself consists of performing a series of rituals that must be completed within a certain period of time each year — not just whenever you can find a vacancy at the fabulous Mecca Hilton.

The Hajj is sacred to Muslims — or at least it used to be. Now, like so much of the rest of the Middle East, Afghanistan, Libya, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc., the Hajj has turned into a deadly and chaotic free-for-all.

Since the pretext of 9-11, American, European, Turkish, Saudi and Israeli neo-colonialists have been greedily salivating over their Dreams of Empire and, ludicrous as it may sound, these neo-colonialists’ weapon-manufacturers, banksters and oil barons have thus declared war on the entire Muslim religion. And this deadly attack on the world’s largest religion, having already created over a decade of chaos in Islamic countries all over the world, appears to have finally generated a trickle-down effect by turning the world’s largest pilgrimage deadly and chaotic as well.

So. What exactly went wrong during the Hajj this year that caused the deaths of approximately one thousand pilgrims? Mismanagement, stress, the effect of over a decade of “war” on Muslims, dictatorships, instability and chaos.

Am I making myself clear here? No? Let’s try it again from a different perspective.

The Hajj rituals take place in Saudi Arabia. The House of Saud controls the Hajj. The Saudis run one of the most ruthless and cruel dictatorships in the world today (just witness their current brutal assault on the democracy of Yemen, solely for its oil and its beaches) — but Wall Street and War Street love the House of Saud anyway and totally have its back.

Saudis are supposed to protect Hajjis and Hajjas — but they don’t. Saudis don’t spend the time and energy it takes to organize five million pilgrims. They don’t even allow Syrian and Yemeni Muslims to even go on Hajj, for instance. That’s dictatorial right there. And another dictatorial feature is that Saudis allow their privileged-class princes to just cut in line to have first pick at the holiest places, violently pushing the hoi poloi aside — until the little guys who have saved up all their lives in order to be able to go on Hajj get trampled to death. Again.

You needed to have been there, to see the bodies, the horror, the weeping survivors, the lost shoes — while some jerk of a Saudi prince drives away in his limo after his bodyguards had heartlessly shoved pilgrims out of the way and caused a panic so that the prince could get to the shrine first.

The whole Muslim world has fallen apart because of American, European, Turkish, Zionist and Saudi neo-colonialism. And this “war on Islam” is now mirrored in how the sacred Hajj has turned deadly again this year.

And this year’s deadly Hajj in Arabia has also become a mirror of what is happening elsewhere all over the world, even in non-Muslim countries — even including our own world right here at home as well, where a few haughty, disgustingly-wealthy and dictatorial “princes” are clearly running the show here while the rest of us are about to get trampled to death too.

PS: On October 6, I myself plan to go on a pilgrimage — my annual pilgrimage to BoucherCon, an annual convention for murder-mystery readers and writers.

This year BoucherCon is being held in Raleigh, North Carolina. Anyone have any suggestions on what else to see in Raleigh? Besides its historic ribs joints and its beautiful Moral Mondays of course?

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