October 4, 2015

Are you coming to the Last Love-in?

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Journalism does the Cheshire Cat Schtik
By Bob Patterson as told to Belle Starr, Flower Child.

Rehearsal for D-Day
more allied soldiers were killed when a dress rehearsal went awry than were killed in action on D-day itself. Very few books about WWII mention this tragedy. Some details are available if you Google “Operation Tiger”.

Hitler’s personality and social skills
There seems to be an unwritten law that an author writes about Hitler’s personality he must be described in extreme terms such as lunatic and madman. However, in a book about women war correspondents one of the writers said Hitler was a very good reconteur and could do a spot-on imitation of Goering. Unfortunately, sources for fact checking this allegation are disappearing rapidly.

Berkeley Balcony tragedy
Six students died.  Will any serve Jail time?

Who sold airlines short on 9/11?
Has any of our readers ever come across a news report stating who profited by short selling airline stock when 9/11 occurred.

Sources tell us in country music that the next big thing is  Mo Pitney ( check on youtube and watch out for his sister too).

Trends: Baby Boomers in pharmaceutical  handcuffs and false imprisonment in old folks home. (A Bump, blown away, high five to Jane!)

Red Star … is  cannabis allowed in the old folks homes in legal states ?
With marijuana becoming more legally available we wonder what the policy will be in board and care and/or old age retirement homes.

A fringe benefit of journalism is that you have the freedom to publicize friends enterprises, such as Castle Cadillac Restorations, Michael Parenti’s books and The Last Love-in Store on Cafe Press.

What is a Love-in and who are those people trying to make a world record cuddle puddle?
The last Love-In organization committee is calling for an example of mental telepathy and harmonic resonance which will levitate Levi Stadium during the football game (Further details will follow in subsequent columns).

Lucid music camp will be held in Santa Barbara and Treasure Island is having a music fest this month. Hat Tip: Brian Dixon (is folk music resurging?).

Alex Jones recently posted unflattering photos of Hillary Clinton and made the assertion she was in poor health (and you think the worlds’s laziest journalist has slipshod journalistic standards?).

No end to being bugged….bed bugs are a problem in Berkeley and disposal of infested mattresses is a tar baby problem. We have it on good authority that a scion of the Todd Family Country Singers is working on a ditty titled, “Bed Bug Blues”.

We scooped the BBC with the story of Pasqualama and the Gold Mining scheme being conducted in that South American location. Google Hint : Pasqualama (Has the New York Times caught up to us or the BBC stunt?).

The Wasteland of being offended…
Has Lenny Bruce’s legacy transmogrified into the current pop culture meme “That offends me”?

DJ will spin BJ the DJ, The Eve of Destruction and Randy Newman’s “Political Science”.

Have a stop the *******  presses sort of week. Aloha!

Disclaimer: We try not to be an echo chamber. We do try to come up with material that is new to our readers.

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