November 19, 2015

No Laughing Matter

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When we heard that an effort was being attempted to unionize the workers in the medical marijuana dispensaries in California, we thought that topic would be a good alternative to writing the millionth example of political punditry spawned by the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

While trying to track down a source for the unionization topic we wound up talking to Karla Gottschalk who is actively seeking the appointment as the Potentate of Pot and our first question was “How can anybody run a campaign to become a political appointee?”.

Karla responded that a series of informal meet and greets would be her main strategy. She will be at the Sweet Adeline Bakery November 22nd (Sunday ) from approximately one to three P.M. She will be at the literary appreciation meeting at the Cafe Mediterranean in Berkeley on Telegraph  (near world renowned People’s Park) Monday November 23rd  approximately between 7-8 p.m.

An impromptu weekday appearance at Cafe Tazo in San Francisco some afternoon is being discussed.

Since these efforts may spawn some late night talk show hosts snarkiness we asked Karla “Why the hell would anyone want to “run” for that appointed position” to which she responded “I need a government pension”.

She then added, after a brief pause for effect, “Because we need someone who can take the issue seriously regarding medical, legal and social implications.  Medicines should be available to patients who can benefit from them”.

The World’s Laziest Journalist does not mean to diminish the seriousness about the terrorism that occurred in Paris. We are aware that the audience for news may desperately need a change of pace topic.

We will avoid the temptation to give a nostalgia laden detailed description of Karla’s North Beach experiences in the sixties.

Since both Karla and this columnist have heard the Jefferson Airplane perform for free in Golden Gate Park and doubt that many of our readers would be able to exclaim “me, too!”. It wouldn’t do much good at a time when many younger people ask who were the Jefferson Airplane.

Karla  pointed out the interesting urban legends still rampant in the medical marijuana community as David Downs says in his column “Legalize Nation” in this weeks issue of The East Bay Express:

“…”cannabidiol -rich edibles provide anxiety for pain relief during those long holiday visits, but without the giggly psychoactivity of THC”. Shades of Reefer Madness as the first indication of intoxication with cannabis in Madness is uncontrollable laughter.  Have you noticed patients everywhere laughing giggly or otherwise? The propaganda needs to be refuted with research and facts.

Would the politicians who send you men and women to war be reluctant to provide medical marijuana for PTSD relief to any members of the military who will no doubt be sent to Syria.

The candidate is searching for an official campaign theme song and seems poised to select “Puff the Magic Dragon”.

(Commissioner-to-be) Karla has selected the campaign slogan which is the old sixties maxim “Don’t knock it If you haven’t tried it”.

The Campaign Headquarters has been swamped by offers to serve as the Chairman of the Quality Control committee. Radio host Norm Goldman may get the nod for that important position as he asked first. Who will ask last?

The Pasha of Pot would consider it an honor if Tommy Chong were to offer his services in quality evaluations.

One citizen pointed out the need to know what was used in growing the medicine and the various chemical additives which may have been added and perhaps even an extensive knowledge of farming and harvesting this specialized crop.

America seems once again poised for a new bout of war fever. To oppose medical marijuana for those who can gain relief from suffering is Draconian.

It seems extremely doubtful than any/many Americans will want to hold a demonstration protesting any American response to the terrorist attacks. Punditry in the United States will become as predictable as tail-gate parties at Super Bowl time.

We will continue our search for worthy topics in the coming weeks but it seems that mind control will inhibit anything but enthusiastic nationalism. We’ll do our best. Stay tuned.

Now the Disc Jockey will play “Puff the Magic Dragon”, The Toys “Smoke Two Joints” and Peter Tosh’s “Legalize It”.

Have a  “throw the radio in the bathtub when White Rabbit peaks” kind of week.

Happy Thanksgiving

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